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GTA 5 Release Date
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GTA 5 Release Date

Posted by: Admin on the November 13, 2010

I was just in Luis safe house and I came across this calendar with circled dates on it, so I deduced that Grand Theft Auto 5 release date would probably be for the 26th april, 2011. It will be release on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 first, then on computer six months later.

  • Eray

    We will see. If it s true you are perfect.

  • Kevin

    But… If you say a date you says 26-04-2011 right? Not 04-26-2011?? Day-Month-Yeah? I hope that Rockstargames would say with this that the next gta would come at 26-04-2011. But I think not. But nice job to find it ;) I never saw that before.

  • http://gta5.tv Marcel

    I sure hope this is the next GTA.

  • John

    Nice vid, I believe it s possible.

    I m dutch but even I know that Americans write the month first, than the day and than the year. So 04-26-11 is possible. An example is 9-11. That was on september 11th, not november 9th.

  • Eric

    it can be possible we shall see soon!

  • rocktsar

    it s too early, but there may be an official announcement at E3

  • R ni

    oooohhhh :O
    A month and a few days????
    well done finding that… we ll see ;)

  • barry

    is that correct and official or not and what is the new map set on

  • Nick

    No not a release date, but an announcement.

  • gab

    I don t think it would be that early since l.a. noire is street dated for may 17th….

  • Loco

    so when is the game coming out ???

  • Garnet Pickard Ham

    Seems good.

  • Person

    Awesome I am going to buy that but why isn t a preorder available?

  • Ian

    There is no way for them to know when they d have something ready that far in advance. Games get delayed for all kinds of reasons.

  • Daniel

    I think i have it figured out, the game wont be released or announced on the 26th of april. what I have figured out is that This years E3 starts on the 6th June 2011 so if you take 04-26-11, take the 4 and the 2 add them together, you get 6, take the 6 already there 6, and then keep the 11, you get 6-6-11, whic is the 6th of june 2011. Anyone Else aggree with me that it will be announced at E3?

  • RentedDemon

    Since that date is 6 days away i highly don t think so since it has not been advertised at all

  • Matt

    I think there will be an announcement that day. Around that time is when they have introduced other things that come out in the fall the same year.

    Definitely won t be the release date because of LA Noire.

    Would be good competition for all of the SR3 crap announced.

  • SmartGuy

    LoL, well it would be out in 4 days then. And it will not be. So, Sadly, Fail. :(

  • Jamie

    Funny its the 23rd april today no mention of it coming out in 3 days time

  • Someone

    Its not right there are no trailers and i can t find info and

    posted: 1-5-11!!!

  • delfuego

    i think your wrong since it is now 5-15-11 just sayin

  • 519Jason

    i heard it was comin out in november cuz all the GTA s came out in that month

  • perzeuz102310

    Hopefully it ll come out before my 32nd birth date! I would love to see Niko back. He runs faster than Ruiz.

  • Rockstar Gamer

    Ok i did some searching, Jan 4 is the steam release date for all other GTA s so 1-4-12? It would make sence!!

  • DjDede

    non sense xD they just released GTA IV and already set a GTA V release date?

  • Ernesto Aragon

    Just released? The game was released in 2008, my friend.

  • Afro Ninja

    Well it wasnt released at E3, so it isnt coming out anytime soon. Im kind of mad at rockstar to just leave us hanging like this, i check like once a week on IGN.com to see any new info and there too busy advertising LA Noire Tshirts and pointless sh*t all the time, YOU HEAR ME ROCKSTAR?! ANSWER OUR CALLING!!!!!

  • trail of dead

    See they would not set a release date for gt5 intill they have finished the coding, programing, promtion and release of gt4. They know (Rockstar) that setbacks happen and therfore seting a date wellbefore they had even released gta4 would be freaking retarded and you must be too

  • rasclot me bredda

    exactly do you people belive anything? Just enjoy red dead and gta4 and before you know it

  • GTA Expert

    I reckon that it will come out on the 4th of january that would make sence because of all the other gta s have came out then so why should nt gta 5 come out then but i don t know what to get mod 3,saints Row 3 ,gta V

  • Andrew

    yea doesnt look like its coming out then that past like a year ago

  • nick

    i want to have a new game of grand theft auto game on xbox 360

  • kskkskks

    no its coming out in fall 2012 most likely watched a trailer of gta 5 its the same city but different stuff in it and better graphics

  • ralpH

    I think its on may 11 since max payne 3 trailer was released in september and it will be released sometime in march 2012 and the gta5 trailer is due to be released on november (2 months after max payne) thus it will be released to month after max payne which gives us sometime in may

  • pearse

    its not its pass 26-4-11 because is the 2 November and its my birthday and its not out

  • Rockypi

    Ok lemme say this again;

    Its all about Rockstar Vienna:

    Founded on 4th of January
    Got in Take Two Enterprises on the 26th of February
    And closed on the 11th of May

    These are not clues to GTA V

  • Thomas Kjernsvik

    I have the game… Check my FaceBook Profile…

    I have proof..

  • Joey

    I just hope there s a Sasquatch and other crazy things like tornados and earthquakes

  • Maddoxsnow

    Your all babies, what does it matter when it comes out as long as it comes out. Geez

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