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GTA 5 Dead or Alive Trailer
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GTA 5 Dead or Alive Trailer

Posted by: GTA5 on the January 22, 2011

Luigi, the hero of this GTA 5 trailer, is wanted by the police, although he has to save his girlfriend s life. He has a flashback where he sees that she is gonna commit suicide from the top of a skyscraper, so he decides to save her above anything else, no matter what happen to him. Luigi drives through the city however he is chased by many cops. He does awesome stunts in this mind-blowing police chase. GTA 5 : Dead or Alive seems to be the beginning of a new GTA 5 serie of video clips, stay tuned for the next episode!

  • MaU

    I will be in this GTA when it will appear !

  • Olman

    How cam I be sure that this is GTA 5 and not a GTA 4 mode?

  • Asif Ahmed

    It s a pretty informative post.It s my first visit.I like very much your way of presentation.Some great information to be absorbed in this post.Thanks a lot for sharing.I have bookmarked this for my friends. Keep blogging.


    thats a fake gta y would they be dead or alive they are thinking of the song

  • joel

    fake because she was on the biggest building on gta 4 and i now cuz i jumped off

  • adam

    excuse me but that aint gta 5

  • kiraboy86

    it is a fake, it s GTA 4 on PC with a BMW added

  • wiki123

    that is soooooooo fake because it would of been better than the 4th but that was gta iv not gta 5

  • Evan Shariten

    Tight, but fake. I am from GTA 5 news, we speak to real Grand Theft Auto represenitives, the real GTA 5 has been announced to us by Rockstar North. GTA 5 will actually be named “Grand Theft Auto: The Final Chapter” it will be a recap of all the games, and hooked together by a single individual, Robert Decaprio(you). You will be able to play all the places you ve been in previous games, but with better graphics, and the addition of the new island you will start on, the fake Tokyo, Japan. You will work your way up from a street racer, to a drug dealer, serial killer, and trying to fix your life around back to being a normal person, with some twists mixed in. It s release date has not yet been announced.

  • mellow hoe


  • http://maszam.com zammax

    Interesting to wait the newest GTA. I am its fan..

  • LAL 420

    I have know idea what is this video. I just wanna say that boring…..

  • matt gee

    This is gta 4 on PC with the real car mod and other mods .

  • Noraiz Nasir

    will there be sexual content in gta 5 cuz i really liked the sex in gta 5?

  • allo

    that is gta 4 whit customes cars and human

    or it have been made in multiplayer game…

  • brad

    nice work ,but this is gta 4! gta 5 will be vice city 2,my brother works in rockstar games.

  • Kevin

    Yeah, how to fucked up a BMW. One of the most beautiful cars in the world. Nice video NOT!!! :(

  • John D

    Tis is just a GTA IV mod. The guy “Luigi” is a character out of GTA IV multiplayer and the regestrations on the cars are the same. Its also in the same Liberty city (Surroundings and cars Etc) are the same, and as a Rockstar Employee i can Confirm The surroundings is San andreas whith a few tweaks

  • english

    Evan Shariten Why are you talking out your arse do you think people are stupid?? You sad little twat!

  • Dan

    Next gta wont be in Librety city

  • Kye

    Gta 5 is a good game because he learns kartey and so that means he can jump up walls and in t scard of anything

  • Kye

    The most fucked up game gta 4 and gta 5 is a beach but a good game

  • kriss

    it is gta 4

  • jone

    this is fake liberty city is over this guy

  • bigpoppap

    So all jookes asides. Wtf is the deal. Is there a gta 5

  • rocktsar

    Message to rockstar : please make a fps vue for GTA V !!!

  • RoryIrish

    If you don t realize that this is a simply gta 4 modded, you are a complete retard.

  • john

    He s driving a BMW, which is obviously a mod, therefore it s not GTA5!

  • jimmie

    i m a retard that s gta4

  • beach

    this game looks bad ass

  • barry

    is the new gta 5 going to be based in sanandreas just with better graphics
    the video shown above appears to be a load of bollucks
    does any 1 know ?

  • geraldo

    Looks just like the GTA 4 city
    hope this GTA isn t as boring as IV
    they only make great grafics in that part
    not like san andreas where u could work out get a plane or bicycle
    i mis that shit in the new gta ,

  • michael

    message to rock star games,

    please please make a NEW gta with new cars, new island, etc…

    it would be extremely cool if you were to make a game on real life today, where cars would run owt of petrol, and it was a constant online game, where every 1 has to get jobs like police officers, office jobs, taxi drivers, mechanics, but you had to look on computers on the game [tw@] and have a knowledge on what to do to change a wheel, etc so a normal person who hasnt studdied this, couldnt fix a car! and every house would be a house of an xbox live player, and your house could get broke into, and you could steal other player cars, however to do this, it would be very hard to do, [ ones again you would have to look at hidden websites at [tw@] to be able to do this. and if you stole a car you would have to change the reg plates etc, as you would have to call another xbox live player- who is a police officer, and tell them what has happend!!!! as well as, to get all these cool jobs you would have to do driving tests etc to be able to do it without been arrested by another xbox live player, who has a job of a police officer!!!

    if this game was made it would instantly sell owt across the world, ask any real gamer, and they would agree that every 1 wishes there was a real life game!!!!

    iv always dreamed of a game like this but always thought of you having to buy a steering wheel + dashbord + chair attaches to it just like a real life car!!! you would have intercators, horn, simple radio where you would have to pop over the radio channell, and would also be able to turn your tv volume up by the radio volume controle buttons, this item would be priced at around 200, and i would definetly buy it!!!! and im sure many more people would agree with me on saying this.

    if any 1 else agrees on my idea then please join me on emailing microsoft and rockstar games etc
    and me on xbox live, my gamertag is pasybrad77 attach a message if so and tell me that youv read my idea, so i know who u are, thanks for reading…

  • Ollie B

    If this was real, it wouldn t be in the same city as GTA4. Someone has just modded some cars and then made a video, as simple as that

  • Webastian09 ps3 nick name

    some on made the mode about film INCEPTION i like this filmy but i think that mod is anivable only at the PC my bad but i woudlike to kill all hackers from COD: Black ops or MW2 because of them the games are getting crap and waht i think now ive lost ony 80 pound on this games but i likli enyoj playing now the battelifield bad company 2 :D it s ameazing my pes character is a sniper :D around 200 kill with it and an rapire man but i dot now waht is is cold. But however i think that the gta IV is the last v. of GTa look around it s mothing about GTA5 even in game staion, game and blockbuster they didn t herare about ne w gta5 lol their bad when it will meybe go out they will have millions because of buys this game for me is mint

  • Jake

    This is a GTA IV Machinima

  • ash

    lol thats just gta4 with a car mod.

  • Ced

    This is GTA 4! And what really is fake is that the producers and gamemakers know for sure it will not be in Liberty City but may be in a previous GTA city.

  • ceddy1234

    I hope that they make a snow and ice cheat so that then you could have your car driving in snow and ice.
    And that if you needed petrol and you forgot about it then ur car would have broken down and you would have to be towed to your house or a petrol station. i think alot of people would buy this coz i definatly would.
    Thank you.

  • Not real

    This is a GTA:IV mod. The “main character” looks very familiar to some of the enemies that you fight in GTA: IV.

  • Everythingisfake

    I think it s a moded GTA IV. but video is nice. graphic good, effects nice. is that really Grand Theft Auto V ?

  • shawn

    ceddy1234 wtf really i wouldnt buy it ya ice and snow be cool but petrol lol hope they add new cars and new map atleaste maybe vice san ans liberty city and sum other map be nice i just cant wait

  • Skyler

    Im sure if there is a Grand Theft Auto 5 there would be better cars different city and people

  • jason

    this is a fake i no because the set and location is based back in san adreas city and te graphics in this video clip looks like ps1 and gta 5 in coming out some time during 2012 on ps3 and the new xbox (720) is coming out too in 2012

  • Joe

    What the fuck! thats fucking gta 4 with a bit of mods in it like im not a fucking idiot!

  • taron

    when does this games come out

  • leonidascrazy999

    GTA 5 is a new game that game will be able to play at 2020 when we start seling it dont upload fake videos any more and wait plz :) thanks

  • EduardoAzevedo


    It can t be GTA V. I can see it is GTA IV, and “Luigi” is a Pedestrian From the streets from GTA 4. The cars are the same found in GTA IV s Liberty City, man!

  • John marx

    duh it s not gta5, and a piece of advice for whoever created this video quit being
    A fucking dumbass and putting gta5 on your retarded gta4 mods. Take this advice and
    Follow it or you will keep getting rude messages like this. Your slandering the name
    Of rockstar with your shit and if the right person reported you, your ass would be fined.

  • Douglas


  • robin

    This is the old one,
    you can see it beceause the new one is in a hole diffrent country.
    This clip is just modified but is looks fun.

    ( and if this is 5 than the clip should be better i geuss)

  • Blair

    it cant be because if you type in gta 5 map and click on images it shows the new map

  • Blair

    i think it is coming out on may 14th is that right

  • Anonymous

    no it is not!! if you type in gta5 map on google and click images images it will show the map its ment to be a secret but theres a mole in rockstar north

  • Anonymous

    hi i agree but it will be able to buy may 14th

  • Anonymous

    type in gta 5 map on google and click on images and you will see the new map

  • Anonymous

    yeah that would be wiked

  • Anonymous

    type in gta 5 map and click on images and if your on google it will show the new map

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