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New GTA 5 Trailer
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New GTA 5 Trailer

Posted by: Admin on the November 16, 2010

This new trailer about Grand Theft Auto 5 shows how Bryan, a young successful business man, suddenly realized that his long time partner, Patrick, is nowhere to be found or contacted. He became very desperate because he borrowed a lot of money from a loan shark to finance his business, and most of that money is still in Patrick s hands. And then things got a bit more complicated when a man who wants to talk about the payment for his debt is waiting for him outside of his apartment.

  • Oriol

    what s the name of first song?

  • tyler

    i would like to say make the game were you can hook trailer up to big rigs please im beging yous.

  • hungry

    Yeah, what s name of this song?

  • maniekspy

    The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV [Explicit]

    Great track.

  • ultorval

    en fait gta 5 se passera a liberty city ?

  • Armando

    o.O 3:09 Niko Belic!!!

  • Kye

    Gta 5 is a good game

  • Shoji

    that s not GTA 5, That s GTA 4 with modification!!

  • gianluca

    gta 5 non esiste ma esiste un gioco ke si kiama gta miami vice of lerry rokstar games

  • R ni

    We all know that this is GTA IV, but let s put that aside…
    There is one down though….

    The first chase: i really don t get why the cops are that obsessed about caching him… He only crashed into a car…???

    But over all a great “trailer” :D

  • maxx

    is gta 5 at liberty city same like gta iv

  • Ian

    It s about time they change the map isn t it? Come on guys, this is getting old now.

  • jason

    ok even if this were GTA5 I think i can speek for all of us…STOP IT WITH LIBERTY CITY!!!! We re sick and tired of it! bring back a better Vice City or even the better San Andreas…or hell incorperate all three and make a bad ass long story line just please no more Liberty City only story lines….

  • COdy

    Shitty, looks like GTA 4

  • Yo

    This is GTA 4 with modification NOT GTA 5

  • Ben

    Im not going to lie i have no idea how i ended up on this site or on this video haha. But i have to admit it was actually pretty awesome :) .

    Wish i knew the song from the club though sounds like la roux remix but i cant quite put my finger on it

  • rob

    This is very well made, even with the use of mods and camera edits, this clearly would of taken a long time to do so well done.

  • gt

    thisz isz to everyone who keepsz sayin thisz isz shitty it looksz like gta iv GUESS WHAT…. IT ISZ GTA IV jus wit some damn modificationsz THANK YOU :D

  • tim

    why are the game makers so obsessed with cop killing? Stupid to have Nico Belic kill 30 cops for $1/4 mill… now this game baldy kills a bunch of cops for nothing… what happened to killing bad(der) guys.

  • nikhil

    make gta in india it will be dam good with the cars please i request

  • Latreille

    This trailer is not GTA 5 it is simply a video someone created.. Honestly i believe that if they want to create the altimate GTA game they should create one where it has an entire online society. Where everyone can create their own player and do as they pleased. Create gangs with other friends, build businesses, and things like that. start out poor and have to make ur way to being a big timer. If they want to make it online that is the way it should be.. the whole every man for them selves little war games is not even amusing just simply pathetic. they should take that out of the game entirely becuase it kills the game a little bit.. the game should also be located somewhere tropic for once as well, and maybe if they even tried to work in a story that involves every gta character made, Tommy, Cj, the russian dude from the fourth one. Story lines like that would really draw in all the hardcore gta fans who have followed the stories becuase we all miss the classic characters. My favorites have to be Tommy and Cj.

  • geoff

    the same city, the same story line what have u so called creators being doing with all your time u just copied GTA4. i think they need to fire u and hire new creators. i bet u just cut and copied everything and just changed the main charaters and names. y would i waste my money on buying a game i already have.

  • heav s

    I reckon the ultimate GTA would b a world edition 1 were u chose what country u wanna start off in, u can chose every aspect of ur player from features, to voice to what they wear or take a photo of urself & record ur voice & u will b the character & u travel all over the world doin missions & they need to get actual cars like exoctics, super cars, tuners & everyday cars in it. I no this will NEVER happen cause it would prob take up to much space to even fit on a standard size PS3 or 360 hard drive lol but that would b my idea of the perfect GTA & prob a great finish for the franchise cause GTA 4 was so shit compared to san andreas

  • ceram

    Whats the name of the song that s on in the club at 6min+ ??

  • Constance

    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me satrihgt.

  • Johnno

    aha! asif people actually think its gta5 lmao…Nicely put together mate it kept me watching even after a few seconds of realising its the mansion of playboy that you get after killing him! You can really do alot with mods and a pc :-) Good job.

  • lbga

    gta 5 is not yet ready this is the gta 4 amended

  • Thanos

    i fu***ing love it ilove it i love it the best game ever epic graf end everthing its epic

  • joshua

    man i think tish is going to be the best gta ever of all time. And if you want to add me on x box 360 my name is fattyboy1999

  • BOB44

    @Oriol the song is called Vagabond by Greenskeepers.

    Nice trailer, but more of a cut scene because trailers usually don t show entire conversations.

  • dillon

    Cant wait for our clan to move to gta 5. if anyone wants to join our gta tbogt clan send a emal to lcpdrole [at] hotmail [dot] com

  • wqerty

    the song is J. Majik & Wickaman - Crazy World (Fonzerelli Remix)

  • uncle fester

    Looks like the same shite map as the last! listen to the people rockstar! we are the ones that will spen our hard earnt cash on your product after all!!!!

  • Andy

    lol that s Saints Row 2

  • Ure mom

    whats niko is doing over there?????
    (in a shity car -)

  • shaggy

    Move on guys!!! no one wants to play the same game with mediocre graphics over and over again ..v want to something new to play plz..

  • Eric

    Obvious fake. Its the same map as GTA 4. The only difference is a mod.

  • gueLce

    That not GTA 5 its GTA episodes of liberty city ,…. just skins are diferent LAME.

  • seth cheatham

    i think that rock star should make it to were like you can tow cars and stuff it is alot funner and they should make it to were you can shoot a shotgun out of the car that would be amazing they should put cars from campaign but i think they should keep the visual quality i play with alot of people on gta and they said that it would be an amazing idea if you dont belive me you can email me and ill email my gamer tag to prove that people would think it would be awesome if Rockstar owners put more stuff like peddal bikes tow trucks that can tow cars have a boat that you can land a heli on or even attach a boat to another boat and it not move away from eatchother i think and you should put more stuff for for the player models like bling head phones flat bill hats and all of that stuff that would make a gangster…….

  • G

    San Andreas is by far the best gta, the new ones need to be just like it only in a different place stop taking stuff out and just put more stuff in!!!!

  • hady

    this is the song link


  • fahad

    gta san is the best ………………………………..! and vice city and but this game is boaring …………

  • Spyder, (no joke)

    im not sure but i think its just gta4 ballad of gay tony

  • Spyder, (no joke)

    and the first building they show is playboy x s crib which u can get by killing playboy x instead of dyawne in gta4, another fake…

  • Spyder, (no joke)

    and, the way the character is laying in the bed is one of the poses someone lay s when they are injured.

  • Boobies

    Hahah Saints Row The Third FTW

  • Rickyy

    They have to make the GTA san andreas again, with graphics of GTA 4, and a different story.

  • Zack

    They should make gta5have an airport that takes u 2 San Andreas liberty city vice city or an. Other places they ve made before

  • matej

    i hate it how people say ” that s not GTA 5, it s 4 with mods… fake…. lame…” dudes stop it… its not for real… just a video.. enjoy it.. its great

  • Ken

    hey at 12:33 you can see niko pull in behind him wtf?

  • Ken

    i mean 3:09 wtf?

  • skyyyyy

    at least add more cheats that encorporate blocking wanted level, infinite ammo/clip, infinite health, maybe even a tank? seriously!

  • paul

    put the monster truck back in it . that was so much fun

  • jacob


  • LEE

    Looks the same gameplay as GTA4, hope there is no niko in this one. i would rather a gta s:a remake that would be epic!

  • vaginawhisper

    Lol hhe starts out in playboys house lol :P your a fag dude

  • Kaleb

    I know this has got you a lot of views but, why soil your site s reputation with this garbage?

  • joshyboy

    i wounder what the real gta 5 is like !?!

  • Swifty boy

    Like….. Come on you ve lease got to change the map wat about so were you can so both cruising about and some type off roaring crap… U no just to make it a bit more interesting!!!!!!!

  • Swifty boy

    And also like in a place were there is like mountains and stuff so you can sky dive off and stuff and bicycles

  • Stormax TeAMM

    This video its very cool 10/10 :D
    Great job dude its awsome!!

  • Joel

    Lol at 3:23 it s niko bellic XD


    thats not gta5 its the dlc the ballad of gay tony online free roam with some nice camera work

  • Tom

    This is tottaly 4. notice how in the start its the same apartment you get when you kill playboy x.

  • logan

    plz make it so you can hook big rigs up to trailers and trailers to ook up to normal pick up trucks. make this possible on line alsom. speed and gas gauges would be nice, along with miles on each of the vehicles

  • shawn

    ya they need to bring better vice or san ans map liberty city is kinda old hell add that with them 2 lol cant wait for gta5 followed gta sence when it was on gameboy color played every title better and better uk london was anoying 2 disc tho

  • chuck

    i wish that there could be more police vehicles (some bulletproof, some with built in weapons) and theat there were better graphics!

  • NeXt.GeN

    3:08 in the red car behind him u can see niko belic driving..

  • sekibembe abdallah

    good job rockstar

  • cool

    is that john travolta?

  • Sdragon32514

    Well apparently this is a fake. Wouldn t it be cool to play wthesaurus different story line but with multiple people. Gang vs. Gang or yakuza vs. Triad something like that and add the flairs of San Andreas where you could do game in game build your own vehicle get your Own girlfriend etc. Play online or vs your friend. It would all depend on each others actions

  • zeeshan

    this is not gta 5 it is gta 4 the lost and demand

  • mods?

    what graphichs mod do you using?

  • niko

    LOL Amando is right, Niko is in the car rofl

  • CeSaR2

    This is not GTA 5 is GTA 4, Fuck this really… I can not see nothing too.

  • rader 9

    please let it be able to hook up to trailers that would be so awesome

  • tom

    that is definitley not GTA V. It is either a PC mod or another installment due t be released as GTA IV. And even the next GTA to be released n matter what city is still The GTA IV era. GT V would be the next generation most likely released on PS4. Just as GTA III Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas are also GTA III. San Andreas is by far the best game of the franhise to dte and arguably the best game ever. Vice City is awesome too however its a smaller game with less detail making it second to San Andreas, I really hope the next installment is in the United States and I hope to see San Andres and a Vice City. I live on the Jersey Shore 1 hour south of NYC and while i am pleased with the rendition of NYC, Liberty City is my least favorite of the games. Living so close ruined it for me and imnot a big city guy. Hopefully the new release will be more exciting and probably will given rockstars track record

  • FAKE

    INCREDIBLE!!!!! GRAPHIK OF PLAY2!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liam99

    good work with that movie even though its obviously gta4 AND TO THE PEOPLE OF ROCKSTAR PLEEEEESE WHEN U DO MAKE ANOTHER GTA BRING BACK CARL JOHNSON (CJ) HE WAS AWSOME WITH SWEET AND BIG SMOKE AND THE BETRAYAL…….ilove that game OH AND WU ZI yea that was the most perfect game.

  • abdellah

    rockstar games sad that there be no more games with liberty city.

  • Wolf

    Well after watching the trailer i have to say that i m sure it will be fun as heck BUT i think they could have done better with the graphics seems like the same old out dated graphics they used in IV and San Andres but that wont stop me from getting the game and playing it i love the franchise and im glad to see there is a #5 took you long enough. Further thank you for not having the character Niko again that was just annoying. Will 5 have the customization of San Andres? I hope so gives that personal touch to the game in my opinion,

  • bolly

    real gta 5 trailer released on 2 november cant wait

  • Rob

    It amazes me how many people think this is a real GTA V trailer! lmao. It s a great video as far as entertainment goes, but you know it really kind of pisses me off when people name their videos something that they re not. Why do misdirection? Are you really that worried about getting a ton of views that you have to mislead people with your videos? Why not just name it “GTA IV Mods - Short Movie” or whatever. But yeah, there s still going to be so many people who watch this video and who are going to think it s really GTA V and they re going to think the real GTA V will be crappy just because of this. So my point is - don t ruin your site s rep by putting up false videos, just call it what it is, moron.

  • Jdrobbo

    Loving the English bloke at 9.55

    I m thinking 5 needs to be set in London, that would be sick as.

  • Steven Crowley

    “GTA 5″ will be incredible

  • guilherme

    Trailer Gta V
    Its seems the Garrys mod (Gmod).. what the name of the mod that you used to do this movie frienf? I m waiting you answer.. tanks

    From Brazil

  • Ryan Barrett

    I have two facts about GTA V.

    O GTA V is going to be in Washinton D.C
    O The real GTA V trailer is going to be on the 2nd November. (11/02/2011)

  • Maxime

    xD its gta the ballad of gay tony .. FAIL!!!

  • DOC

    This is a good film of GTA IV for PC with some mods but it isn t GTA V…

  • Stevie Janowski

    Hey this looks like one of my Kenny Powers tapes that was stolen from my apartment sometime ago.
    Dude, where did you get this?


  • Imar

    nice cars

  • Chamath

    Did anyone recgonized Nico Bellick at 3:08 in the red car listeing to some music

  • Hans

    Loooki n good ! :D but when do the game come out in the store?

  • Pro Purblez

    Guys STFU its only trailer its comes better all off the time so GTFO!

  • Pro Purblez

    Ps i like new gta

  • c dik

    make like san andreas keep it playing even after end -

  • LightningHawk86

    its a fucking fake its the exactly same appartement of playboy X

  • davidp93

    this is fake! ive seen this a long time ago its just gta4 modded! lol

  • davidp93

    i cant believe you guys believe this bs, its all the same cars, pedestrians, streets and quotes.. except for a main character mod and car mods….

  • Martin

    what good video:D

  • Matheus

    The Game is perfect but the character is bad

  • GunsNRoses4life

    Is this website official????????? This game is GTA4!!!!

  • Elcio Madureira

    the name of the first song and Greenskeepers - Vagabond the first

    the second music J Majik and Wickaman Crazy World (Fonzerelli Remix)

  • abukar

    I want to play games

  • Monkeyjoe40

    you re all gonna believe this its liberty city its from grand theft auto the ballad of gay tony and he modded that character

  • Jamesperson132

    Dude… it was meant as a joke. I hate when people derp out everytime they watch one of these release joke videos.

  • bow

    yh i want to play the game but i cant man and i want to download it but i cant download it man im not in the mod man i just want to download it now

  • Teskatlipoka

    cocksuckers! this is gta4!

  • Asdasdasdas

    its playboys aparment

  • Diguinn

    That was fucking awesome!! How did you make it?

  • Annettescott

    will u make gta6 and make it winter in the game for ever and have snow plow trucks and ski-doos. and make it when gta5 comes out thank you

  • Timy

    i don t think they will do it they are big industry its like asking apple to call their new Iphone Annettescott

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