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GTA 5 Liverpool Trailer
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GTA 5 Liverpool Trailer

Posted by: GTA5 on the October 8, 2010

The Hero of the future GTA 5, Michael Sweetlake loves BMX and weapons, especially his Magnum. This trailer takes place in Liverpool in the United Kingdom.

  • rocktsar

    Message to rockstar games : please make a fps vue for Grand Theft Auto 5 !!!

  • MDOTSN15

    if this game happened in liverpool or london i would never fucking by it, just keep it simple and put it in vice city

  • ahmad

    vice city is the shit your so right

    but san is way better with cj

  • tiyani

    i love gta game and i would like to help you guys create 1.I know im under age but im in love with gta’s.please ask me alot of questions and if i get them please give me 1 with all you signatures.

    The best gta gamer

  • me

    thats not fucking liverpool!!! finaly they’ve made it in a decent country, England.no more american games set in fucking america please.

  • Robbo

    i hope its in Liverpool. i can go blow up Anfield then

  • Rstargamesmember:nickel jhonson

    #1Messege: so you guys gotta limp riding on this game

  • Rstargamesmember:nickel jhonson

    forget the fact cuz the base of the game isn;t decided that were it gona be but althrough hints

    1:it will consist of vice city and san andreas
    2:this game have no acts of GTA3 or GTA IV
    3:the description wont be totaled here :) ?
    4:but if you can help it all out visit the site (http//.gta place.com//descriptions)

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  • User AvatarVaisakh Here { this is GTA IV ! } – Mar 26, 12:48 PM
  • User AvatarTharp Dustin { you should try the saints row series } – Mar 26, 10:40 AM
  • User Avatar34134 { your retarded, gta4 has been out since 08 } – Mar 25, 10:58 PM
  • User AvatarRob Stoneman { Gta5 they better do something that has never been do before and have amazing graphics. Maybe the player can give various orders to gang members... } – Mar 25, 1:05 PM
  • User AvatarTupacneverdie { the first thing i'ma do is go to the johnsons house } – Mar 24, 1:27 AM

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