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GTA 5 Super Mario Bros Episode 2
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GTA 5 Super Mario Bros Episode 2

Posted by: GTA5 on the April 1, 2011

The Country Club made a new movie trailer for Rockstar Games about the next Grand Theft Auto 5. This is the second episode of the Brothers Mario : GTA 5 Super Mario Bros Episode 2. The first episode GTA 5 Super Mario Bros shows that the princess Peach is caught by the Bowser team, so Mario, Luigi and their crew would try to get her back. In this new episode, they are fighting against Bowser’s crew and his new mates: Wario and Waluigi. They will have to fight with them if they want to find Peach, stay tuned for the next episode! The theme song is Do The Mario by Rawn, the voice of Bowser.

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GTA 5 Super Mario Bros Episode 2
3.94 / 5 based on 3 reviewers and 252 votes.
  • ofek

    When does gta 5 pc download?

  • Elyes

    I love Mario and GTA, this video is so amazing. I would love to play a game mixing both characters.

  • Sex Bomb-omb

    Its a really nice series!

    Although Letting Diddy Kong die like that was really lame…