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Hidden Clues and References
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Hidden Clues and References

Posted by: Admin on the July 3, 2010

I have found some hidden clues and references about the new GTA 5 in the previous games of the Grand Theft Auto series. So I reunited all these informations on this video for you.

  • Nick

    wtf why did you take this video off?

  • johnnie

    how the hell did you find that

  • Joe

    It might be but i doubt it because rockstar would not be that stupid to put the release date on the their own game to people to find out.Because for all the gta fans they know that rockstar likes to keep their games a secret so i dont think thats the release date.

  • Clyde

    Dude saints row 2 is way better than gta 4 in my personal opinion. Check Saints Row 2

  • me

    i agree with joe, and clyde, why the fuck are you looking at this then?

  • Kenshin

    Saints row 2 is a nice game but gta 4 rules. Handling the vehicles can be a real pain in da ass in saints row 2. And what’s with those stupid side missions to increase respect? Can’t proceed to the next mission without enough respect in saints row 2… Give us a break man



  • Josh

    How did he find what? What did he find? I can’t view the video.

  • Lucas_GTA

    saints row sucks dick,
    gta shits all over it, the next one i hoping will be back in san andreas n there is a high chance of it the guy who played the voice of CJ in san andreas has been working down at rockstar games on this new gta 5 and any gta fan would agree with me when i say san andreas has been the best gta made so far what happened to all them awesome cheats like the fucking jet pack n the parachute, the flamethrower, flying cars n shit man n being able to go the gym or get tattoos !
    they really went backwards on IV they took away lots of crazy fun shit to do they should be adding shit in not taking it out really disapointed me not that it was a bad game caz i really enjoyed it i think its got an awesome story line n shit but myself and probably alot of the other gta fans want the crazy shit back !

  • HiGhLiFe76Th

    The best Gta game SanAndreas is back…..Can’t wait to reserve it…

  • Yourface

    That could mean anything. E.G. Dates of appointments, anniversaries, wedings, birthdays.
    This was before they even planned 5 and this is a different year

  • Rockypi

    It has not anything to do with GTA 5 … it’s all about Rockstar Vienna

    It was founded on January 4, 1993.
    It joined Take-Two Interactive in February 2001.
    It closed on May 11, 2006.

    lol check your things before you post,
    Greetings, Rockypi

  • Hayden

    Saints row will pwn gta but gta is still sick but sr 3 is gonna be beast

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