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GTA 5 London Trailer
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GTA 5 London Trailer

Posted by: Admin on the July 18, 2010

The Seagull reference was not the only hint at the next location in the Grand Theft Auto series. A close look at the Liberty City It’s over advertisement from the booklet of GTA IV Episodes from Liberty City reveals a stunning resemblance between the ad and the northern european coastline. Here is the trailer of the new GTA 5 in London (United Kingdom).

  • Soapy

    Unfortunately for the rest of us, whoever chose to post this under the ‘London’ epithet doesn’t seem to be very intelligent. Or, simply, not very well travelled. The place depicted in this footage isn’t London but actually Amsterdam. Which is in Holland, also known as the Netherlands.

    Aside from this, and the fact it’s entirely fake and based on nothing but idle speculation, it’s simply wonderful.

  • PotHead

    Yup this is amsterdam I live there myself, but from wich game or GTA IV mod is this is want this badly cuz it is my hometown

  • mumtaaz khan

    dis is not gta v dude it is mafia (2) (II)
    m i ri8?

  • game unit

    Can’t fool me Ive seen this VIDEO before…………. its the new Getaway thats always based in London. soon to be released wich seems to be delayed so dont know when there going to release it. Heard there improving it by making online shopping on it so you can walk in stores and buy things with your credit card and so on.

  • tyer maguire

    i dont think its a mafia game that guy looks like the guy from the old gta 3 i think

  • tyer maguire

    the guy looks like the guy from gta 3 i think

  • go go guy

    yea he does alot like the guy form gta 3

  • joe

    hopefully its in london because its always in usa and its boring

  • matt sullivan

    that was a teaser trailer for the Getaway 3 back in like 2007 for PS3 and it was scrapped sadly. i do hope they bring it back to london, the only london one was top down view :/ but theres suspissions about “hollywood and the surrounding area”

  • beeceee

    this is getaway 3 which might be set in amsterdam

  • paul

    this is getaway 3 trailer… derrr!!

  • Damien

    As Paul said, this is Getaway 3 trailer.
    Unfortunately this game has been cancelled by Sony.

  • Eddy

    Soapy told it like it was, enough said.

  • mack

    man i hope gta5 is in vice city

  • James

    This is getaway 3 trailer ^^

  • zeeshan

    this is getway trailer.

  • Mindlessboy

    Not to mention the cars on the wrong side of the road…


    GTA - LDN (London) should be next, Modern day Londons a good city for Rockstar to head to, the cities alive here, plus its multi-cultral as fu*k, and it needs to be put in 3D, the Gta London Birdseye View game was a hit on the PS-one, so i dont see why not head bad to there for a updated/remake, its a perfect city, nice buildings sh*tty weather, tons on accents, id say the map should be in Central London outwards, start in Victoria (next to the Royal Familys Buckingham Palace) and add all the Gta - SA features…
    even add new ones like, in car view, maybe even add first person view ( optional of course )
    theres just so much, wish i was a game tester might have alil more input…. oh yeah the longest i can wait for a new GTA is 2012 May (before i go on a Vice City Killing Spree)

  • see

    This is just an old old trailer for a game called getaway 3 that was meant to come out on the ps3 but got cancelled because the studio wanted to focus on making the playstation move games…look it up… getaway was a gta stlye game set in london using real streets and locations and cars. It was one of the greatest games of its time very realistic and a cult classic. number 1 and 2 are availale for the ps2

  • Landon

    It is obvious the seagull reference is to Vice City.

  • me

    finaly theyve made it in a decent country.

  • shawn

    i herd they where maken it about boston logan airport downtown boston everything be fuckn sweet boston allday everyday

  • NeXt.GeN

    Think about it guys.. Seagulls.. - Flock of seagulls - I Ran - VICE CITY radio staion song - British band from London - Liberty city is done - Next stop - I ran - SO FAR AWAY - LONDON (is far away from USA) - Just to get away - Patrick getting away from Liberty - LONDON/IRELAND :)

  • Cokie The Clown

    It should be set in england, but have a massive map. Have about 5 major cities:

    Then have about 3 smaller towns:

    Then have a ton of villages from all over the country, have airports and flyable planes ect.
    You could have chavs and hoodies from the different towns as enemy gangs and so on.

  • Bored

    Canada with snow would be cOol also they need more cars and let us buy safehouse and garages! Gta4 sucked for that you make money doing jobs but have nothing tO spend your cash on kinda pointless to me

  • keenan

    i really hope that gta5 will be san andreas agaim and they have all those customizations and you can really do whatever u want.i hope gta5 is like san andreas.but i really hope you can have a bank account or either you a have credit card where you can go and cash in the money after every mission or you can just keep it yourself.

  • :D

    this is not london this is amsterdam
    i know because im living in there :D
    but nice animated trailer it will be cool gta amsterdam for me

  • Jabir5

    I dont care wot anyone says all gta’s are mint

  • John

    i will be so happy as long as its not in liberty city. i hope its in vice city or the UK vice city was just great and i thought it was slightly better than San Andreas because i loved vice city’s map but i would also love playing in the UK just because it would be great for a new map

  • Mark b

    Getaway trailer which the company went bust, sony playstation UK are back in production now eye pet and dance games are done :)

  • Douglas

    This is getaway 3 trailer

  • marniksss

    This is the sex and drugs Capitool of Europe!

  • Joey

    This that dam getaway trailer

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