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GTA 5 News, Release Date and Hints
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GTA 5 News, Release Date and Hints

Posted by: GTA5 on the June 10, 2011

The Rockstar’s big co-boss, Dan Houser, has provided the first official acknowledgment that Grand Theft Auto 5 is in the works. Houser said that they are working on the city first then they will work on the characters. VG24/7 claiming that GTA 5’s announcement is coming up in the next few months. For the setting, a report says that Rockstar Games went to Hollywood for research, some people believe that it would be there or around Vinewood.

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GTA 5 News, Release Date and Hints
3.77 / 5 based on 442 reviewers and 329 votes.
  • Michael Martino

    i think you guys should do it on the london area because of its great space and buildings and/or statues example:The Big Ben its a big building, just like when Luis Lopez entered GTA lV in Librity City fan supposedly thought that it was GTA V but they were wrong, on The Big Ben he could find a door like on the librity city statue and find a cool thing just like the Librity Heart. The name of the GTA lV guys are Niko Bellic, Luis Lopez, and Johnny Lost. mabey for the main character you should combine the names like: Niko Lost, Luis Bellic, or Johnny Lopez. i hope these ideas inspire you please write back Eclipted Death (X box name)aka Michael Martino

  • oliver

    i reckon los santos would be sweet! either that or other cities from san andreas like san fiero or las venturas! i’d love to do some new gang wars and shit, re-live san andreas! also! car modding needs to make a return, for example, i mod a car to make it look SWEEET! and then i can save that modified car at the garage, know wha’m sayin, so if i fuck up and loose the car i can pay for a new one at any mod shop!

  • andrew harvey

    the logo for air sol says “taking you where the sun shines”. which san andreas and vice city have alot of but london doesnt have too much sun like san andreas and vice city.

  • Aloan

    SOunds like San Andreas 2 to me! Settings or maps like San Andreas, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and Hawaii all match. So Yes Rockstar, say no to a concrete city, because it’s boring as hell. And say hello to exotic tropical mountaineous locales. Next Gen GTA should be made using Cry Engine technology.

  • Matt

    Could the setting maybe be UK and Ireland?

    Fingers crossed! 🙂

  • Wierdow6 /PS3

    I’m Dig’n The Irish Theme, London Sounds Pretty Cool To Man. Maybe Some Previous characters will pop up?

  • Simon

    Hello do you know when GTA 5 is coming out. And do u know what consoles it gonna be out on please?

  • jack

    they need some planes in this one!!!!! that was the best thing ever in san andreas

  • sproesser

    They should include better variety to the setting. San Andreas was the best ps3 GTA title because the map was full of variety. Everything from city to countryside, mountains to rivers and lakes, plateaus, multiple cities and small towns. I thought it made the game great.

  • digidev


    You guys are all a bunch of fucking idiots. Not sure if first poster is troll but those are fucking lame ideas. Michael Martino you are a major fag. wtf @ combining old characters names? seriously take off your pants and chop off your balls, Michael Martino!

    PS: you guys are fags. GTA 5 will not be in london because team soho did it in THE GETAWAY. GTA 5 will not be in an exotic place full of spics cause EIDOS did it in JUST CAUSE..
    im pretty sure it wont be set in a californian-like city cause TEAM SOHO/ROCKSTAR just did it in LA NOIRE!
    So a good guess would be VICE FUCKING CITY! hell yeah!! oh and Michael Martino is super lame.


  • joshhh

    I think we should be able to buy safehouses again……and garages!

  • 4wheels4life

    i think it should be set in San Andreas cuz the map was pretty good and i think that it shouls still have the swingset of death but it should be in the skate park next to the hospital in los santos and digidev is a little prick with no life.JUST SAYIN. but yeah think about the swingset thing atleast rockstar.

  • Paulo Surfboy

    Liberty City has now been ‘done-to-death’, Vice City came back as ‘Vice City Stories’… San Andreas the most FUN of all has only appeared once, so it’s definately time for a return… We need to say hello to the Ballas again…

  • Justin

    I dont really think anyones too worried about the setting and shit. You guys have managed to pick some pretty damn good places and no matter where it is, its always awesome. The only thing people miss and would probly like to see are things that were in the older games but not in gta4 like bikes, hovercrafts, the use of money to buy houses and stuff… thats my oppinion and ive hurd the same from many others too. Pretty stoked for this one tho regardless.


  • Ash

    Digidev you are lame they re did liberty city again why the he’ll wouldn’t they re do any of those cities you just mentioned u idiot

  • Joe mama

    Who wants to play as a looser gang banger the most Loathed scumbag of society? I’d rather play as the Talaban before that! Think Scarface or Goodfellas!

  • BIGBOY 11

    Michael Martino Suck a wet one you donut

  • BIGBOY 11

    Im Michael Martino please combine past characters names also i want to be able to wear Niko Bellic’s Underpants through my tv you F**king Spaz

  • mkay

    read today on a dutch news site that gta 5 will come out 2012 and will most likely be San Andreas.

  • Mathias

    okay. martin morino is a dumbass johnnys last name is klebitz you dumb shit and why would you combine names thats GAY. Thumbs up for planes and car customization?!?!

  • pooper scooper

    please come back to san andreas!!!!!

  • luke prince

    san andreas was by far the best gta game and hope its the next 1 maybe a bit more modern tho but keep the push bikes that was cool lol and try stop modderz they really grip my shit just cuz there crap at the game they shouldnt be able 2 fuck up everybody else’s fun there a real put off free roam games and need 2 get a life!!!

  • walshy 1

    either san andreas, london or maybe some eastern european country city like st petersburg with the russian mob or maybe even tokyo and bring back planes and being able to buy your own safe houses and garages etc.

  • Kid from the HOOD

    I really hope that Rockstar Games will bring back San Andreas with all the gangs and homies, San Andreas is so far the best GTA I’ve ever played, If they can make GTA 5 like they made San Andreas, I’d buy 2 coppies just for the hell of it, lol. Please bring back SAN ANDREAS.

    P.S. Why not make a follow-up on San Andreas with C.J as the main character again, Balla’s to shoot up and Hoe’s to screw, haha. Come on Rockstar, make this a winner!!!!!!!!!

  • Vercetti4President

    Joe mama has the right idea…fuck playing as a poor gangster…bring it to the best city of all, Vice City and please bring back the mafia them…PS Tommy Vercetti is a G, best video game character ever…and ya that martino kid is a fucking idiot

  • Eric

    Digidev is the only person here with a fucking brain. Michael can suck an ass, and it needs a new setting like London or Tokyo, maybe paris. Somewhere out of America would be nice, for once. Don;t get me started with combining names, that is gay. We do need mod garages and purchasing safehouses again. Aloan is a fag and also we do neeed planes again.

  • drebin052

    i doubt that its going to be ireland. no offense intended to the irish, but its not exactly the kind of place that would suit GTA; the concrete jungle theme has always been integral to all GTA games, so an open landscape in a city like Belfast just doesnt fit in well.

    san andreas is my bet. it would be pretty badass to see the entire SA state remade, gta iv style (or if they arent doing the whole state, then even just one city would be awesome). though rockstars probs going to remake SA like they did with liberty city in gtaiv, basically the same city/state, but under a different storyline and era.

  • nu stiu de astea

    Pooper is right Gta Sa is the best gta game.A Gta San Andreas 2 will be great

  • yall suck

    Take it back to vice city, no hovercrafts and stuff u dumb idiots.

  • 1984GMCSierra

    San Andreas would be sooo BA. Please don’t do some foreign country. I like driving arround in all the american cars! Foreign cars are mostly small and wimpy and egg-shaped. San Andreas was my favorite GTA thus far. GTA 4 was good but after you beat it the game gets incredibly boring. Even after I beat San Andreas I can still play it and have fun. Also, GTA 4 lacked moddable cars, safehouses, planes, and there was a very small variety of weapons compared to SA. I would like to see a similar game engine as GTA 4 but with better physics and graphics. Heads need to fall off when you shoot them with a powerful weapon! Rolling over 20 times after you fall off a bike is pretty unrealistic. Oh, and speaking of bikes; PLZ bring back bicycles like there were in San Andreas!

  • JamesR

    No its not true when they went to L.A it was for the game L.A Noire

  • Barry Martino

    They can set the game in any city, throw in any mechanics they like, but for the love of god, please include the rehashed names of previous characters!

  • Tom

    SAN ANDREAS or somewere completely new with new characters new vehecles and maps and digidev your just as much of a tit as michael martino it needs to be new and fresh NEW NEW NEW

  • Ace1475

    It should be London for sure no doubt about it

  • Martino is queer

    They shud just do all 3 in 1 san andreas vice city n liberty city, hhmmmm lets combine names…. Michael gay and homo martino wud b awesome 😉

  • Toking-Joker

    I think it should be San Andreas 2: Same map, same graphics but with the youngers of Cj and the rest of them

  • matt

    BRING IT TO AUSTRALIA the poms and yanks always get the good stuff put it in Australia in like Melbourne or Sydney or somthn

  • Ellamonto

    Would be epic for it to be in Belfast an you’re an ex paramilitary or something, not saying it will happen or it should cause Belfast is too small, but the violent background of N.I would put forward a decent storyline in the game, but yea should be in San Andreas, bring the combine harvester back and better clothes stores and barbershops! I’ll buy it no matter what

  • Richiecokes

    character shld be able to fly passenger planes n jets like in San Andreas

  • SnichesRAdyinbreed

    I think Mexico up to Cali would make pretty good lo-cal and they deff need make cars and safehouses modifiable, whats the point of all that money and nothing to do with it. And how fukin unoriginal can u be to to refab name’s it goes to show how much inbreeding effects the brain.

  • Michael Martino

    Digidev, u mad bro? They’ve already done GTA in London once, back in ’99. But I’ll forgive you for not knowing this, since you’re probably 10 years old and it came out before you were born.

    Someone else did a game based in London, so that means that nobody else will use London ever again, you goddamn idiot.

  • Chris2113

    Am I the only one that remembers the original GTA game, I think that the new GTA should be in Sin City or London, Sin City would be a great location, Tommy Vercetti’s could have a kid that is sent to Sin City to expand his Father’s empire.

  • x96zerox

    Why not have every city? Take trips there and have bounties in diffremt parts of the world? Why not have the planes and bikes and the insane vehicles. Or who gives a shit as long as the game is good? And fun? No matter where you are u still have guns and cops. That’s all u need.

  • Bob M

    Vice city and San Andreas! You can take a plane back and forth, only by airport maybe. It wouldn’t be like crossing a bridge or just flying to the other side of the map. It could be two different maps, a stop at the airport and a quick loading screen or you can wait like sitting in a taxi in gta IV and boom your in vice city or San Andreas. Maybe put some central states in between, Texas or colorodo. I want more than just a city, I want a state or two or three. Bring back the jet pack, Car customization, maybe put something unnatural in the game, like an alien encounter. Add some animals to the world like Red Dead. I want to be able to open trunks of cars. Cars should have fuel meters, more fuel= bigger explosions, less fuel= you running out of gas in a high speed chase. I liked being able to make my own choices that effected the games end, that was cool with niko. And if your going to have mini games, please make them more enjoyable, bowling, darts and pool were all LAME! Take me to the casino so I can make some money.

  • Bob M

    P.S. Don’t listen to anything Martino has to say or gta 5 will suck

  • wheels0302

    cant you do a different location besides san andrease or other pleaces weve already pleayed? like mayb in hollywood or vegas? Please? NOT ones weve done before if you do a place weve already played im not buying GTA V!

  • Prefire

    They should re-do san andreas with a different storyline and new characters even though Niko was cool.

    Planes, Helis, LICENSED VEHICLES, boats, trains anything you can drive or fly should be stealable.
    More guns, more cheats, like ped riot, and an interactive internet. In GTA 4 the internet wasnt very interactive except for lovemeet and the child p0rn site.

  • aaron

    they should do one of the whole fuckin world……. so yall would stop bitchen where they should put it……but the gang bangin san andreas …..would be the shit.

  • the gamer

    i thnk if they make carl johnson as player it wud be betr frm gta sanandreas nd the stry shud be continued cz many people play gta multiplayer so they wud luv to play it and it wud have many sellings

  • Ruffplate

    I think the game should come on multiple discs and cover Vice city,Liberty city,San Andreas, and the whole of Central Europe particularly Amsterdam & Germany. Were you can travel to big raves with your recruited gang members and your Armalite and kill those selling drugs and basically sucking dick, and in the end we get to kill the queen of England.

  • Guap

    miichael martino stfu that was the gayest shit i ever heard combine names get the fuck out here with that bullshit

  • local

    yall retarded. fuck an out of us city and fuck a mafia based game.. gta iv became to mafia based.. if u wana play a mafia game buy Mafia.

    gta V in San andreas would be awesome.. however if u want to make a great game city thats always overlooked, try New orleans. new orleans has great culture and amazing scenery. not to mention with one of the highest crime rates in america and long time murder capital, sounds like gta to me. new orleans would make a great gta city.

  • jakendaville

    i hope to god that its not in london, please always keep gta in the us. does anybody remember the game the get away it was a good game till someone talked i hate their accent plus there women have hairy arm pitts and bad teeth so piss on london go to san andreas or vice city PLEASE!!!!!

  • stargatejames

    JAKENDAVILLE you have prob never been to the UK have you? Hairy armpits? thats france and germany not.the UK. please.guys if ur gonna bad moth someone or some where then.do your damn research first so you dont sound stupid. r will pull an amazing game out of there bag. most of the other posts have good.comments regarding the game but some of the more.immature.posters obviously would rather bad mouth each other than post what makes thes game good. Why are you insulting each other. Im.gonna insult you now by asking what language you speak? Lol.its english but the English speak it better. You need to take a step.back and listen to all the different American accents… not exactly well educated.

  • ideamaker276

    they need better cars better guns it should really be like real life anything like cars trucks airplanes motor bikes 4wheelers skate boards you can fix broke down cars make friends and more internet sites u can really buy thing online you pick from millions of girls and nicer clothes better grsphics, gyms jobs, ypu can make or buy houses chose were u want to live decorate ypur own house any thing you see is a weapon from tooth picks to nuclear explosions and u can make the army attack police and all new dogs and every store is open on gta4 u could not fix up ur cars they need garages and now cars like mustangs,lambos, all the fast and furious cars like real life why not put the game in the whole united states put every grand theft auto game and make one awsome game remember like real life and extra health more money u make your own charecter you custumize it your self thats my world

  • Matt

    Jake you twat, London shits all over any yank town and the women are stunning, unlike the fat dogs you have over in the US.

    How you have the fucking cheek to talk about anyones accent is beyond a total joke!

  • Matt

    Also the gangster history combined with its current gangster network makes London a must for GTA. The landmarks, parks, river, buildings ect would be class and the you could branch out to the surrounding areas like Essex, Sussex which have plenty of forests to knock people off in. 😀

    I’d love it lol

  • Jesse

    Honestly, they should just make san andreas 2, everybody wants it and they would make so much money off it, they need to bring back CJ, Sweet, Ceazer, OG Loc (that would be awesome) and a couple other characters.

    P.S the guy who voiced CJ is supposively in GTA 5 which could mean that CJ is back!!!

  • Mike

    I want to see some more dark shit, like Eddie on as a regular character. Multiple branching storylines and the ability to play more then one character would be sweet as well, kind of like how The Wire is presented.

  • Jack Eastham

    I think a complete remake of san andreas should be made!
    Same missions locations etc.) but with better graphics and maybe even a complete character customization (like sr2)

  • Daniel

    I hope it’s in San andreas. But I Gota say that new Orleans would be badass and I wouldn’t mind London or Rome. And why are all you guys fucking with michael? Dude had a bad idea get the fuck over it.

  • Daniel

    You should be able to mod your guns in my opinion. It might be out there for gta but I think it would be sweet. And aarons comment was funny as fuck

  • seth

    i think that they should put better stuff in like bling and gang related stuff it would make GTA V alot better then GTA IV they should make it to were people can shoot shotguns out of the car and they

  • Jessica

    I don’t mind where GTA is set as long as it’s in the US, it would be weird if it was in some foreign country. I think that San Andreas was the best GTA game ever! It was so good that I was disappointed when GTAIV came out. :/ I missed all the customizing. SA was a masterpiece!
    I hope GTAV is better than GTAIV I mean it was a pretty big drop! 🙁 I liked the graphics and characters (Roman was so cute :3) but SA set the standards pretty high and it made me so HOOKED that my boyfriend broke up with me, haha!

  • Americansareretards

    OH my fucking god. Jakeandaville, you are a fucking retarded female anatomy. They already made a gta in london back in ’99. And as for British people having shite accents and the women having hairy armpits..let me say this. At least we aren’t all fat, snot nosed Americans who shag their cousins because they were the only girl who asked them to prom. You fucking goon. I do apologize to any normal American people out there, but this little shit deserved it. Just because we spawned the fucking language and pronounce it how it should fucking sound, little retards like jake think that they can comment on it and jizz all over because they’re sat at the other end of a computer, 7000 miles away and they can’t get up because they’ve have too many Big Macs because they’re are fat twats. Here’s a tip next time you want to have a go at the origin of your fucking country (because don’t forget, americans came over from London aswell as other places in Europe) just look down and think how much better it would be if you could actually lose some weight.

    Also, San andreas ftw

  • Jay

    Yes it was technically in London already, and it always seemed like a great idea to see SA on ps3 just bigger and better. They “fixed” to many things that were not “broken” on gta4, a lot of those cities mentioned would be fun, they just need to bring back planes, safehouses etc. that made it so fun in the first place. fuk ballas lol

  • Jay

    By the way, it’s only white Americans who “shag their cousins,” so id imagine that may go on in Europe as well, but anyways.. many of us ARE too fat, but our girls are certainly hotter (in California at least). British teeth ARE bad but they speak English quite well lol. So peace to all

  • Sean

    A prequel to gta sa. Before gta sa happened, when cj was younger. Same general map, but with updated grAphics, gta 4 like physics, and amazing story. Maybe not the next gta, but an idea

  • brendon

    i think gta 5 should be in Washington DC or some where in Canada like toronto .

  • Magnus

    I was very happy with GTAIV and thought the gameplay as well as the graphics were great, would’ve liked to be able to walk in to more buildings though..
    Maybe be able to interact more with people “off the streets”…
    I think London would be good, but there are plenty of big cities in other places of the world, like Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok or Sao Paulo. The favelas of Sao Paulo would be interesting to see.
    Maybe multiple cities?
    Instead of just complaining about other suggestions (no matter what you think about them), do something constructive!

  • grenades&carbombs114

    I think it would be really cool for GTA 5 to be in Tokyo or Hong Kong or something. Or Jamaica! And it would be awesome if you could like go like from metropolis to a bit of mountainous terrority or forest, where u could like push people off huge cliffs and stuff or get attacked by wild animals (or attack THEM) 😛 Also it might be cool if they added like storms and stuff for coastal cities, like where you can be struck by lightning in a helicoptors … and please bring back planes, like in SA!
    and dont do that name mixing shit thats GAY

  • Loyust.

    Jakeandaville, I’m an Australian female and personally, I think British accents are cute. Heehee. 🙂 And English chicks not shaving their pitts? Uhhhm, I’m pretty sure they DO. They do it everywhere, jackass. Also, if you haven’t noticed, GTA is rated R. Come back when your older, kay? ^_^

  • james

    gta5 is on xbox360 nd ps3 it is based on holly wood

  • The Pilot

    that would be sick as hell if all the gta games intertwined ith eachother. like tommy vercetiy is in the new game as an old man and so is niko beleck.

  • 187

    i think it would be badass if gta 5 had the same features in san andreas like going to the gym,car modification,parachute and things like that and new features like shooting any type of gun out a car well except heavy artillery like rocket launcher unless you have a homie riding shotgun or instead have your homie drive and u do the shooting. so how i think that would work is you get to choose if u want your homie to drive and if u do u just map out a route for them to drive and u just do the shooting. in my opinion the best thing for gta 5 would be to have licensed cars for example bugattis, chargers and mitsubishi and be able to pick out an engine to install in your car and then be able to join street races where u can drift,drag race or race to be able to get into street racing gangs or get into a business like in the 4th fast and the furious movie where dom and brian had to race to get into that heroine trading gang.that would be hella motherfucking badass

  • lolo

    Fed up of north american city. Central and south america can offer a large variety of landscapes and many gangs (Rio, venezuela, mexico…), Europe, with italian mafia or Marseille with the 60’s french connection or Benelux rhein/ruhr area, or why not offering a 2 places GTA that can be reached during the game, and totally different. They have the choice, but it would be crap if they choose the same cities they ever have ever chosen.

    Then, it could be very fun to have to pass borders in order to make cocain dealing and fight with the police each time. Hong kong/Macao/China areas are good for this.

    Well, we will know soon, and hope there we won’t get any bug like in GTA IV.

  • Darth Vader

    They should set it in Tattooine!

  • Ruffplate

    OI Stargatejames & Americansareretards,
    Shut the fuck up, I think you’re the only fat fuck here!
    You’re speaking like Columbus was English, Americas first immigrants were Spanish.
    Leave the gaming ideas and programming to the headcases, rebels, anarchists who have a voice. Britain is in a shit load of debt, no thanks to England. “If your country had any ballz it would have told President Bush to go fuck himself when he asked for Britain to support the war in the Middle East”. LOL. England name one country it’s occupied that never wanted to see it go.
    How did you know that Jakendaville was fat?
    And guess what I’m Scots Saorstat.

  • Parkheadbhoy

    san andreas 2!!! The first wan was the best game ever to be released .and if the bring the graphics to this wan from the high def ps3/360 and keep the originality of the game there it would be amazing, and also they could have abit of london in there too like if you go to the airport you can fly to london . obvsiously not the whole of the london is wouldnt fit both cities into disk




    THE THING I LOVED MOST ABOUT IN GTA4 IS HOW CARS REACTED TO CRASHES, GRAPHICS WERE INSANE…. I THINK IF IM NOT MISTAKEN GTA 4 …. if it were for gta to create a brand new city,they would have to start from scratch but it would be a hell of a game,,,,think about it : Audi R8, Zonda, and someone mentioned fuel, that would be an awesome feature, think how cool it would be goin to a petrol station to fillin up diesel or unleaded before a mission. and what i would personally love is more realistic speed limit differences amongst vehicles that have indicators with speed and mileage.moddin your car not only with nitro and visualy but with more powerfull engines. cars get used and loose power if they are over used…little things like these for a few extra thousand lines of code could make a difference.when gta came out i was 14. im 22 now and still lovin the games. played evey single one.come to think about it i spent about 500 euro on all their games startin from gta 3 to gta 4 episodes and ballad of gay tony… its been a hell of a ride. i want more…….

  • 3rd

    Do one for houston n dallas they both big cities n learn how we ride swingers n big rims down south

  • Scott

    i think it should have alot more cheats, after all that was what made sanandreas the best game of all time also the wide range of roads like sanandreas, one thing you MUST include is PLANES they were a big big hit for sanandreas plus including planes could lead to major dog fighting online . hope you take my suggestions in and out them to good use 😉

  • Scott

    also to add in the fact that you definetly need to include a wide range of terrain such as the one i personaly like desert, mountains, rivers, countryside, big bridges and dirt tracks in the hills also to include small towns in the middle of nowhere and big cities in the well know areas, more than one airport and private ones too, an army base would be great and you have to change the sounds of the vehicles because the last gta had all the cars sounding the same 🙁 maybe some more personal costimizations like a body shop and alot bigger viarety to what people want the character to look like 🙂 thanks n please take my suggestions in n hopefully the people agree with the points im making :p

  • Scott

    i know what you MUST MUST MUST have ; a classic Ford mustang and the longest road of the map(ROUTE66) it would be amazing

  • NJ_dEviLS_fan1

    we definantly should be able to buy randome houses and garages again. And there should be different difficultys and like hard or expert u would have to get gas for ur car.

  • That Guy

    They definitely need a better physics engine because I don’t want to have to put 6 bullets into someone before they die. Also London would be a good idea but it would be cool if you could choose to fly between LC, VC and SA. I hope Rockstar reads this!

  • Dorian robinson

    Plzzzzzzzzzz make another version of san andreas because out of every grand theft auto game I played including grand theft auto iv…san andreas was the best

  • Tina

    I’m British, all my teeth are good because we do have dentists here aswell, I shave my pits aswell, I have a son and I’m not overweight. Remind me why are we all slagging eachother off we are meant to be just discussing a game, I think it should be set in sanandreas or vice city.

  • Edson Barboza

    They should do the new gta in Rio De Janeiro in the ”Favelas”. Most dangerous place on earth.

  • originalblaze2

    san andreas was the best grand theft auto yet. i think the gang aspect and all of the possibilities they provided in the game, combined with the advanced physics and graphics of grand theft auto iv would be a massive hit. and if they pull it off the way i imagine it, (just how i illustrated it) it would definitely be the best game out there for a long time.

  • psycho

    san andreas 2 sounds awesome !!…they should put nightclubs…..and huge mansions up for grabs, the ability to get married and cheat and let your wife try to murder you !!!! that would be awesome …..you like driving up to your mansions and you’re hot ass wife comes out in lingerie and starts spraying bullets and a shoot out breakout between your gang and her girlfriends !!

  • RandomGuy

    It would be awesome if they could be able to put San Andreas. A huge area that you could do anything you want! If it is like the graphics Of Gta 4 it would be Amazing. I would Thank Rockstar if they put GTA 5 in San andreas!

  • jsahab


    My personnal impression (and maybe wish) is that the next GTA won’t be stuck in only one city, neither even maybe in one country. Perhaps we’ll soon all be tripping around this good old Europe…


  • Vato from the Varrio

    Best GTA that can be: After GTA San Andreas, you play as Cesar if you remember… the Mexican from Aztecas, after CJ helped him with getting rid of the Northside Vagos, Cesar keeps his fight with the Vagos and trying to be the biggest gang in Los Santos! but this time, IV graphics, you can take cover by cars, just like IV… that will be legen- wait for it!

  • Corneilus Muniei Carter

    Sounds awesome cant wait for it to come out. Before the next five years is up could you all consider making a grand theft auto in Detroit, Michigan just a thought. Thanks for your time and efforts for the grand theft auto lovers.

  • JimmyJames

    For the love of god lets do away with the city only dynamics. Having a mountains, valleys, deserts, plains, is what made San Andreas such a good (read:REPLAYABLE) game. Not knocking GTA4 in any way, I still have a blast on multiplayer and always find something new to do…….but come on. A semi truck that cant pull a trailer??? A non-operating forklift? A tow truck that can’t tow? It seems like Rockstar has a chance to make something truly wonderful in the series…..bring back all these little details, we almost deserve it as a loyal fanbase all these years; to make another backwards step would be terrible. Bringing back all the varrious Airplanes would be great, but how about an airplane that could say…carry a car or two? Or a flatbed truck that could actually haul a car without slipping off? Whatever happens, please for the love of all things holy, give us a multi-faceted landscape in which to let the imagination run wild!

  • Dave

    If it were in London it would be good. But why always the capital? Why not Manchester? I liked the idea that someone said of having it in London and also maybe having richer, more affluent places like Essex. Plus, the cars. European cars are so much more enjoyable. Imagine knocking someone off in a dark wooded area in Essex after a mafia bosses house party then getting chased through the narrow winding lanes we have here AND in a Renault Clio AND in the foggy, rainy darkness. The car chases would be epic if it were moved to England. It’d be much more atmospheric aswell. The fact that the roads an alleyways over here are so much more narrower would make foot chases more thrilling with the police. Imagine having to garden hop and hide in someones back garden. Also, I would instantly get a boner if the crashes were super realistic. For instance, if you were in a high speed chase leading onto the motorway and you crash into an oncoming car then your car would be crumpled and bits would be flying off everywhere. All this would only work if it was a much more realistic game. Unfortunately, it’s not my decision.

    The thing I look for is an atmospheric story. Like in GTA IV when Roman was getting married. I went and got a white Cognoscenti. On the way to missions when I was getting briefed by Packie etc. I’d drive slowly. And when in firefights I would fight realistically. The gameplay doesn’t make a difference to the games replay-ability so much to me. If the story is immersive and realistic then I’d play it through quite a few times. Call me weird but that’s just how I do it.

    I did notice a fair few English accents in GTA IV. DJ Paul on Vladivostock. The pedestrians. The woman you meet in the club in TBoGT. But, I can only hope.

    Before anyone slams my ideas remember that it’s my opinion and what I’d like to see. Plus it’s what this page was set up for in the first place.

    I doubt anyone from Rockstar will visit this page but if they do then I’d hope they collectively consider peoples ideas and make the game outstanding.

  • jspann

    i want to get the mini gun back and i would love to have most planes and helicoters

  • trail of dead

    Fuck yeah!! Monster truck Monster truck! USA USA! retarded fucks! Lol I think it is laughable when Americans try to insuilt us english.

  • trail of dead

    oh and yes the minigun would be nice and the heat seek rocket lancher from S.A , not forgeting the fun that could be have with plastic explosives lol

  • Danny

    They should make a new Vice City!

  • LPR 56

    I think they just need to make it more realistic by getting the license to car manafactuers so tht u can get real cars on PS3 and X-Box 360 instead of mods for the PC only………… and STAY IN AMERICA!!

  • Azzar

    I think it shud be set in the bahamas or hawaii

  • Azz

    It shud be set in south america the bahamas or hawaii or maybe london cos i live in uk

  • Azz

    But to be honest it shud be set in kazakhstan with the main character being borat

  • Azz

    Also there shud be choice of car changes at garages including stuff like personilised reg plates, subwoofers, tyres, alloys, body paint, windows tints and so on. You shud be able to do a yusef amir of tbogt and buy the whole city and money is a lot harder to get and stuff like a bag of nuts shudnt be $5. Also police when chasing you shudnt appear and spawn around the next corner randomly

  • rasclot me bredda

    Lol yankie doodle bang bang

  • roy

    i think gta 5 should be set in chicago! every other major city in US had a set what about Chicago??

  • Israel D

    What’s made all of tha GTA great its that they all had different characters in different cities…why go back to somewhere they’ve already done with a character we already know on top of that vice city and San andreas wer there own side stories to the franchise..they both wer good game’s but they weren’t part of the original GTA 3 & 4 if this one is going to be part 5 there most likely going to keep it in liberty city just because the entire nation is on New Yorks sack…I would like to c GTA move to a city like Chicago they have the mod, street gangs with different hoods, amazing shy line, crooked cops, and segregated neighborhoods. In my mind its the perfect play ground for GTA with all the wild stuff they do lol I agree with planes, safe houses and mod shops…and its retarded to leave tha states to go to London u guys r lames!

  • rasclot me bredda

    Why not gta 5 the final frontier space it wud shut you all up, lol lightsabers lasers and hookers with 8 toes. Oh well if not i think vagas wud b gd jus Please Please use the bullet time from red dead Redemption

  • joe

    You should do london and use different places from the UK like wales for thee country land and scotland for the mountains with irish characters like on gta iv with londom gangsters with loads of council estates for online play, and try and re unite all the old characters in the story line but with a new character to play as ( hopefully british )

  • Dimwillis911

    I know fallout new Vegas used this location but I think gta in las Vegas would be awesome

  • Dv0

    I like the idea of being able to target someone and the d-pad issues commands…like Up robs them..Down initiates a execution…Right commands the Npc to get in your trunk for a kidnapping..NPC’s have different levels of resistance so a second tap of the dpad can either verbally intimidate or pistol whip…the gym idea was cool for about two minutes..who the fuck needs to have stronger melee when you have firearms…unless that goes towards your intimidation level..but still…”oh shit! I’m losing muscle mass I have to go work out then go to my safehouse and sleep and go to the goddamn gym 5 more times” lame…for those begging for car licensing..do u want burgershot to be BurgerKing as well? The cars are fucking identical to the real ones anyways..the fun is seeing what they named them! CarMods are whatever…I would rather it be towards bulletproof glass and…no no I wouldn’t….I use and abuse those vehicles in two seconds..it’s Grand Theft folks..just steal one..ur not a fucking mechanic. It sounds like different markets ” I wanna ride with homies and mod my ricer” It’s cool for about two seconds until u drift your shit into a building and u have to go the garage after a block… And “bullettime” go play RDR…SA was cool but a revisit is for a spinoff…I fuckin love Vice City(And I Ran..I Ran So Far Away) gives me tingles..but not forGTA5…You guys love SA and VC cause they had awesome elements..quit askin for a remake and have faith the next ones gonna blow you away and take it to a whole new level

  • rasclot me bredda

    Why shud it matter if fallout did vegas recently you divy b** turd, gta 4 used NY and
    i may be wrong but has not been used about cough about a million times in films?

  • rasclot me bredda

    *has it not been used about a million times

  • bauke dijkstra

    On the end of this Vid you see a flight ticket if you watch good you see ”liberty city > san andreas”
    and on the bottom of the ticket you see Niko bellic so after watching this i think that your character is Niko and the city is : old gold san andreas 😀

  • Andrew ryan

    i think it’s vice city since gay tony and the hobo who found the diamonds went to vice city and it’s Vice fucking city you can’t get better than that

  • windycity

    na they should make it in CHICAGO with all the gangs trust me all the people that gangbang will buy that game rockstar will make a whole bunch of money ill buy it too

  • windycity

    or sanandres will be good 2 though

  • AloysiusER

    I would be extremely satisfied if the set it in London with the surrounding countryside. I think the majority of people would be happy if we went back to San Andreas or Vice City. But i really do hope Rockstar doesn’t give into the pressure and does a new locale, because SA was great, but leave it there. We don’t need to do it again. Hong Kong would be nice. Or Tokyo. ^_^

  • tha misanthropic

    I agree with the people who suggested a mob guy as the main character but they should do it in a realistic way. In the opening credits the mob guy gets caught jaywalking so he rats on the entire family to avoid the $20 fine and gets placed in witness protection and the game is just him in some hick town, mowing his lawn with a fake mustache.

    Oh and it should have planes.

  • hicksy

    my opinion it should be in san andreas it was the coolest game of all time. they just need to make some improvements and shit, but we need to have faith in rockstar that they will do as good a job in recent gta games. in regards to the whole gta london thing any one who thinks gta should go to london is a fucking stupid pom that shouldnt even comment coz no one cares what the poms think……

  • Dv0

    They aren’t going to announce anything till the big titles have a chance to die down//La Noire//Red Dead// there are still expansions and addons //Red Dead//La Noire//But what I’m curious about is if there will be a PreOrder benefit ie; costume,souped-up ride, weapon without getting too over the top…I dig the realism not some bs laser guided bullettime with exploding rounds lol

  • Dv0

    Whitey Bulger should be the next theme lol the man is a living legend

  • bugmama

    Hello. Me think gta good game. Me be from Dublin and me irish. i have the gta 5 from hmm… like month?! good good game!!! me have all achievments . this game better than the gta IV with stupid belic. Me not stupid… oOH NOo!! Me be from Irleand where we have a lot of money and ps4 games!!! yes sir!!! Me say hey for all of you irish friends!!! GTA6 should be in Dublin too – just like the GTA% already is!!! Me will buy the FUNSTATION3 to play gta sa 2 in my pretty house made of wood!!! yyyessss SIR!!!



  • James Michaelis

    Wow las vegas was in SA or did yo guys forget
    Make in Rome or Hong Kong


    I might have the best idea yet.. how about if they do maybe LA or some west coast city and vice city together and in the middle a super long highway(Route 66) and route 66 is all desert and forest and wild life shit like that.. and maybe put a few small towns in the middle of the cities.. you have a beach on both sides and maybe you start off in one city and have to unlock route 66 and then unlock the other city. and of course road blocks and fighter jets in between cities for those cheaters lol even if they stay with GTA4 graphics THAT would be the best game ever.. or if they do 2 disks and some LA Noire graphics and Red Dead graphics you know, something like that

  • Mrs. Beatch

    Okay let me give you boys the layout of what needs to happen with GTA V . What I am about to mention should please most TRUE fans and if you have anything to add please comment, this is just off the top of my head. First Off they definitely need to keep some of the same concepts as previous gta’s like as side missions, stealing specific lists of cars. They should also allow you to customize your cars kinda like San Andreas did but with more variety and detail even in multiplayer. I mean it is Grand Theft Auto and those missions are fun and who doesn’t like pimping out there own ride? They should also bring back being able to buy estates because then money has some other use besides buying weapons and body armor all the time and it gives you a sense of accomplishment making the game more interesting and giving you more objectives and more desirable safe houses. They need to keep the Taxi Fare Idea where you can be a passenger and also bring back the Taxi job missions, Police vigilante missions, Ambulance Missions and Firetruck Missions. Giving you nice career choices when your not out being a hitman. They should also bring in the FBI and Military when you start to get close to 6 stars making the law enforcement a greater challenge (It’s fun making a mockery of the police but becomes very dull). Military vehicles such as combat jets, stealth fighters, the hunter chopper(Vice City) and tanks are all must haves. GTA 5 needs to also keep the parachuting idea, its far to much fun to be without and provides a great evacuation plan in multiplayer and single player. They need to bring back being able to swim underwater like in San Andeas. It makes the map seem so much bigger and filled with more mystery and surprises. Its also a nice way to escape enemies targeting you. GTA 5 needs to allow you to customize your characters in multiplayer with more detail so you can have some individuality and uniqueness and also allow you to create gangs and symbols used to associate gang tribes. Also I love the choppers like in TBOGT but they need to give ground people who don’t fly choppers all the time some kind of defense against the guy who kills you everytime you spawn, you need a new weapon to defend such attacks such as a Lock On Stinger Missile Launcher. That should make pilots think twice before approaching ground troops. Also I am going to propose that Rockstar bring an entirely new vehicle never seen in gta before and that is a Submarine with sonar, weaponry and the whole nine. Making the water an escape territory but also a dangerous one as well. Making the water a more populated and fun area. Maybe add some secret underwater bases and caves with hidden items for single player and hideouts for online multiplayer. Also safe from Air Crafts if you need to get away from spawn killers. They need to upgrade weapons all together as well add many different types of all weapons. Explosives= C4, hand grenade, sticky grenade, RPG, Lock on Vehicle Stinger Missiles for all vehicles etc for all weapon classes. They need to keep the cell phone Idea but add more features such as 3 way when you want to talk to more than one person privately online and let you customize your cell. We have Air, Land, and Sea terrain now all fit for warefare and all with well respected vehicles and locations. We have a more advanced and sophisticated law enforcement with military, cia, and fbi involvement and special vehicles. We have an overall more customizable game and more enjoyable and well rounded GTA then ever before. Let me know if you agree.

  • Mrs. Beatch

    Oh and also they need to add a permenant cockpit view for all vehicles along with the usual gta views. I hate when I am in a chopper how the closest thing I can get to a true cockpit view is the cinematic cockpit view for 5 seconds then it changes. On a final note they need to customize online multiplayer a little better by maybe adding more co op missions and also better racing for multiplayer like drag racing and circuit instead of just circuits. This is controversial but maybe adding a zombie mode to the multiplayer options right under free mode. A mode where you can change the settings just like free mode but all of the pedestrians are zombies in the whole city and everyone must try and survive or be turned into a zombie. A real zombie mode. Trash zombies with weapons of your choice, drive cars through them blow them to hell and back just all out fun. They should also let you adjust the weather a little better like adding a snow setting where it actually snows and builds up and maybe have an area where you can bust out a snow mobile and snowboard, skis and what not.

  • Mrs. Beatch

    One last thing. They should allow you to rob places kinda like Vice City where you hold them up at gunpoint and the longer you wait the more money and stars you get and also let you rob some banks and other things like that. Maybe make a multiplayer online coop bank robbery mission/missions. They also need to make more places/buildings accessible in the map. Like be able to enter a lot more buildings and police stations and all that.

  • Seargent Jhonson

    This is what needs to go down. GTA 5 needs to keeps some of the same previous concepts as earlier GTA titles like buying estates, robbing places(vice city), taxi missions, police vigilante missions, firetruck missions, ambulance missions, stealing specific cars on a list for side missions.They need to keep the parachutes, its just too much fun. They need to keep some of the same vehicles like choppers, air planes, special police vehicles tanks etc. They need to add some new vehicles such as Military Fighter Jets, Stealth Bombers, FBI and Military vehicles and bring back The Hunter Chopper(Vice City). Also they need to add a permanent REAL cockpit view for all vehicles along with keeping the standard gta views. They also need to bring back being able to swim under the water (San Andreas) and create some hidden under water caves and secret underwater bases that you can come out of the water and explore and hideout in multiplayer as well as single. I am also going to suggest they introduce an entirely new vehicle known as a Sub Marine with sonar, weaponry and the whole nine, and to also maybe have a few differen’t types for variety. It would expand the map by making the water territory used much more than previous gta’s and also give a safe haven to those who do not like the chopper and aerial battles or for those ground troops who become the vicious prey of the birds in the sky (joining a game and immeadiatley being spawn killed over and over again by some dude in a buzzard who won’t let you get a buzzard is a buzz kill and you need some way to escape that torment that many of us have endured and underwater is a nice alternative.) I also propose one other alternative to spawn killers or just buzzard bullies and that is yes a vehicle lock on targeting stinger missile launcher. That would be perfect for those in desperate need to escape the wrath of a buzzard or other bully in an over powered vehicle. So you now have Land Air and Sea all prepared for Warfare and with their own unique specialties.

  • Seargent Jhonson

    Also they need to upgrade multiplayer big time. Like being able to customize your character a lot more with more options. They need to let you mod your vehicles more than they did in San Andreas. They need to add more racing options so you can drag race, do circuits or whatever other kind of race you want in multiplayer. I propose that they add an entirely new mode known as Zombie Mode. It should act just as like free mode with all the customizable game options where the city’s pedestrians are all zombies and you and your human pals have to make it through the city alive by using whatever means necessary. So drive through crowds of moaning zombies or blow them to kingdom come or maybe sharp shoot from a safe tower to make a path for your friends either way it is sure to be a fun new experience for all.

  • Seargent Jhonson

    They also need to add a new lineup of weapons but keep them realistic just add more of them. Maybe even have more enviromental control like making it snow or hail. Maybe add some snow mobiles, snow boards and skis for those blizzards too.

  • Seargent Jhonson

    Also I would like it if they increased police security. They need to bring back the old system on vice city where the cops are after you until you get 5 stars then the FBI in all black vehicles are after you along with police then at 6 stars they bring out the military with all the military vehicles along with FBI and police.

  • Seargent Jhonson

    Maybe throw a flame thrower in there somewhere.(would come in handy with the zombie idea)

  • rasclot me bredda

    Thanx for a wall of bt please tell me how about that economy

  • Jason

    GTA 5 should take place in San Andreas or Vice City. For one, the game has been in LC for too long now and two, I dont want it in another country becuase I want to play the game from a place in our country. Screw London or China. Its all about LA or Miami. It would be awesome if GTA took place in Louisville because thats my hometown. OK, some new things the new game should have are the main character needs to have a wife and kids even though he’s out on the streets doing ( things ). This might be to big to ask for but whatever city your playing in, when you go to the airport you should be able to fly to another city. For example, San Andreas to Vice City. This game needs animals to like red dead redemption did so we can go hunting outside the city. There needs to be a skate park like one on San Andreas but a little bigger with a bmx bike again and a skateboard. In the weather part there should be the option for snow, but i understand it dosent snow in san andreas or vice city if the game is there. The “new” map should look like the map on LA Noire. Big with lots of streets lol. Should have holiday seasons where people can dress or act like an upcoming holiday. idk im jus throwing stuff out now. There is lots more I would like to see but one more thing is PLEASE DONT MAKE THE GAME IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY OR LIBERTY CITY. I WANT IT IN SAN ANDREAS OR VICE CITY. 80% – SAN ANDREAS, 20% – VICE CITY

  • Jason

    One more thing that needs to change is you should have the ability to go in every single place on the game. maybe except if a place has a mission in the future or something but ability going into every single place would be nice

  • Darren Meredith

    I think rock star should go back to san andreas with the graphics of the latest grand theft auto, im a big lover of the GTA saga. and would love them to milk it and just keep releasing them over and over again,

    in Grand Theft Auto we trust….. (and love).

  • jacob

    there should be riot shields and stuff london and belfast

  • jacob

    the swat should have the bean bag gun and tear gas

  • jacob

    i think we should buy assets and there should be a gang that are irish republicans (based in ireland)

  • jacob

    u should be able to win turf and recruit gangmembers
    there should be an arab gang and you should be able to dual weild guns
    the cars shoulb all have there original names ferrari bmw mercedes there must be new gangs a french gang spanish colombian chinese isreli italian colombian russian there should be more robbery missions cars banks shops

  • A Rape Whistle

    I think New Orleans would be epic with a begging character creator and then a cutscene at the start with you getting locked in your room in the attic by your father at your house in the ninth ward ( the area that was damaged the most in Katrina.) Then Katrina comes and water starts rising up to your face but right before you drown something unexpected makes it so you cant drown like the roof collapsing or the water stopping or something else. Then you try and get revenge on your father who has rose to the title of New Orleans crime lord and so you do the campaign to get to him and you find out he has changed and that he locked you in for a good reason and shit like that That would be beast. Zombies mode too. Car modding, planes helicopters and shit. And instead of accessing other parts of the city as you progress you are able to fly to san andreas and liberty city. but not just Gta 4 liberty city but gta 3 liberty city and vice city and all that jazz.

    also add like a sims house building thing where you can have kids and be a good parent and do community service and go to grill outs and go camping and have fun and play games right? :3 wrong dont do any of that pussy shit. but GTA5 should at least have a way to be able to buy cars instead of stealing pretty much every car you drive off the fucking streets.

  • Robert

    They should make gta to where you can roam around the WHOLE world and do everyday people things (ex. Drive cars, eat somewhere, something similar to sims but gta style) but still get the chance to kill people and other stuff like that in the gta’s now. I think that would be badass. To do something like buy a plane ticket and be in the plane then get up and kill everyone or some crazy shit

  • Staff Sgt. Assbone

    They should do it in Boston!!!!!!!!!!

  • cody

    i think there should be parkour… more parkour, cause its awseome

  • cody

    and a zombie dlc, with seasons, or atleast snow

  • redneck

    sanadres! with the monster truck and the “sasquatch” hahaha that would be awsome

  • Andrew Vale

    GTA V San Andreas 2 For Me Like To See CJ Carl Johnson Niko Bellic Packie McReary And SomeOther Characters In The Game Too Would Like To See A Bigger Map

  • MstrWaffles

    Well if anyone remembers when you had the choice to do a mission for dimitri and get big moneys or kill him, you ask roman about the idea and roman say something along the lines of, after all this and my wedding we can fly down to vice city and have a fresh start it think he said, not sure though so dont rage at me for that.

  • Liam

    Hey why yous fighting hahah we all know Australia’s the best anyway I would love an upgraded Los Santos with loads of features music lowriders and also the idea of rio de janiero sounds pretty mad but aye

  • James

    GTA 4 Was very good, but missed alot of fun things to do compared to GTA San Andreas. It would be the best, if GTA 5, had Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas all islands you can fly to.

  • TMG HydroHuman

    I think it should be in san andreas. Im not sure why you guys are ragging on Micheal Martino I think he has a great idea they could make it in San andreas and have people like CJ Vialpando and Cesar Johnson and maybe OG Dogg and Madd Loc

    Xbox Live Gamertag – TMG HydroHuman Add it up


    Oh i really want a GTA SA 2 it was the best game ive played it my whole childhood and i just loved it !!

  • Doc

    After reading though the majority of the section, I can say I do agree with bringing back the old subtle details, with a new twist. Bring the planes, the safe-house’s, and the terrain variety. Most importantly I think some of these people in the chat need to take a chill pill. We’re all fans of the same game, no need to bring up ethnicity, or stereotypes. A moron is a moron, no matter where they are from. Remember, you can’t cure stupid……but you can train it.

  • B

    make it so you could be killed by other citizens in the game

  • B

    add back all the elements, features san andreas had but better and make bulidings destructable

  • Doc

    I think their would be legal concerns if they did that in a real world based city. Imagine that plus flying planes….parents would definately sue if they saw their kids pull a 9/11.

  • Doc

    But don’t get me wrong B, i do agree. I’d love to see a destructible city.

  • Doc

    Though now that i think of it, if they did destructible buildings, then that would imply that every floor of every building was accessible. Which would be impossible to do on the disc without major cut backs on something else.

  • Harun

    It would be maybe good,to re-do San Andreas,or put the game somewhere in Mexico,but whatever you do,don’t give us High System Requirements 😉

  • Carlton

    The game wil be released soon, that’s all we know… It would be great to se the re-introduction of San Andreas, however, an introduction of places outside of America would be very interesting as well. The main thing i guess most of us fans want is something new and fun, maybe a new map? Which would make it all a much more new and an interesting experience when playing. As well as the re-introduction of aircraft other than Helicopters of course. We obviously don’t have a say t this point, so let’s hope Rockstar have their heads set right and do the thing which suits all us fans best.

  • jack

    anything thats not vice city or liberty city because they are both getting extremely old. and it would be great to return to san andreas and see some of the characters (hoping for paul and macka) but it would also be good to see it somewhere thats not been shown before maybe not london because you’ll probably end up killing the queen or something stupid like that, maybe not hollywood beause i don’t like the idea of getting my ass kicked by jason statham (just saying).

  • desmond

    it is going to be san andreas cuz telling by researching hollywood means they are researching how to make vinewood and that is in san andreas and if they are going to make liberty they should had gone to NY but they did not which they went to hollywood and so san andreas is back 😀

  • Mr. Perfect

    I would like:

    – A destructible city DLC (I would also like it if they just put it in the game ;D)
    – an airport to fly to San Andreas, Liberty City, London and Vice City.
    – If you could edit your own cars by making logo’s and colours by yourself.
    – Be fat or skinny or strong just like in GTA SA.
    – If you could change your haircut.
    – If there are real car brands in the game.
    – change and edit you own clothes
    – swim under water just like in GTA SA
    – put Airplanes in the game again
    – an army base
    – if you could go on a PC an go to real sites like Youtube, Google, Hotmail, by using XBOX live or PS Network
    – The game should be more realistic just like in Red Dead Redemption
    – If you could put your own music on your phone or car radio
    – Wear Adidas, Nike, O’Neill, or other brands


    Mr. Perfect

  • kyle t

    in san andreas they flew to liberty city and then gta 4 took place there right? think if any locations in 4 could be a hint better than these they found

  • Charlie Vice

    LMFAO @ Digidev. Michael Martino IS a fag. hes from europe. quaquaquaqua

  • RodgerMoore

    I hope it never goes to London, I mean come on England sucks in general. Having it in America with the big flashy cars, money, buildings, girls the works. It’s suited to America because of the American Dream and shit.. and you just want it in London because it would be the same country as you. n-please.

  • John C

    I think the main character might be packie from GTA 4 because he left liberty city on a plane

  • Alexander

    Ok first of, all of you are f*cking looser with the worsest ideas. Im betting everyone here is under age wich would explain the stupid ideas but I dont give a fuck were the god dam game is set! i just want a new gta and i trust rockstar enough that any gta they put out will be great. i mean come on do you really think rockstar will read these retarded ideas and use them?

    oh and michael martino, Ma nigga i really dont know how you make it alive trough each day. some one please molotov that fools house

  • Tim Cole

    I went on here trying to see what could possibly happen and most of you want a repeat of San Andreas. I mean personally it was fun but it was really unrealistic. If you can come up with an original location and have the realism of gta 4 in it, a wide variety of weapons, and throw in some new features! Let us be able to create our own virtual character. You can make a favorite star of yours or even recreate yourself as the main character. But I think if they create a wide environment that everyone will enjoy that’ll be good. Please no more ghetto ass shit. I’d say that era is passing by. Let’s have an original story. At this point I’ll be happy no matter what they do as long as it’s fun!

  • Tim Cole

    I’d even enjoy some mafia type thing like Italian mobsters or even tokyo based yakuza stuff! But I guess we will just see

  • MissyMillie7

    I think they should have 2 player split-sreen as we have all had a friend over our house wanting to play like COD or something but you wanna play GTA so they have to wait then get p***** off about not playing with you! I know the setting for the game is important but I think the actual thing you can do in the game is more important eg. cars, internet(internet cafe websites), characters, helicopters, planes, bikes, swat trucks and jobs( to earn money eg. police, ambulance, fire dept., drug dealer, pilot,soilder) I THINK some of it isnt that real although its amazing i think we all agree it needs to be more real with the police and emergency services and the residents as i dont believe a paramedic would hit and run someone!!! lol I know its not all about emergency services as we want better, sweet, fast cars!!! oh yeh 😉

  • rasclot me bredda

    Sod the realism gta4 was great bt it took itself too seriously bring back the anarcy of previous titles and the endless customiztion of tattoos, treeds,haircuts, body mussle fat ect, fighting style car mods p.s Michael your ideas blow dont reproduce

  • DTT

    Rockstar should consider doing it in the central valley of california. You have a several little cities, such as madera fresno tualre dinuba visalia clovis easton. instead of one big city. this would allow the player to travel to a city he/ she likes. there can be many different aspects in each city, different varieties of gangs, street, city and night life. alot of scenery. someplace in america where there are a bunch of little cities close to each other. somethig like that, or maybe try a view from the other side of the law, like a cop that can stay bad or try to repent at the end. many ways to coise from. hope i helped.

  • Tha Truth

    June 2012 E3 will announce GTA5 to be release on October 2012 / June 2016 E3 will announce PS4 to be release on November 2016 / the PS4 will have USB 3.0 & HVD Drive & GeForce GTX 800 & 2160p

  • seb

    I would really like to see the modding of cars make a return. Not just like a paint job but the whole thing like tinting windows, new alloys, tyres and being able to tune the cars would be awesome too. It would be a really cool feature to have mansions and houses you can modify. Bringing these things into the multiplayer would be really good aswell. Maybe have one street full of mansions with every online player owning one. The ability to turn fire arms off while you have guests around to show them your new car.

  • William

    i think it should either be in london or in san andreas, . either of the two are good, also, there should be destructible enviroments, there should also be swords, jetpacks, tanks, airplaines(flyable ones of course), bicycles, ray guns, , and also, if you get more than 5 or six stars, they should start bringin tanks and army men after you, real shytt, that would be soo official. You should also make it so that if you hold up a gun at someone in a store, they either ring the alarm, or start emptien the cash rejester. you should also be able to go into more buildings. there should also be a mall so that you could go on ultimate rsmpage. it should also have like a killing spree counter that tells u what your highest killing spree was., also, if you slice someone with a sword, it should actually cut whatever part of the body off that you hit them in whether it be their head, arm, leg or whatever. also, you should be able to use people as body sheilds . you should alo be able to go up to someone on the street and hold a gun or knife at them and have them give u ther money, also, you should be able to get fully naked where u see every thing and run out side and get the cops after you cuz it would be madd funn. you should also be able to whip it out and piss on people. you should also be able to hold up banks. you should also be able to choose whether you want to be a dude, or a female. you should also be able to destroy buildings and burn them down but when you die, they come back again. MAKE IT THE BEST GTA EVER, DO IT FOR ALL THE FANS OF GTA, ND PLEEZ CONSIDER MY SUGGESTIONS CUZ THEY WOULD MAKE THE GAME POPPIN!!!

  • William

    you should also be able to travel to many cities, like what DDT says, three comments up

  • rasclot me bredda

    Gta helped me find jesus in a tin

  • rasclot me bredda

    By the way frozen earthworms are easier to sharpen

  • Carlos

    San Andreas , because I like the mountains and going offroading

  • Adrian

    i say have a story line similar to san andreas with the gang banging like doing drive byes and all the stuff they do on san andreas which is the best of all gtas and it will be the best ever gta game out is its in another city it should be as good as san andreas or better not shityer

  • Carlos

    Tokyo, Japan would be a great model for GT:5.

  • Jamil

    You have to make grand theft auto in Detroit. You can have all the streets to. I mean how do you have the gang capital of the world L.A. the drug capital New York but not the crime capital Detroit.

  • zero punctuation

    i know this isnt going to be used but just for imagintion imagine brazil. it already has all these gang wars going on and a range of weather from north to south. its perfect for drug wars and theres even favelas which u start off in the biggining and slowly make ur way up to the top.

  • biebrs assassin

    i know this isnt going to be used but just for imagintion imagine brazil. it already has all these gang wars going on and a range of weather from north to south. its perfect for drug wars and theres even favelas which u start off in the biggining and slowly make ur way up to the top.

  • biebrs assassin

    oh yeah and this definately isnt going to happen but like health that takes about 1 hour to regenarate in real life time just to actually have that ability to make the game ever so slightly more realistic.

  • ParaDox

    GTA V would be great in Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Russia and Latvia

  • biebrs assassin

    i dont believe finland estonia or latvia but the other 2 are gud ideas

  • Pcan J

    It should have the freeness of character and car editing as San Andreas did because it seemed like in GTA IV that it was more limited to what u could do

  • Pcan J

    ND GTA SAN ANDREAS HAD MORE VARIETY OF LOCATIONS…honestly u should jus combine Vice City and San Andreas cuz both games had the most freedom of ability and a deeper more serious story line unlike GTA IV which seemed very plain and rushed

  • Pcan J

    Xbox 360 is the best…

  • Niko

    I’m really excited about this one, hope it’s set in Vinewood like they’re speculating!

    Read more: Here

  • Roell

    People why san andreas or vicy ? why not both on one map that would be great. so you can fly to san adreas from vicy city

  • bredda

    Xbox suck donkey balls and why do you want gta in the armpits of Europe dude please dont think twice it might hurt

  • BItch nigga

    the next GTA wil be in San Andreas , with other characters and more weapons and with the GTA IV Engine or
    i hope there will be safehouses and garages to buy and planes to steal , no shitty hovercrafts only boats
    and other , better and modern cars .


    P.S. digidev has no taste of games

  • jakenndaville

    ready for gta 5. hope to see it in 2012

  • Gary

    i think it should be UK & IRLAND know that would be GREAT

  • somedude

    Put San Andreas and Vice City (my two favorite GTA’s) in the same game and you’ve just made me a happy man.

  • 777ca$h

    Although I’d definitely love both SA and VC, I have to say that it’s unlikely Rockstar will make another game set in California. I mean, they made Midnight Club: LA and then LA Noire.

  • PureMadness

    why is everyone suggesting it should be in london? i personally have had enough of all the accent bullshit in gta 4 and if gta 5 was to be in london i couldn’t stand the “aye mate, ye up for a wank ye, i got meself some proper soup here?” for long… the multiplayer modes should remain the same with a couple of new additions, maybe more co-ops… cops n crooks by far the best gamemode… also have the player and ranked matches still separately on xbox… so all the whiny little noob kids can stay in player matches and competitive good players can duke it out in ranked matches… michael martino: why the fuck would rockstar combine old characters names??? thats unoriginal and dumb bullshit… + the lost and damned protagonists name isn’t Johny Lost you reject… its Johny Klebitz the gang is called the Lost MC

  • skater fo life

    It should begin in ether vice city or San Andreas or where ever else, and then you get a plane to London and that should be the main city for the game, but you could maybe have the possibility to fly between 1 another but I doubt that would happen since that’s a big job of creating more than 1 city

  • skater fo life

    another thing if it set in london, dont use the accents from the previous games, that does get so annoying as we dont sound anything like that not where im from anyway, and it should be set in the ghetto of london where u have to work yourself up form the streets

  • chuck

    i hope that its as good as gta 4 and you could add like garages so you could customize the cars, bikes, and heli’s like in san andreas Also that you can add DLC’s and have more missionsthan 90, like 120?!(sounds insane tho)

  • bob1

    it’s be good if it was set somewhere in europe,like madrid,uk,russia, or dubai (even though it isn’t in europe) or maybe australia,be able to make your own person,but can’t change their name or something,buy houses,clothes,more weapons,and on multiplayer,make the spawns for helicopters random,so you can’t get killed by one every two seconds,and i think it’s be great if they had the face thing like on l.a noire,but i think it has to be somewhere in europe,or at least outside the usa it gets boring,maybe have 2 cities,and you travel between them via airport,like london and belfast or something,and be able to travel around the countryside because i think it gets boring just driving round a city,a few small towns maybe? or maybe,since half the people want london,and the other half want a us city,have a city in the us,and london,then nearly everyone’s happy.

  • MstrWaffles

    Well it looks like vice city will come back, i hope we can buy clubs and houses again like in all the other gta’s cept 4



  • DrizzeeDrake

    Hey y’all I would like to actually see it set in like Anchorage Alaska. It is a very large city but surrounded by tons of country. They could do the three city thing again. Anchorage, Seattle, and Vancouver maybe? Anyway I love having countryside and city on them

  • DrizzeeDrake

    Or New Orleans. That’d be awesome. There could be lots of stuff about voodoo and Cajun. And they could put that Magnolia Plantation.

  • julia

    i hope the game will be in ireland and the character your playing will be packie <3

  • Camilo

    Please, go and look if the url www.gta5.com is busy, if it is, yea it is gonna be a gta5!

  • Aaliyah

    Come on guys, leave Michael Martino alone. He’s only throwing out ideas.
    But seriously, San Andreas. It was one of the best maps they ever made, AND the cheats and options in San Andreas were fucking incredible. And no ones saying that just because the map is San Andreas that you have to be a gang banger again, I’m sure they’ll do an interesting character alignment. They always do.
    (by the way, the ability to FINALLY play a chick in the series would be nice.) for all you gamers thinking ‘stereotypical chick, wanting to play a girl’, think of it this way, you could make her hella sexy, a lesbian, and make her run around shooting people and just all around being a badass while wearing a skimpy outfit. Is that not every gamers dream?

  • Hamilo

    wherever it is… i’d love the game, but one thing that I miss, is the option to upgrade the character as in ‘san andreas’ new fighting styles, better use of guns, better driving skills, you know, that kind of things that keep playing the game and having us without life…hope to see another gta soon, and I hope having a computer that can run it

  • its just an idea

    guys martino was kind of dumb saying that answer but hes just giving ideas i totally agree with Aaliyah about that.
    but playing as a girl i dont really think so. think a story like this, we need to have a rich guy coming to a run down place and then makes a gang and owns whatever place it would be imagine it in san andreas where all the old gangs like ballas have gone and grove street families all of them have been wiped by the lspd then a new gang (rich guys) just needs to get a gang going,
    this aint the GTA story you would of kinda of imagine but its just a suggestion

    P.S for any trolls who are going to comment bad things and shit

  • Pranav

    I think the upcoming GTA 5 should be in 7cities of 7 contries from the world. e.g. NewYork from America, Mumbai from India, Paris from France, and etc. It might make the GTA more interesting and it will make people enthusiastic from every corner of the world. About bikes and cars , I would like to say manufacturers of bikes and cars should be from real world manufacturers like Honda, Chevrolet etc.. More important to say that player should be able talk with every one in the city and can kiss or F@#K to any girl that he want. Thats it.

  • AK47

    Its unofficial of course but I am 99% sure its GTA Vice City 2.
    What I want is all the innovation of SA with its variety but I want to feel that ownage to the environment that came with the original VC.
    I want to be able to travel down the florida keys and out of the US to other Islands like Cuba with mountains and forest and different terrain. I want a wider variety of vehicles, guns and the graphics and a good story line of gta4. I want to have a Scarface(but not quite) like story that involves characters from previous games, I want CJ to make a brief appearance as well but I want his name to be encrypted by scrambling it because hes planning on shooting up some balla fools or sumfin, but it could be an easter egg to find out but your not sure because they never tell you its Carl Johnson and maybe he looks older now and has beard or something.

  • Mr.Adventure

    San Andreas or sin city would be insane.

  • Mr.Adventure

    I think it would be awesome if they did a sort of prequel to any of the games!
    Like San Andreas before CJ left or something

  • Abu

    I think they shouldn’t pick Los Santos or San Fierro or anything they allready made. I think it would be cool to use a whole new setting in a city that’s not as obvious as LA or NY. Like London maybe, I personally think it would be cool if it will be set around the Mexican border. It’s completley different from what they’ve done and I guess they can make a great scenery and story.

  • Dregs


    Nuff said.

  • gta fan

    I think it should be done in the UK, Ireland and London, i would really buy the game if it was the way i said it and to the other people who put either of them thank you. I would buy the game definetly.

  • gta fan

    Or it could be set in hollywood

  • SHIT!

    i want that gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Tyrese b

    I think San andres because I love game and they should of had it on xbox360 that’s was like the best one every one says .but you should be able to make your own character it will the make best seller!

  • camcoolman125

    Base it in london it would be well amazing!!

  • sed

    they should make surely one of these ideas:
    1-in london niko bellic like san andreas he goes in the airport and then goes to london starts a new life then someone enters to his appartement and says are youu niko bellic and problems start.
    2-san andreas stories or episodes from san andreas in san andreas after the first episode he will meet new cops and gangsterrs and enemys also he will meet people like toni cipriani before he dies or claude speed or some kinda nefyew of cj or sweet or the adventures of sweet before cj came.
    3-the son of victor vance in vice city or tommy vercetti in vinewood.
    4-the more likely niko bellic runs liberty city like salvador and he does the hard work too .
    surely on of those will become gta 5 or claude speed or he’s son will return or even like fast five all the new characters will clash in one episode

  • xaux

    I want to have jail! comn in gta iv they shot you to death and after you are dead they just keep shoting… I want to have the new gta more realism.

  • meluvyoulongtime

    jakendaville is right london would not be a good city because of the way they sound when they talk i would like to see a new city one that has never been done before just not out of the us london smells like shit!!!!

  • you are dumb as fuck

    meluvyoulontime u stink of shit… wash ur fat american legs u sweaty donut headed cunt.

  • FUCK.jakendaville

    jakendaville can’t even string a sentence together correctly, so why anyone would side with that bell piece is beyond me.

  • Aaron Merrett

    begs rockstar sets it in london be really sick. london is one of the biggest tourist attractions such as the big ben , wembley stadium etc i recon it should be so realistic that when you enter the london underground you should purchase a ticket or oyster card it will be sick and the story will be just amazing 😀

  • Alex

    Cause i’m english i want it in london, or vice city was pretty good

    i’ll buy whatever comes out tbh as long as its as good as gta iv

  • jack napier

    they shud makke a Grand Theft Auto Chicago with the story surrounding Al Capone

  • bloodhound

    I would like the idea of it in London again but the police wouldnt be any fun because they dont carry guns round there. I am interested by the idea of a new orleans gta that could be fun but like alot of people i mostly want San Andreas back with the buying houses and the garage features.


    the guy who said rolling over 20 times after a bike crash was un relaistic are u fuckin mad? a san andreas 2 would be pretty sweet but a new location like london would also be sweet just as long as its got planes and safe houses for sale not just given to u etc and all the variety of san andreas coz that was by far the best GTA

  • Htlove

    I really could care less where it is, as long as there’s a variety of terrain. SA would be the best though. They should defenetly put more detail in the game like customizing cars and buying houses and stuff. Just remember, it’s not sims so don’t make it too complicated. Also there has to be planes and military. Way bigger variety of weapons, cars, and helicopters. More cheats too. I say bring like the sons from other characters into the game. But you should be able to like fly from the airport to like completely different maps. Anyway, that’s how I picture it.

  • TheFavelas

    It should be in South America, 3 cities, Bogota, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janiero. That would be awesome! Kidnappings, gangs, guns, drugs, it’s got it all!

  • Mack

    This needs to be set in vice city with the same graphics as gta4

  • Stuart

    Hi dudes To be honest I would like the location to be in London with cool Tartarus and bugattis but most of all I would live to be able to fly plane again but it would be even grater if they were put on wen u play multiplayer. Plzzz consider this it would be a good extra on your game

  • please not a a remake…

    For the love pete! PLEASE dont do another Libery City, Vice City or San Andreas!!!!!!!!!! Something like Sydney or London or ANYWHERE other then those three…please…hahahah

  • Finbo Baggins

    I dont particularly care where its based as long as
    There are lots of type of planes that can be flown
    There are 3 or more cities
    There is plenty of countryside and small towns
    There are ridiculous missions
    The car physics are more arcade like (or at least give us the option of which to use)
    lots of different types of weapons
    lots of clothes shops
    lots of stats to improve such as gun and driving ability

    in fact just do what san andreas did but make it better, add features dont remove

  • gta veteran

    ffs! who want a gta game in london? boring dark city, grey buildings and rain rain and more rain. No i have played all of the games in the serie and trust me they wont use liberty city again. Im also very tired of that shit town. No i want San andreas. probably the best gta game ever. I wouldt be sad if they made vice city style either. sun beaches and naked people YEAH!

  • gary

    hi my name is gary and my thoughts on grant theft auto are that u wud be able to fit in the four countries London,vice city,hollywood and liberty city because it wud be a more interesting game and people seem to get bored after they finih the game so missions in different places wud be good 🙂 Now sanandreas was a great game and was the most selling because the gang wars and different gangs being in it was amazing so if they made like grand theft auto 5 with 4 places i wud be happy so features from sanandreas godfather and the reason i mention godfather is u can blow buildings up and they will get rebuilt its realistic play u want and to be able to fly planes wud be good here are a list of items and features that wud be good : GANGS,PLANES,REAL CARS,BUY HOUSES,CUSTOMIZE UR HOUSE,TV,DATING,NIGHTCLUBS,GYM,BEING A POLICE OFFICER,REAL JOBS,DRUG DEALERS,BECOME FAT,REALISTIC GRPHICS,6 STARS ARMY, AND ALOT MORE TRAVELLING MAP TO MAP TAKES THE REAL AMOUNT OF TIME AND IF U CRASH INTO SOMETHING MAKE IT REAL LIKE A BUILDING GOING ON FIRE ND STUFF THNX FOR READING PLZ USE MY IDEAS 😉

  • BobMack

    PIttsburgh! Beautiful area with diverse sections

  • Carpo

    I Would not like GTA 5 In the UK i dont want to the Brit Accent in a Game Bring it to Ireland or the US

  • Ryan

    I think GTA5 should be in Chicago and Detroit. That would be great. Or if they did it in San Andreas, you should be able to go to airport and fly to Liberty City. They could just use the same map for Liberty City as they did in GTA IV. I would prefer Chicago and Detroit because they are cool cities.

  • Sal

    i really think detroit would be cool. the size of the city would make it sweet but i want it to have another “in the hood” storyline. Carl Johnson’s story was the best in my opinion. not only did you start with just the shirt on your back and wind up in mansions and with buisnesses but it spoke to every angle for that era in that area. the way the gangs took control of la in the riots, the way the entertainment buisness was corrupt, the charactors and the styles, going to the gym going to the tattoo shop and barber, the girlfriend set up, side game set up, realistic import export theft set up, gang territorys, personal stats and the storyline in regards to brotherhood, having a shitty hand and playing it, and the overall come-up even though you keep getting knocked down. owning property. rockstar came way up with graphics when 4 was released but they lost everything that made GTA’s offline expiriance so exciting and interesting. the online aspect for this user and long time fan was a huge step up but when you have the new systems with better graphics cards and internal processors you have more responsiblity. red dead redemption held my offline attention better than GTA 4 and episodes did i must have played the storyline of them at least 3 times a peice. but SA’s story was still supirior and this is only in my opinion. im from detroit, MAKE IT FROM MY CITY!!!! i just suggest from a non educated in the aspect of the entire video game market that you focus more on shit to do in this one as opposed to how it looks.

  • George Jetson

    his name was johnny klebitz or some shit like that not johnny lost you retard

  • Jay

    Must say can’t wait for gta, I’m thinkin they should add a petrol bar to the screen so that each vehicle needs petrol to go, would make the game so much more realistic… For example you steal a car and it’s got hardly petrol and the police are after ya so ya got a chip when your car stalls.. Or like you can go to petrol station and decide weather or not to pay for it lol.. Defo need to bring back car modding and sort out the online multiplayer so that you can play with your mates without the need to be limited to party mode.. And maybe one day it needs to be set in the U.K!!!

  • Duff

    I’d personally like to see Clause Speed return, I don’t really care where or what city, but an older, possibly wiser Claude would be my personal preference. I think it would also be great to incorporate some of the existing characters into the storyline somewhere.

  • Duff

    WTH?? Why did it put that picture as my avatar? That is a picture from a modded vedrsion of GTA San Andreas of a character I used to play, I know it is mine as the mod is specific to me, ie:I had the only copy, can someone/a moderator please inform me where you source your avatars from?

    I am quite concerned as the only place this picture exists is on my C drive, which I did not give any express permission to be viewed by your site!

    In anticipation….

  • RoSteve

    I’d like it to pe LOS Santos !!!
    it is more interesting

  • admin

    @Duff Check your gravatar.com account.


    I think that Gta 5 will be set in Vice City, because, GTA ‘V’, the v could stand for Vice and then city of course. I hope its in SA and your in a Mexican Gang or the Ballas or something else and grove is your worst enemy.

  • Paul

    are they actually going to release a new installment or was gta 4 the last game in the series

    this is because theres bugger all about release date, story infomation etc

  • Chris Cox

    Hello! Read THIS comment!!!!!!!! Put the puzzle together. Remember the Liberty City Its Over poster in the book?? At the bottom the page has a fake rip, but you can make out THEATRE SEAGULL. The Seagull Theater is a theater in Pakefield, England near Suffolk England. The picture where the page rip is shows rocks, sand, and water. Both Pakefield and Suffolk have beaches. Therefor the next game will take place in england, most likely it will cover all of england and hopefully feature travel to other countries.

  • MDAD

    do it in washington D.C.
    that would be the best because you would be able to do missions for the president and D.C. has crazy gangs.you should make a new main character like a japanese person doing karati or martial arts and allow us to fly air planes, buying homes, get are own girl friends, and bang stranger girls on the street + make the graphics better than the saints row 3 graphics.o and do it in either london tokyo or washington D.C.

    send me a message at rob93_tana00 on ps3

  • MDAD

    washington D.C.

  • Dude

    it better be in toronto.

  • @CurrenSy_Spitta

    Yo I know this won’t happen anytime soon but why not make it so you can walk into any building? And every room of that building…. Like fallout, I want to b able to hit sumbody with a garbage can lid if it comes to it ya know? Car customization, player customization but NOT like SR2 …….

  • @CurrenSy_Spitta


  • TLC


  • Ash

    Would’nt it be pretty cool if they did a sort ‘around the world’ type of one? go to japan, get wiered out go to Australia, get stuck in the outback, italy, afghanistan? who knows! somthing trippy like that? Just an iea?







































  • jamie

    if you’ve watched fast and furious 5 it sets in Rio(BRAZIL)lots of guns and gangsters everywhere.also can you make lots of limited edition cars like, Lamborghini aventador, keonisegg agera, McLaren Mp4-12c, Bugatti veyron super sport, Hennessey venom GT, Audi r8, zenvo St1 2009, gumpert tornante 2011…..!thanks

  • rotterdam

    i want that GTA V in the netherlands in the city Rotterdam thats is so kanker lauw

  • kayem

    From reading all the comments, I think the producers for GTA will place it in SA…….its what we all want.its what we hav been waiting for since GTA4 got old to all of us & they know this. If its in SA they’ll keep same format but will add new gangs & better missions. It’ll be Drug relate all thru the game w/better ways 2make money to afford expensive houses & better casinos for a greater chance 2lose all the money!

  • Jay Milne

    GTA V should be in San Andreas Everyone knows that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chintan

    gta 5 should be like in Tokyo , Paris, london or MIAMI……

  • Philip

    Everyone has some awesome idéas… I have a awesome sugestion that you should be able to rob banks and stuff.

  • nin tenja 76

    it should be more like san andreas with the customizaton of cars it should alow the player to be more creative i think

  • chrisrfc001

    yeah would be nice to see gta in the uk but i reckon and hope it will be in san andreas or they could always base it in afghanistan.

  • tyron naidu

    We should be able to create our own character in the game and should be able to modify anything . We should be a ble to buy shops and defend it against enemy gangs and stuff .the cars should me more of real life cars. We should be able to modify our houses and guns and appearance of our gang . BUT WE MUST BE ABLE TO MODIFY OUR CARS IT MUST NOT BE LIKE GTA IV. It also should be set in other different places. In a new city some were different for a change

  • anthony pilon

    You know what i think,that they should design the city more like new york, Hollywood, and las Vegas. Another thing for las vegas they should add in a desert like Andreas but with area 51 some where into the desert, but as you try to go throw the gate to get to area 51 you will be hunted down by a camouflaged army vehicle with a bunch of army men inside. Also in general for this game you should add in army people, its alot more fun and cool. Also for this game they should add in a Lamborghini, Ferrari, srt 4, mclaren f1 but just call it something else if you have too.

  • russ08

    Michael Martino is so fucking stupid the main character from the lost and damned is jonny klebits his gang is called the lost. Bitch!

  • James

    London deserves to be the setting for GTA 5 as it is a big city and their is alot to do. You should be able to grow hair, facial hair, get tattoos and be able to customize your own car. All of you americans who say english accents are annoying you obviously dont realise what your accents sound like to everyone not american.

  • Jace

    So many people keep saying put it in Brazil,or Tokyo, or Dubai, or Mexico, etc. But people have to understand what makes GTA what it is, and that is western culture which includes english language, modern cities (skyscrapers), modern form of travel, art, cuisine, technology, and I could go on.
    Any of the foreign countries like from Asia or South America would not be true GTA, they are merely an imitation of the West.
    The only places that is GTA quality material is America, UK, Canada, and Australia.

    America is obvious of course as it is so easy to make a parody of their culture and there are lots of large cities with diverse landscapes such as snow, desert, mountains.etc However, almost all of the GTA games have been set there so I think its time to move on.

    The UK, what a better place to have a GTA and a return to London would be great. It doesn’t have to be all city like Liberty as you could also have settings in the countryside, along the beaches, in woods, and it would also be great to have seasons too. London city also has a different layout to it as it is much older therefore car chases would be really interesting.

    Canada’s largest city is Toronto with 2.5 million people so this could be the setting for a GTA in Canada. But I’m not sure if I like the idea as it is very difficult to distinguish Canadian culture from American culture even their accent sounds American. However it also has mountains, lakes, forests, snow, so it could be a bit like San Andreas.

    Personally my favourite other than UK is Australia, their largest city is Sydney with 5 million people and they have plenty of icons like Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, etc. Also it could be like San Andreas as they have mountains, snow, bush, the outback and there would be kangaroos and koalas to hunt. They could have a map with Melbourne and Sydney with Canberra in between.

  • RoughPaddy

    Enough of the name calling children. Rio would be perfect, not some boring city that’s already been done.Bring back the planes and the revolver while your at it, I missed the huge BANG! it made as you blew peoples heads off…

  • Shayne

    They should have the ability of buying apartments and houses again like grand theft auto San Andreas had. I did not like having only one house in the ballad of gay tony or lost and the damned.

  • nab89

    Please don’t do London or anywhere in the UK. That would be terrible.

  • dim

    MICHAEL NO FUCK LONDON OKAY FUCK OTHER COUNTRYS WEVE SEEN LIBERTY CITY 4 TIMES vice city twice san andreas once god sake rockstar we want san andreas give THE fans wat they want suff the aggs who want london and Mexico about 98% gta fans want a san andreas remake and rockstar does listen to us so gta v san andreas cant wait


    I would also like to see cinematic mode available for the character- not just when in the car, but also when walking around and shooting on foot.

    Something I have been talking about for years has been the importance of the sound effects. The only game I have played so far that has really great sounds is Battlefeild 2. It is really lame in games like Halo when some guns have sounded like fully automatic BB guns. In Battlefield 2 you can hear major reverberations and echoing, giving a deep, rich, 3D effect when shooting weapons. It “feels” more violent and jarring somehow when the sounds are authentic and powerful. I want to really feel like I am shooting a weapon when I play a shooter, I want it to SOUND like I am shooting a weapon. The right sounds can make a game so satisflying and immersive to play. Battlefield 2 has spoiled me- I hope GTA 5 get’s the picture and keeps up with the times. You can have the greatest graphics in the world- but if the sound effects suck- it can ruin a good game. They could make the helicopter sound like you are really standing next to a Helo- have you ever been anywhere near a real Helo? The sound is massive. I really hope Rockstar stops f-ing around- get some balls, stop holding back, and just give the player what they want- F$&k the critics.

    When I was still playing San Andreas and dreaming about GTA 4- I thought for sure they would upgrade the Jet and have something really awesome like an F-22. But No- Rockstar f-ing went and removed ALL PLANES from GTA 4. WTF WAS THAT??? Again- WTF WTF WTF WTF???

    The GTA series has been my No. 1 favorite game of all time, I just hope Rockstar realizes how important this game is to it’s devotees and doesn’t get to full of themselves again this time and finally gives us what we loved GTA for all along. Trying to make it too grown-up or artsy sucked ass, I liked it when it was a bit absurd- and immature. Rockstar- just give us a huge, beautiful, detailed, environment- with tons of sh*t to do in it like a good sandbox game should. Give us back the go-carts, monster trucks, VTOL aircraft (or better yet an F-35), Or- if Rockstar decides to be big pussies this time and afraid to give us airplanes (lest we fly them into buildings) -then at least give us back the RC vehicles- RC F-35’s, etc. Drones get a lot of media attention nowadays anyway- so why not have REMOTE CONTROLLED vehicles once again??? High performance RC craft would be awesome to fly around buildings- over/under bridges etc. Give us back the tanks and mini-guns, etc. Give us MORE not less stuff for God’s sake!!! How about motorized skateboards, wingsuits, human slingshots??? What happened to the camera and being able to save your pics- why not give the character a video camera and upload to YouTube mode???

    WTF were those skate ramps and bowls doing in San Andreas? Obviously they were planning on giving us skateboards and then removed that feature and so just teased the F*&k out of us??? Why do they hold back? Why not make the game 2 disks so the map can be HUGE???

    These are things I have been wanting to say and put out there for a long time- I just hope someone hears me. ROCKSTAR- WHATEVER CITY YOU PICK- MAKE IT A F-ING LEGENDARY GTA THIS TIME- DON’T HOLD BACK!!!


    One more thing I forgot to put in- have any of you ever watched air races- like the Red Bull races? If you have- you’ve seen how fast they can flip those planes around those pylons? What if in GTA 5 they had a AIR RACING PLANE and AIR RACING missions based accuratly on real Air Racing circuits, with a plane simulating the same performance and agility of the real planes- based on one of the current models used in air racing???

  • niko bellic

    i just want alot of trucks such as tractor trailer and good graphics

  • crackkat

    i lovee GTA!!! amazing series but since im selling my xbox 360 for wii u, i would really love it if GTA V is released for wii u. i see no reason why not, it has the controller capabilities plus the touch screen as a bonus (which doesnt have to be used if they dont want) and the console being a predicted 300-500% more powerful than ps3, it should run at full 1080p on wii u unlike ps360 which run most of their games on 720p

  • jimmy brown

    i hope its in india that would be cool

  • Liam

    All of them sound good places to be
    Big daddy your list is epic ( especially the naked women bit ) and yh do f&!k the critics.
    And Jamie I’ve seen f&f 5 it’s epic yh rios a brill setting plus it’s got a monument like in gta 4 should be able to go inside it
    I think if theres a prison on the map if your friend has been jailed you should be able to get him out or you should jus be able to ” blow the bloody doors ” off the prision ( should have even more cops on you then a 6 star from gta 4 )
    Oh and talking about cops
    1 let them be able to chase you if you underground not just be able to go in the subway and lose em in 2 minutes ( like in gta 4 )
    2 have the cool cop cars like in tbogt
    And nab 89 what do you have against the uk

    Ps rockstar if your doing it in the uk do it in Manchester
    Joke but that would be epic ( have gta 5 set in the place you live )
    PPS you ahold be able to graffiti things just for when your bored to he’ll on it

  • Liam

    Tbh I have even more ideas for it but it would take me about 7 hours

  • Brett Moore

    I say they bring it to Seattle for once and have an asian american with a troubled past and bring the tanks and flamethrowers back. Maybe call seattle sea port or something, a new thing.

  • Some of you are stupid

    Okay, some of you are pretty stupid. FIRST of all, it will NOT be in Liberty City again, Obviously. NOT in London, because there has already been THREE games there. (GTA 1 or 2 i forget, The Getaway, and some other one i forget) It will NOT be in san andreas or anywhere near california because they JUST made L.A Noire. The most logical place for it to be is Vice City. They haven’t made a game around Vice City in forever, no other games have done it, and there is even easter eggs all over GTA IV with palm trees. Either Vice City most likely, or a brand new city like Detroit or Japan. Second, it will not release any time soon because I BELIEVE it will release for the new consoles for a couple reasons. 1, being that all gta’s that release over 2 years after eachother, have super advanced graphics. Gta 3 to Gta 4 for example. 2nd, why would they make a new GTA with the same engine as GTA IV and take OVER 3 YEARS! Tons of trolls and little kids would cry over it. So here is my opinion:

    GTA V will be one of the first releases on the next gen consoles, set in Vice City, advanced graphics and everything, new story with some references to the old vice city, and it will release on the new consoles along with Halo 4. Thanks for reading.

  • AC3 504

    All of you who said GTA New Orleans Thumbs up. Been thinking about that. It is one of the most highest crime rated in the US….Murda Cappy Where Niggas Murder Happy….fuck London who wants GTA based around people who eat crumpets and tea. If they would do New Orleans it could be made like SA with all the gangs and shit

  • mullin96

    vice city was my favourite story but san andreas best game ever tbh :L fuck realism in gta 4 and go back to the good days wen you cud fly planes, mod cars etc.

  • Sam

    i think it would be best for them to make it about Grand Theft Auto(GTA) San Andreas

  • Enrique

    I think that GTA should be made from now on in real cities and cover the country itself or even the continent. That would be very awesome and we can’t start using planes and make things (like buildings) like more destructive not only a crash on the wall with the car, I wan’t the wall to fall to and me getting in the building with the car too

  • James

    I might be alone on this but San Andreas was by far the best game so far with the three cities and vast desert … flying planes, rocket pack etc were awesome and coupled with the ability to eat like a fat shit or hit the gym hard made it so much more fun! Id love them to go down this road again rather than making it too realistic … i love to see the ability to break into huge passenger jets and take out people on board before it crashes … bring back the parachute etc … London could be pretty cool but only if you could fly a jet over to Paris or Spain (Ibiza), or Italy (Mafia)

  • yuri

    I hope we can piss on people we knocked out with baseball bat in gta5, i wanted that feature so much in gta as well as being able to graffti on cars and buildings and steal objects like phones and car stereos etc.should be based in the middle east

  • GTA Lover

    I think most of these comments have great ideas (not u Martino). What if Niko takes a plane to San Andreas gets involved with gangs and shit but u still have that theme of GTA 4 with missions and not too gang based and not too mafia based but u wouldn’t have to stay in SA. What if Niko buys a plane ticket to Amsterdam and makes some enemies there and some enemies from his past because we all know that Amsterdam would be a great GTA city i mean seriously its the crime capitol of the world and there u can buy a safehouse, some cool customizable European cars, and as we all know HOOKERS. And while out there in Amsterdam, Niko gets a job to be a hitman in America. So now Niko hops on a plane to wait for it… Vice City. Niko then makes friends/enemies out in the Vice City. Niko would then be able to take planes from city to city and when he becomes wanted internationally, he would have to fight off immigration to get in the city that is until he has enough money to buy a private jet and a pilot with which u can travel for free from city to city. I also liked the ideas of bringing back driving of ALL vehicles including bicycles planes, tanks, hovercrafts, jet skis, etc. and also the idea of fuel that u would have to buy and buying cars and safehouses that u could customize. A wide variety of weapons would also be great including samurai swords, chainsaws, etc. Also how about a military base to steal stuff from and get into major trouble with and when u really get ur way into the base how about some insane alien shit like guns, UFOs, medicine to heal, and force fields and other crap. This would definately be hard to create in a 60 dollar game but i would pay 80 bucks for a game with downloadable disks to get the full experience i just mentioned. PS it would be great to add animals like dogs and cats and eat a zoo. Dogs could be either police or domestic and the zoo would be INSANE i would love to kill a tiger i mean just awesome

  • Damian

    Miami would be sick, or London. when playing the story and deciding what to do, for ex. kill someone or let them live, make the outcome bigger on your choice, so you can be a bad ass or a good guy by making different desicions. Make it so you can go to jail in free roam so you have to bust out if you don’t die, instead of just putting your hands up and being placed outside a jail.

  • Damian

    Like many people this is my favourite game and i cant wait for each new GTA to come out, you should also make it like san andreas where you can go to gym and build yourself up, get tats, have 5 cd’s if you have to just try and fit everything you can think of into this game so people can play it for a decade and not get sick of it.

  • canadianguy

    Vancouver, BC, Canada…

    Probably the most violent city in Canada with gangs and 48% Canadian.

    Perfect place and on the west coast. Possibly combine the map with seattle and have a border crossing in the game…what do you think of that?

  • correiajoao

    My father works in Rockstar London, and he said to me that the next GTA wil be in Europe!
    He also told me that would be a country, Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy or Greece)

  • lex

    Next GTA must be in San Andreas, that is the best GTA, and my opinion the best game ever. Its the GTA game you complete and play from the begining straight away.

    Belic hides out in San Andreas, takes on Carl ‘The Kingpin’ Johnson who holds a fierce grip over the entire city.

    OR / AND a mode 2

    Carl ‘ the Kingpin’ Johnson defends his empire from Belic ‘The terrible’

    Which way will Woozy turn???

  • tonny

    i think it should be in London.

  • Pedro

    VICE CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yas

    San andreas all the way.. 1st one easily had the best game features to date!! Made roaming the ‘streets/hood’ concept the most enjoyable and realistic

  • Im a piss easy wanka

    Good idea’s but sisly? FINK NEW


  • iMarriedMaryJane

    I wanna see it in SA as CJ again!!!! Honestly being a buff black guy was awesome lol he was better than the other main characters. Tommy Vercetti was badass too though

    Ps vice city would be cool too but it would have to be like 10x bigger

  • steve bryon


  • iFreebase


  • Uzalie C.

    Gta San andres was the best game ever made hands down. I prey for the day that rockstar revamps the whole San andres experience I loved doin everyday hood rat stuff. Breaking into houses was one of the finest things ever, along with body transforming, clothing options out the wazzoo, hydraulic competitions and dating like 5 different women at once. Not to mention jets, assault helicopters, flight school, driving school, demolition derbys, car customizing, buying houses. The list goes on please please please set it in S.A. With all the fun of the first and then some!

  • Nico

    Chicago 😉 I´m 100%

  • Smsgtbrown

    Chicago, that’s all there is to it, with 3 airports it will be balanced

  • Alex

    Make an gta san andreas becouse, we miss cj and safehouse and much much more..

  • Dr.rosco

    Prolly going to be more than one location like all of them

  • thatguy

    I’m rooting for San Andreas!

  • mike

    i think they should take all the cities they have used and combine them all into one. and make better cars and better missions and make it so u can go into houses and fly planes.

  • guy with the hair

    A great location would b in mexico… make it about the hole mafia war deal thats going on over there, and in texas, throw the border in there just for kicks. But PLEASE NO MORE LIBERTY CITY!!!!!

  • Andrew

    I have a feeling that it will most likely take place in cali but, if you take a look at that 5, it could mean that you’ll be dealing w/ a storyline w/ like a business corporation sorta theme… OR las venturas could be a possibility? The 5 symbolizes money, $$$ = gambling… who really knows? Only time can tell..

    V for Vegas? or Vice City?????? Hmmmm…..

  • Big boi Gamer…..

    You should make it so the game features the player playing across the whole of America or travelling to various destinations around the globe even if it needs 2 disks to do so beens as when you created san andreas you where able to make it a huge playing field even if there was loading involved. There should be a wide variety of modifications to cars, clothing, guns, properties and busineses etc like the Scarface game. You should include even the ability to play as a police officer which is something that has never been done before. With the technology around these days the sky should be the limit with this game and Ino im willing to wait till 2013 if ino that the game will be the best game ever created.

  • Swifty

    Hi every one I have just noticed something. Look at the 5 in the logo. is it just me or does that look really familiar to something from san andreas. It was either the logo for a radio station or a tatoo or something I cant quiet put my finger on it. But My guess is that it is in san andreas

  • Swifty


  • Mimimi

    lol, noone wants GTA London, gtfo. The only thing about London that would fit Gta is it’s a large dirty ass city.. The egg-shaped cars, pussy harry-potter accents and crappy weather would completely ruin the game.. You’re all fukin retarded i swear. And no they’re not goin to add character customization , destroyable buildings or 6 fuking citys either. Your asking for waaaaaaay to much. This isnt some retarded Saints row game.. GTA will always be centered around ONE main character with realism and a story. Not “LOLLL LETS RUN AROND AND BLOW SHITT UP IN CLOWN OUTFITS AND BUY HOOKERZ LOOLOLOOL”.

  • Your Mom

    Make it in The Netherlands, with al the hookers in amsterdam and the weed lol xd

  • Your Mom

    and btw, i hope when it comes out, modders can make a GTA V- MP just like SA-MP because SA-MP IS/WAS FUCKING AWESOME

  • Dark Knight

    San Andreas was is and always will be the best! When are we going to be able to fly planes, parachute out of them, drive and ride the trains? I have played every one of the GTA’s and everyone I talk to says San Andreas was the best and should make another one. If not, Saint’s Row will get all of GTA’s loyalist!!!!

  • french

    GTA Vinewood

  • Lexus

    Make more realistic by giving the people more character, facial expression, body actions. Graphics need to be more realistic looking and change city. Change the character in the story.

  • Chris herrera

    make co-op story modes, this will make more people wanting to play story mode so much more. it will take gta5 on a whole different level. please do this i know this will be sucessful.

  • Matt

    Hopefully the game has the cars and graphics of GTA4 with the features of San Andreas (pimping out cars, planes, abandoned airfields, massive maps)

  • NikkoJohnson

    a late 1940’s san andreas is a good idea. Set in one of the darkest era of Los Santos, where crime, sex and drugs are regular. Where there are no cellphones, internet and much technology…sounds familiar?

    I hope that they could put a Gas System (there’s a gas meter wherein you could fill up from a gas station), a Trunk System (Where you can put all your stuff such as big guns, food, extra gas, outfit)..

  • aaron

    when is gta 5 coming out

  • Andrew

    i think GTA 5 should take place in New York City…………..

  • thomas

    I Think you can fly from for example london to new york etc.

  • kenan

    i can not wait what console is it going to be on please do the realese date sonner

  • nin8220

    When is the GTA 5 Release date? And if they are smart at Rockstar is has to be something like San Andreas! Fuck London and everything else. San Andreas is the way to go!!!!

  • EdvinuKs

    When I saw in the trailers begining, I saw the beach and near the beach’es bridge..
    So , it was beautiful !
    People, flag, weather and other objects.
    It looks like GTA SanAndreas 3D !!
    I think GTA San Andreas map is better then other ones. 😉

  • matt

    gta 5 is going to be in cali

  • youarehomo^

    You all know that no one gives a shit about what you think, right?

  • jbh112

    San Andreas as the best gta was based around it and took the game to a whole new level as far as reaching the audience and the game play itself. Maybe dive into that a little bit differently.

  • trent_97

    it should be anywhere with mountains real highways and anything you can think of thats real and big lots of place to go like where you have to fly to another place in the game or beable to like teleport to places from the players cell phone… and make the cars as real as they can be really similar to real cars not diff parts combined into a car and if you hav to make it really close to the actual car i would really like the police cars to hav flashing lights that show of from buildings around the car not the ground make the top lights actually flash like there real and woods with animals for people who want to go and shoot and make the animals cross roads so its like its actual life!!!

  • trent_97

    citys and countries everything this game will be awesome like that!!

  • trent_97

    just like people say it should be san andreas it shouldnt it should be an actually country like places in America along with other places on Earth with airplanes to get around and make the driving realistic make it so you can drift with some cars, realistic crashes, airplanes, and anything els but i really want snow in the game so make it so you can make it snow in the game and multiplayer for people that want to hav fun with cars in it make the water freeze to drive on and a place in pause menu to show you where the ice is this so you wont fall through when driving with friend!!! this will be a game every body will want to buy and wont regret buying it i sure will be one of the first to buy it buy make it so the snow is real and slipery and make it go away any time!!! 🙂

  • trent_97

    and i like the idea that the one kid said we can fly from london to new york but make it so it dont take a long time to get to and other places on earth dont listin to some people about san andreas they just need to give it a chance and try something new they wont regret it (try something new!) its up to you!!! go with new leave the old!!! oh and get tow trucks in the game so people can tow people it would be cool and a lot of hidden cool cars all over the place.. anyways yea go with new place not old a lot of people will like it!!!

  • trent_97

    and make the cars hav real and better sounds for muscle cars there should be muscle car sounds for tuners it should be tuned sounds all new vehicle sounds make it real like your actually on earth with garages to fix and tune vehicles and beable to save our vehicles to use them online with friends and a safety thing so when people are trying to kill you and you dont want to be killed you can use it so you can die!!! a lot of people should agree with all this.. final msg make it Earth so people can go every where and go in any house building anything make it real!!!!!!!!!! this will be a game every one will want to buy. well and the stuff they are already making for the game that to dont erase that keep it! but yea go with what i said and some of other peoples comments!! it will be awesome!!!!

  • trent_97

    i really want tuned cars with neon lights where you can customize all vehicles and save it and bring it online how ever many vehicles!!! you want just think about every thing i wrote!!! plzzz!!! if no one likes what i wrote then forget them at least theres one person that likes it its all i want!!! btw im not being mean to anyone on here!!!! thank you!!! 😀

  • trent_97

    you got to be kidding me most of you are going with san andreas just let them make the new game the way they want it its not up to you and yea san andreas was good but you all need to try something new i say for get san andreas and let them make a new one yea san andreas had a lot of stuff but the graphics sucked in that game and now there putting all that in this so stop telling them what they should or shouldnt do and let them make it i say they should for get san andreas and let them do what there doing cause they can make a way better place in the game than san andreas what they have for it right now looks good and you guys want them to make san andreas again no if you want san andreas them buy that game but dont mess up this game with san andreas and let them make the game the way they want it to be.. let them make the new city and every thing. you all might think it looks stupid but theres more to it there still making it so stop with san andreas and let them make it this games probly going to be better than san andreas and you all are messing it up. LET THEM MAKE IT THE WAY THERE GOING TO MAKE IT.

  • trent_97

    and hav any of you seen the trailer video that looks really awesome and you all want san andreas no affence but hav any of you been paying attention the game doesnt even comeout for a few more munths witch means there still putting things in it so you havnt even seen what it actually is i heard that when there fineshed there making another trailer video so just wait and see what they have in the game and quit with san andreas and try something new!!!!

  • trent_97

    and for people who want to know when it come out it should come out in 2012 i think either that or in a few months and for the dude that said san andreas is the best map its not with what there making its going to be way better so shut up with san andreas and let them make it not one of you hav seen what it looks like and you all are doubting it san andreas sucked and gta 5 is gonna be better that all of the gta games and if any of you want to say any thing els than stop and think for a min. you havnt seen what the game is like so let them make it.. i hav been waiting for this game for a very long time and i say leave it the way there making it. for any one that agrees with me comment if you dont agree dont say anything.

  • trent_97

    and alot of you are saying cj should be back in it look at the trailer video hes in it so hes probly a character in it so for get san andreas and let them do the rest the way there gonna make it its going to be awesome and all of you are saying san andreas the graphics in that game sucked the driving sucked and the game sucked. let them make the game the way they are making it. like i said if you agree comment if you dont then dont say anything cause we dont care what you say its better the way their making it.

  • trent_97

    alright so san andreas sucked and iv was better graphics and some other thing but now there making a better one thats going to be better than all of them so let them make it in san andreas thet didnt hav a cell phone or any thing good so look at the trailer videos and read every thing i wrote and think about it for a min and maby you will change you mind let them make it the way they want to make it its not up to us every one read what i wrote and if you agree with me comment if you dont agree dont say anything.

  • trent_97

    but they should use some of the things i said!!! that would be cool read my messages above!!!

  • aaa

    man let’s just wait man and see what the rock star men’z work there magic man thats all i will say may 97.3% is no FBI G yo you all acting like it any way OUT

  • kudianz

    I think the idea where there are multiple places is good. You should have places across the world where you can fly to them and all. You should also be able to take cars with you. In a cargo plane or something. There shoul also be LICENSED cars jets helis boats motorcycles dirt bike 4 wheelers bicycles skateboards and also destructible environments and all buildings are open. There should also be a combo of old and new car like the awesome muscle cars of the 60s and 70s. Also have ferraris lambos porches subarus nissans hondas chevy dodge, some old pontiacs, jaguars, also have like some sort of hard to find old jaguar etype, just have like a big selection, also have like cities, countrysides, beaches, forests, maybe deserts. This type of stuff would be awesome

  • trent_97

    yea i agree with kudianz every thing he just said is what it should be and about the muscle cars i like that idea they should put everything i said and kudianz said that would be a good game with snow thats slipery like real that would be awesome to!!

  • nin8220

    Check out the GTA V facebook page! All the info you need to know about the new game has been leaked via Noble Press. The game sounds so FUCKING AWESOME it´s gonna be a long, long, long-ass wait til the official release date… But something so fucking fantastic to look forward to in 2012.
    Thank you so much ROCKSTAR!! Hope the killing of animals will be allowed without to much controversy by PETA and others. It´s just a GAME!!!

  • nin8220

    Here is a little teaser from the leaked info:

    1: The game world is absolutely massive and will push both xbox and PS3 to the very limit in terms of what it has accomplished. Yes, the main city is simply Los Santos however is it AT LEAST 4 times bigger than Liberty City in GTA 4 and that is just Los Santos. The surrounding country side, beaches, etc are massive. For instance, we saw the main character ( an African/American, early 30′s) travel by car from the center of Los Santos into the wildnerness and it took over 15 minutes. The views were incredible from farmhouses with cattle, huge wind farms, an oil refinery which appeared to be living and breathing with nearly 100 NPCs working on machinery, operating vehicles, lifting and loaded, etc, unlike the gas works in GTA 4 which seemed to only house a few NPC at a time. The forests are more beautiful than those in RDR and featured people camping, young NPC drinking and dancing around campfires, people riding dirt bikes and jumping over logs, streams, etc. The water effects, forna, plants, trees all looked beautiful.

    Hope you enjoy people…

  • nin8220

    …And here is a little more:

    5: mini games such as bowling, darts, etc have all gone. You can play basketball, weight train, arm wrestle, gamble and cage fight, enter triatholons, water races, cannoing, ab-saling, rock climbing, base jumping, ski diving. More to be confirmed.

    6: Rockstar have included many, many more interior locations such as a shopping mall, college campus, police station, a huge hospital and there is also a vast underground sewer network which one mission later in the game involves a jet ski chase that culminates in a Fugitive-esque waterfall jump ( there are nods to the ridiculous but awesome Ballad Of Gay Tony missions).

    10: The cops are much, much, much more realistic. If you kill somebody when you know there are no cops around you will not run the risk of a one star as often as you would in GTA4. The cops will use smoke and tear gas, dogs, riot gear and rams to knock down the doors of buildings you are hiding in.

    15: Torrential rain fall and sunshine and even tremors will appear in the game.


    V means five in roman numerals andrew u did head and for all of u bitches wondering its san an-fuckin-dreas

  • eli

    I think it should totally be on a different map if i could pick a pace it should be in Russia, New England or pouter Rico please pick one of my map suggestions i will really appreciate it thank you and keep up the good work making Grand Theft Auto Five =).

  • eli

    Oh and one more thing if i can say this but i think you should really add bicycles in the game and that will be my last question thank you and again keep up the good work =).

  • eli

    OH SNAP JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING, you should make an air port with a plane and it will tell you where do you want to go any where around the world like to different country’s and we should be able to make our own character and buy any house we want and you should put that we are allowed to have kids and wives in the game and you get to take the kids for a walk and and let us have dogs to and when we go inside the safe house let us not just watch television or save our game by going to your bed let us have a pool in in the safe house to swim in and let the character have an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3 and they are allowed to play them and they can go to the store and buy new games and in the safe house let there be a computer and we can go on face book and make our own pro file in the game and let us go to stores and buy any shoe we want like Nike and Adidas and also any hair style too and let our characters have jobs if the user wants to have one and let the character get paid $2,0000 a week and the character only works for like three hours tops, thank you for your time and if you put all this in your game and make grand theft auto 5 only cost $20 at the game stores you will make so much money and i promise you and if you don’t get a lot of money then you can i hack my email account so again thank you for your time and PLEASE add this in your game and ha ha ha ha ha ha keep up the good work =).

  • trent_97

    seriously there going with san andreas that sucks san andreas sucks and they should of went with a new city and every thing but its probly gonna still be a cool game but that sucks.

  • carli wilkins

    you shold make buildings fall down when planes hit em

  • Thomas

    who gives a fuck if its in san andreas or not its going to be the greatest game of all time

  • Grant

    In this one you should beae to pimp your cars and fly planes ect it shood be the same as san an but better so please take all of the suggestions into consideration and also for once put a uk theme to it tbh

  • do this im black

    ok the dude have 2 be black rock star and gta5 have to be in the HOOD with gang because with out that gta is not really fun the people people love gangs think map less 1 of the maps should be in the hood YOU WOULD MAKE MONEY ROCK STAR DO THE RIGHT THING I KNOW WHAT IM TALK ABOUT IM BLACK

  • RchLuvSlly

    LICENSED CARS will ABSOLUTELY be a great selling point of the game.

  • Justin burchinal

    howsit guys…. i think it would be quite intense if you do locate GTA 5 in San Andreas. its by far thee best map and game eva…(roaming games) In the game u should be able to buy name brands and realy good clothes for ur family or CJ. u should be able to design ur own house, decorate how ever u wanna and for all these things u need a job. so hopefuli CJ can get himself a job and support himself. we should be able to purchase any plot around the map by going to the owner of the plot and ask him if he would sell the plot. and come the cars… keep all the old school low riders and all that. lets all play a real life game . u garenteed to make alota money of this game and im pretty sure it will be rated best game for a long tym.take all the hints in consideration. cheerz

  • Risk

    FICTIONAL …!!!

    all rooms for imagination to go to maximum…no boundires!!

  • kris800

    have they realesed the system REQ

  • cbail

    make it the game of all games, make it a world map, you can travel from a few different cities to do missions and have safe houses or what not from different places you have to travel to for missions. ex you have to travel to tokyo to do a few gang missions there , than back to san andreas than to vegas than to brazil, alaska, russia, mexico…etc. also i think the two player option would be sick. add in a split screen where a buddy can join in. allow tons of customization cars, clothing, physique, tattoos etc. maybe a choose your path story line, choose between gangs, or start your own etc.

  • Joshgamer372

    I hope the man who made gta 4 possible niko Belloc will be in the new gta5. He his one of the best video game characters of all time.

  • edward rougers

    i think it should be i london

  • Mike

    Look great!

  • Danny

    i think Gta Europe (e.g 3 European Cities, like rome, berlin & warsawa or something like that) NOT UK, WE ALREADY HAVE THE GETAWAY!!! JUST OUT OF AMERICA FOR ONCE, NOT A BAD SETTING BUT WE SEE IT ALL THE TIME ON GTA :/
    who cares who the characters are? new game, new characters!
    safe houses & modding a must 🙂

    p.s stop hating on the guy who came up with the silly names, he probably actually thought it was a good idea cant judge him for commenting ideas like everyone else even if the idea was quite weird.

  • noobme


  • james

    it will not be in london i bet my house on it in the trailer it sais los santos on the cop car for fuck sake

  • josh

    im not fussed where the location is but all i no is i have a funny feeling in my gaming hands that this will be great if not the best gta. well i think i speak for alot of people when i say gta 4 was abit of a let down compared to san andreas, which i must say i still love playing now…(good ol dog fights in the rustler)
    if they made the map bigger than san andreas, better graphics, longer story line and increase the shop access (gta 4 flawed on this 1), it will be a fantastic game.
    i have every gta since the 1st one and i will certainly be getting this on the release date 😀
    psn : monkey-boy0689 feel free to add 🙂

  • frank

    when is the release date????

  • KimMartin

    it needs to be ALL NEW!. NEW map, NEW setting, NEW characters, NEW cars, NEW music, have them where they can get high to and make it more realistic. And where you can have your own kind of character, like choose a girl or boy, change there name, clothes, appearance, shit like that. Cheats for all the vehicles instead of only a few. NEW and BETTER back talking with more cussing, yeah you know.


    Can we be able to customize our character?

  • Thatoneguy

    Rio de Janeiro would be a cool location for GTAV but i really don’t care where it is placed. And it should really have planes and parachutes. In this game we should also be able to grab people to like use them as a human shields or take them hostage or somethin like that. I have big hopes for GTAV.

  • Tezz

    i say you just make a fresh game but with all the features from all the games with extras like the bikes, carr modds, goin gym using planes gettin safehouse n garages which you cud do up wud be good and i nice range of clothin and id like to start off broke cause then you wanna make money and get rich makes it more fun to play, not really fussed where its set aslong as you have variety like big citys then country side and mountains you can parachute of like the one in san andreas with the camper van at top lol wud be good to have totally new character outlay tho maybe bang in some old characters like cj n tommy as old g’s, top lads of rival gangs or friendlys or you get to pick which one you go to but add like 4 otha gangsa what ya can pick from aswell with classic characters as the leaders lol friendlys and classic rivals lol aslong as you dont call any of the characters what that michael guy said im sure the gta cummunity will be alright lol

  • fucklondon

    say what you want people from london. Our “fat-ass” country has a military that would fuck you guys up beyond repair. So have fun with your same old “fat” jokes that EVERYBODY out of the US tries to say while we have fun being badasses

  • KingNas

    The majority of people on here don’t have a clue, these games developers don’t give a shit as long as they make money, and they know you will buy it when it comes out just so that you don’t get left out and then only to go and trade it in a week later.

    the game is gonna be completed in like a day because they can make more that way, San Andreas was legend but that was ps2, name me how many games, sick games have come out in PS3 except the usual COD and FIFA which have subtly improvements and also a rip off?

    the truth is games are now part of our lives so we will buy them regardless but we wont have the goog games like the ones in PS2 where you played them for weeks to complete and got your moneys worh, now they just want online play which means the missions are shorter and people just stay inside.

    Well that was my rant but think about

  • Erik

    I really hope it will be in San Andreas , San Andreas is truly the funniest GTA ever. I do have the whole GTA collection at home but still prefer San Andreas , How about CJ beeing like a maffia king or something and you play as CJ’s son and do missions and shit and then CJ die and you take over.. (Sounds a little bit like the godfather i know) But i really think they can do their own GTA style to the thing and make it REALLY nice. Oh and WTF is the shit i hear about combined names? Come on go “Gurgla min pung” as we say in sweden 😉

  • andrew safuto

    when is the game coming out

  • clay

    they need to make gta 5 have air planes, beable to upgrade cars,and they need more guns,more house you can walk in,more people on the streets and A LOT MORE MISSIONS,have more trucks in this game to and this guy needs to be a redneck

  • cj

    the next game should be on washington DC

  • the emo king

    it should be almost like San Andreas it was the best gta ever made i like vice city to but nothing beats San Andreas

  • the emo king

    Joe mama you are an asshole if they make it SA who says it has to be a gang banger is it cuz the guy was black is so kill yourself dick wad SA was the best gta ever made vice city was cool to but SA was the shit

  • dorlens

    i think you guys should put new intresting thing in it like to have a kid have a pet in you should be able to buy any house tha you want in put some new cars some new lamborghini the one without without the top

  • just me

    San Andres was the best by far, next was vice city… go back to fantasy… not too realistic… we have to live this crap everyday, whats wrong with it being a GAME… and change the dam city for F*ck sake!

  • Phillip

    What kind of car do fbi drive

  • unknown

    lol i don,t know lol okay now hear.i think not it will be possible, you know steal a car. Even a plane and the game need to be unrealicted(of cause is possibel to steal an airplane:) but allways the game needs to be unreal:/ .

  • Black5883

    Forget london and uk I would rather for gta stay in the usa the cars are much better and I hope you’ll let us modify the cars as well. San Andreas was the best gta of all time if its a part 2 to that with up to date cars and customizing the character that will be the best of all grand theft autos.I hope they add more stuff to this one then what they did to gta 4 I felt part 4 was missing alot of extra stuff that you can do like how san andreas was with the gangs and customizing a lot of stuff like the game saint rows.

  • Nicole T

    I think it would be really awesome, if in the game you were able to choose wither the main character was male or female, and be able to personalize the look of the avatar a little more. Kind of like Sims, but not; at the same time.

    I have played all of the grand theft auto games, and I find them additive and really fun; but there has always been a male lead character, never female.


    I got news saying that the map will be HUGE, in los Santos, better graphics and activities and a whole heck of fun, possibly the best GTA yet!!!!!!!

  • Liljoef6

    Gta 5 shud have all the characters from the previous gtas, but this u shud be able to create your own character, like u are this new male or female from another city and u in up in some kind of trouble becouse u tried to protect a person or sumthen like that I dont kw just make the game more fun and interesting and atleast be able to meet girls if ya created character a guy, n meet guys if ya character a female, just make gta 5 the best gta, like sandandreas.

  • Justice123yo

    it would be cool if u could dress and be a cop. like when people mod gta 4 on the pc

  • Jay5

    New city like chi town. Aka chicago

  • Unknown

    it would also be cool to customize all your vehicles and your house

  • Rick

    I wish they would make it somewhere we it snowed!

  • it needs to come out on xbox live

  • gta come out

  • Salio_fibi

    how i can do this?

  • Ytoyota83

    On this one i hope u can have a child. XD

  • Ytoyota83

    I really do agree but it probably cause some girls dont have a chance to pick up male Prostitutes. (theres just things on the game, that might make it hard if a girl were to be a main character.The gender would depend on the story. . Which would be even alot more harder to do.)

  • travis hermes

    do not want it to be a female. if it was. it wouldnt be gta.

  • James

    when does gta v come out i want to know because my birthday is coming up and i would like  to get it then when is the relese date ??? I would really like to know ???

  • Mikedkiller91

    Gta 5 please come out or can we please see some fuckin game play or something dame

  • Jakob

    they should put in something so you can have any clothes like cop clothes or swat or army. also they should put so you could have kids or buy any house you want. and work for the police. plus add cheats like invincibility like red dead redemption and infinite ammo. or just get a job you want. or cheats to be a swat if you do not have a pc to hack on.

  • Jojo 2

    can you line up with an airplane on gta5?

  • McKinlee

    In GTA IV, If you go on party mode, its a Female.

  • Tyler

    !!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!  Packie McReary MAY be one of the main characters in GTA V, possibly THE main character!!!

  • misha

    wan is day gta 5 com out ps bye is at gamestope

  • zyasia

     a grand theft auto san andreas needs to come out for ps3. that was the best one

  • Michaelrcharwood

    i want it in a place were it snowed to like minnesota

  • Ben__flint

    You should be able to choose which area you play in!

  • Df5296

    it comes out march 2013

  • Callum

    I definitely want there to be somewhere it snows too

  • Junior

    i would really love it if u could buy the houses YOU choose and if u could hire body guard that will join ur organisation

  • john

    make it where you can get a job as a police officer

  • G Melendezl

    will you be able to fly airplanes ???????

  • Samwells1999

    they should do scuba diving in it too!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Dom

    Love it

  • Derrickblood18

    Can we still fix up cars as in rims,paint,interior,system etc….?

  • Tharp Dustin

    you should try the saints row series

  • Jesse

    what about Detroit the state the is known to have the highest crime of all and a female lead would be intresting you wouldn’t pick up male prostitutes you could be a prostitute or stripper for side missions instead of a cab driver and the for the fighting you could run around kicking people below the belt lol

  • Harrison-69

    GTA 5……. LONDON

  • Masonjonathan55

    they need to make as a black hood man growing up and do missions as a kid intil u get grown

  • Wehaged

    When does it come out in canada

  • gues

    make # 6 like an italian mob in the 1950’s or like one based around al capone make it better than mafia 2 so when you do free roaming that theres always somthing to do kinda like skyrim where everywhere you walk thers somthing to do and you can go in every building and do anything

  • Wxgreg21

    i hope they release the game b4 oct. 10th. i saw articles for possible release in oct, 2012. if its released in october, i hope its b4 the 10th. the 10 is my birthday, and yes i hope to have it in time for my b-day, too. i also hope the sound fx for the guns will be very realisitc. in san andreas, those guns sounded like shit, they didn’t sound that realistic.

  • Em

    San Andreas but with snow have citys but alss some country It would be cool to have real cars and atvs and stuff like dodge and yamaha and stuff also like race tracks

  • Stinnett Joey

    SAN ANDREAS . if not san andreas ? then a totally new map .

  • sean

    is san andreas in gta and is it the fill game or just bits of it

  • fidaakhtar

    gta 5 coming to pc on 31 march 2014 enjoy