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GTA 5 in Paris
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GTA 5 in Paris

Posted by: GTA5 on the July 3, 2010

Nikki Belloc is a french thug, experimenting life’s bitterness by kissing Paris asphalt. There is big chance that GTA V could be in Paris. There is an advert for a film coming out in Grand Theft Auto Liberty City that is at the back of the guide book from Episodes from Liberty City, but it is the kind of hidden hint that Rockstar would put in somewhere to advertise the next GTA 5 game. It also says Opens March Everywhere, and Rockstar have been quoted in the past as saying that they already knew the future of Grand Theft Auto and that a game could be released around 2011/2012.

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GTA 5 in Paris
4.18 / 5 based on 5 reviewers and 217 votes.
  • rocktsar

    sympa la pub fa├žon mastercard ^^

  • rockstar co-maneger

    that so much bullshit the next gta will be a vice city but ive heard it will only be relesed on xbox 360
    after that a new sanandreas isn comeing out on ps3

  • me

    i agree with roackstar co-maneger, that was fucking crap. twats is what they are, fucking ball shits.

  • Skyler

    Eh, good enough


    he next game should be on washington DC it should be almost like San Andreas it was the best gta ever made i like vice city to but nothing beats San Andreas