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GTA 5 Official Trailer #1
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GTA 5 Official Trailer #1

Posted by: Admin on the October 27, 2011

Now it’s official! Rockstar Games has officially announced the preparation of the new GTA 5 via his twitter. Even if it’s not really a surprise because many clues and informations about the development of GTA V were more and more important in the last few months. We remember what Dan Houser (co-founder of R*) said, announcements of castings and an employee had done the song for the game. Finally rockstargames.com shows on his home page a huge logo the brand new GTA 5, which also tells about the release of a new trailer next week on the 2nd November, 2011.

  • jakendaville

    just dont let it be in weak ass london!!!

  • Dan Houser

    I concur with what that guy just said. It’s actually Vice City 2.

  • pickaxe-lol

    Whats wrong london?
    I can clearly guess that you are not from the U.K

  • shitface

    Just dont let it be in the old days

  • Weeeeen_@

    What is the country?

  • ego

    Please let it be in the old west and with horses instead of cars!

  • DeL.i.Ja

    i thinks its going to be in san andreas because of the tape “five” reminds me of gta san andreas font

  • ifounda secret

    rockstar games have registered an web domain:

    WHEN u go there…
    believe me !

  • Tommy

    its gona be a remake of the san andres city thats what i heard

  • Ethan C

    I think it will be set in Vegas because of the 5 dollar note, so the game with be about money!
    Money = Vegas :L

  • Dan The Man From Vietnam

    Do a LONDON Based GTA !!!!!!! Its way overdue !!!!!

  • stu

    its set in real wold L.A not san andreas. supposedly R* are recreating the whole city.

  • Lucas

    I heard: “1878-1964″? Oh no! Plz! We wan’t modern games! For old age games, we can play Red Dead! =/

  • CarlJhonson

    GTA5 called and SanAndreas2 Will have more cool grapichs like gta 4 what is contain:ENB ULTIMATE,RAGE ENGINE.This is make GTA5 to be cool.First trailer will be in 2th November 2011.The game is appeared in the shops and is the most price game of the year!!!Good luck to have good pieces and to get GTA5!

  • Mikey

    I’d be happy with anything. However I think I’d be most pleased with a regeneration of San An

  • Jasonnz

    Gta5 is in Washington dc her see for ya self http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/299/f/e/gta_v_by_indeedeegraphics-d4e10ad.jpg

  • The One Who Cannot Wait

    Really hope this is a game with even better picture than IV, Rockstar Games must be able to do that!
    better things and so on.
    All hope well the same, but also, much much more missions (“longer story”), “able to choose for themselves, a little more ..”

    hope to get back to “G - City”! (San ——-).
    hope the process goes quickly ..
    just look at for example, LA Noire, they did the one damn good job there, think about it, just even “cooler” ..
    Hope for the best!, Peace ..

  • dan

    Please be in vice city!!!!

  • Southampton

    jakendaville, what you mean weak ass London? Have you ever been there? It would a good game in London, But its not even in England because if you look at the V its from a dollar, which means its in the US.

  • Southampton

    Just as long its got a mixture of everything like S.A. and no smelly Russian, il be happy!! I hope the map is like S.A. but everything is different if you get what I mean lol

  • Tao

    Who cares if they use the same city once more as long as you can keep doing something after you ‘win’ the game this time. What use was it to be able to continue when all there was to do was run around a city with nothing else to do? What use is it to have a tank, a jumpjet and a copter if you already saw EVERYTHING ther is to see?? These things are of no use after you kill all your enemies. Why no new enemies after you clear all the pathetic “gangs”? Where are the new gangs that would fill in the void? How about some good hiding spots where one can at least wage war against “The Man” and not be killed from behind? I really hope there is something new rather than just playing San Andreas as Ken Rosenburg.

  • Andrew

    I have a feeling that it will most likely take place in cali but, if you take a look at that 5, it could mean that you’ll be dealing w/ a storyline w/ like a business corporation theme… OR las venturas could be a possibility? The 5 symbolizes money, $$$ = gambling… who really knows? Only time can tell..

  • Andrew

    V for Vegas? or Vice City??????? Hmmmm….

  • Metallicafan23

    I want it to be san andreas because that was the best game. vice city 2 would be pretty sweet too. for all we know they could put 2 different maps. one going to vice and instead of one city it would be like 3 and some really small ones spread through out a state like san andreas. so there would be 2 states you could go to each with there own cities and towns. im telling you, this game will be legendary.

  • StabbyJoe

    What’s wrong with London?

    Well, any game based there has been pretty much awful. Imagine the wonderous textures and HD graphics from gta4 depicting the gloomy, dirty, built up squalor of London.

    As alan partridge would say “how do you spell London? S-H-I-T hole.”

  • MattyLarge

    Obviously going to be San Andreas, as it’s just obvious with the cycle of main console games. San Andreas is just the obvious favourite

  • Zticky

    i think it’s gonna stay in the U.S because of the five (V) ,It looks like a dollar font thing …

  • Streak

    Well I think this could be a remake of San Andreas but its highly unlikely. It could be something that hasnt been done since its been a hell of a long ass time and seeing the improvements that Rockstar has made to its previous games definitely show that this has atleast something that will make our eyes go WTF O_O. Its easy to say that this will catch everyone’s eye once the trailer is released and we get a look at this. Damn this year is goin crazy with all these games coming out, Im gonna be broke soon x_x

  • Kirk g.

    Do gta America, Canada (with the snow ) and all around the world, you can pick ur own character and it would be the biggest map ever because it will take you a plane to go to another country, other maps can be the map packs and you can get money from it, even do japan and philipines, also bring back the lots of choice for clothing and going to the gym; this will be the best game for the century, I doubt it

  • mando

    LOL EGO dude they already did that.. :) with red dead and it was amazing.. lol

  • frank

    i think it would be in san andreas because of the “five” font

  • andygx14

    lets go to los santos it has to be there thats where the best gta was set

  • andygx14

    common the rest of the gtas are not so cool like the san andreas game but gta 4 needs a little more action so fukk all of these old boring gtas i cant even wait to see this video clip

  • John

    They should have it take place in Vice city but you can fly to san andres liberty city and the UK!

  • AndyA

    The symbol is from a 1899 five dollar bill, this is obviously the time at which GTA 5 is set.

  • John


  • Jasper

    I think it’s in Los Angeles!!! :p

  • Job

    When you go to cashfordeaddreams.com and then click on the button drivers direction you go to google maps.
    In google maps you start in coffeyville. But above Coffeyville is the little city Liberty. And there are two airports surrounding that little city.

    I CANT WAIT!!!

  • nate dogg

    i would love for it to be a huge map so u can fly around in planes like you could in san andreas

  • elvin

    they said it might take place in DC LOS VEGAS HOLLY WOOD OR VICE CITY

  • TonySicilliano

    Hey my cousin worsk for rockstar games, i’ve asked him about gtaV and he told me that he nows only, that some missions are in europe ( UK, France, Albanian coast and Germany), the map will be Las Vegas, New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles it will look something like test drive unlimited 2 (maps) you will fly to each city, and when you’ll open the menu and MAP, it will show you only the map in which city you are not all together, than you can click change city …

  • Akz

    we need another one like canis canem edit or san andres where you can talk n build up your strengh and weight

  • vercetti

    very exiting! the gta 5 is in vice city?

  • filipe

    its gonna be in vegas
    because of the V

  • Bart Admiraal

    my gues is

    “San Andreas Stories”

  • WTF

    hey iFoundasecret why dont you post a pic for proof

  • HasanCan



    It has a 90% chance of being in San Andreas. Trust me R* would listen to their fans /like any other company, so they can get more sales. All I no is the only two places it will most likely be is in San Andreas or London. Not America in 1899, we have Red Dead for that; not in vice city because they already made Vice City Stories.

  • Dani

    How can I speed up the counter?

  • johny

    let it be anywhere but the sex scene should be good

  • levi billen

    i found in liberty city on gta 4 a picture of a store for flying to a country the name of that store is VINEWOOD

  • Thomas

    It’s Vegas, because of the V, and because of the dollar.

  • Nothing Else Matters

    You know where gta is heading don’t you? A map that is of the entire world, but my guess for gta v if R* goes all out (and they always do) will be a compilation of all the other maps except for maybe London. It is possible they might do London, but the consensus here and every where else I have looked does not care for it.

  • Stupid Boy

    V means 5 in roman numerals dumm ass!!! so its not a hint to anywere they do it on all the games.

  • Lukemond

    I think it could be in washington DC

  • ras

    niko bellic 2

  • GTA V

    I love this franchise. I hope this game is going to be in San An.. that´s because of the major things you could do in that game.. pimping cars, lose weight, build mass, gang fight etc… Also Vice city is ownage because of the hawaiin theme and the lifestyles are a bit of the rags and the riches.. buidling from ground up… anyway I was a bit shocked with GTA IV.. didn´t expected to be in liberty city.. however it was so much fun and the map was totally differant from the GTA III game. Good graphics and such!

    All I want to say is that.. if the game is gonna be in vice city, San An.., London or even Russia. I don´t care. because at the end of the day I still gonna buy the game and they always make good Grand theft auto!!

  • /////

    the gta 5 will be available for mac ?

  • zealoutas

    am i the only one that still wishes for a GTA in an asian setting? Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo… somewhere along the line

  • David

    I wan’t it to be on the Balkan…I mean not in one country but when you do couple of missions you travel to another country from the Balkan and do missions there and so on……if not I’m still gonna buy this game where ever the story is held!!!!!

  • tipps

    its taking place in Washington DC
    Spoiler *

  • tipps

    Trust me it is going to be in Washington DC

  • viktor

    i think it will be in miami vice city 2!
    or maybe in las vegas

  • poopfart

    its gonna be like san andreas and set in l.a and yeah it would suck if it was in london or anywhere in the uk and if frm their.

  • sB_.

    I can’t keep waiting ! I hope this game will be avaliable to be played on MP

  • bobzilla

    i dont care were its set just hope the storyline i better than the tupid russian one anything is better than that other than an old fashion setting…my guess is vegas and the online will have developed so there wil be lots of download content to keep everyone intrested untill the next one……but its all spectulaton …whens the release date around????

  • Gustavo

    Just a wild guess. But I think its gonna be in San Andreas because of the green ”V” which could be representing The Grove. I don’t want it to be in Liberty City. Not after I saw the hidden potential in Gta 4 with Nico in which Rockstar didn’t use. Gta 4 was a real disappointment for me. I hope Gta 5 will have the same free roam fun variety that San Andreas had. Even after you beat the story line in San Andreas there is still so much more to do! Where in which Gta 4 once story mode beaten gets really really BORING. I still love Gta 4 but it needs more of that special zing Rockstar gives to its games. So lets hope Gta 5 will be an a=incredible game in an amazing city. Can’t wait for it.

  • Brady


  • name

    i hope its a new city but big as san andreas

  • Brady

    R* Please let people be able to fly like in GTA San Andreas flying was a good part in GTA San Andreas and I greatly hope GTA V we will be able to fly once again thanks.

  • Bryant

    i want it to take place in 2015 or something. something new

  • BOB

    its going to be the same citys as san andreas just tweaked alot more and your going to be a cop living the every day life pulling people over givin tickedts then your partner gets into drugs and shit like that and you choose if you want to be good or bad and make good money and it will be a great game

  • Nigga

    Its taking place in dirty jamaica my niggas theres allso going to be a mini game were you stroke your dick

  • seattleslasher

    i think it san andreas because look at the v it green remember grove st gang

  • Ollie

    There Was Already A London Based GTA Game… It Was Called GTA London And It Was On The Playstation 1, My Best Bet Is That This Game Is Going To Swing More Towards The Gangsters Lifestyle Alike GTA San Andreas

  • Luked

    The five font dont just suggest america it could be old english guys. Also china wuld be immense, imagine the katana fights!

  • cracker

    i heard it was going to be in the west coast of america like los angeles or san fransisco.

  • Johnny

    Los angeles !!!!!

  • Whitton

    I’d like to see more of a gang element as in San An!

    GTA IV was an amazing game imo but it lacked the constant fighting between rival gnags that San An did so well!

  • Caprick

    I saw everybody wants gta5 a better san andreas or vice city 2
    My opinion is that R* will make something different cause if you Look carefully from vice city ( where you are a kind of mafia ) in gta san andreas ( you are gangsta) to gta 4 ( you are russian mafia wich is much different than vice city, American mafia ) the games are diferent but I think gta 5 will be with gangsta because if you think a lil bit now are more. gangs than mafias . But I think we better wait for the game

  • Micke

    When will the game ?



  • Ben h

    The colour of US fictional notes are green, meaning the game is extremely likely to be set in America, boasting areas such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles, both places starring in the ps2/ xbox classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. So, with the evidence mounting up and pointing its fingers towards a new san andreas scene, along with radio characters from the old story being brought into the new one, a new gta: SA could be the answer, of course new places, along with the speculated vice city 2 idea, nothing can be thrown out of the questionable equation, nov 2nd maybe our answer date!

  • reed

    its goin to be the best game in a long time

  • drew

    My guess is it will be Vice City, as with the very 1st game, you had all 3. Then GTA2, then London, then GTA3 which was liberty city, Vice city and then San andreas

    Since GTA4 was Liberty city, any1 else notice a pattern here.

    Vice City is most likely.

    Why would anyone want the old west, Rockstar did that with Red Dead.
    I think they will do Vice City then San Andreas which will no doubt be nextgen.

    Look at how Rockstar do things, L.A Noir, so no point doing LA for GTA.
    Im hoping they do Bully 2 and another Red dead game but different time, so maybe Pirates world.

  • itsamee

    i thought it would be in liberty city again. Because gta 1-4 -> liberty city
    vice city and san andreas were spin offs, therefore no number
    But, well, im excited too, can’t wait to see the trailer!

  • Pauly C

    I hope CJ is in this one!

  • Cartman E.

    I’m Freezing myself for 2 days, Please unfrees my near Colorado mountains,

  • andygx14

    la gangs like the crips and the bloods also ms 13 the nortenos14 cruket cops beating up people for money i hope to see a prison were you can actually go inn and have fun like never before

  • Craneum123

    It’s supposed to have more then one min character like up to 7 or something. I heard this on IGN or Clevver games. so you will change at time to time. I think that will be awesome if it’s true

  • Cpt. Price

    There are some seriously dumb people here! V don’t mean vegas, it means FIVE because IV = 4
    Wherever its set its gonna be good.

  • adam

    Australia please, 14 hours of driving to jump over Uluru, sweet!

  • Mitchel (mitch’)

    Honestly 2 my mind R* will be intelligent and create what their fans want em’ to , no wa i mean ? Jut take a look at the coms above , people choosed ! The most asked is Vice city the secnd is San andreas , after it’s Washington DC and then the least asked is Vegas . Personally I wish it’ll be something like we start the story at Vice city and after we fly toward San andreas Kno wa i mean . Personally i used to love the GTA IV but in my opinion this shit missed something which where in GTA San andreas but wasn’t in GTA IV , But loved it though . But the best thing and tha only thing we can do is wait for Wednesday and so we’d have our answers , anyway I’d be really desapointed and upset if it takes place in old days (I heard maybe 1988-1960) but wait and see like they say ! :)

  • Livestrong136

    I want it to me like San Andreas (BEST GTA BY FAR).. i cant believe some people dislike San Andreas. Please make it like San Andreas. I want the 90s back. Gangs, Family. PLEASE bring back San Andreas 2.

  • jed m

    You guys are well off i know V stands for 5 but what if its for vice city with the V for five in front of it like look at my example and get what im saying example : Vice city.

  • ArtsoN

    SA2 Bigger & Beter LoL

  • gtagggg

    couple of years back rock star said it will be based in the london with the use of google to create real life houses in the game, but i doubt that.. but I strongly think it’ll be in london because of the stiching inside the ‘V’ which is very similar to the british noted money design.

  • A Kriss

    Hey Mr. Houser, we don’t want real world LA, lol we want real world San Andreas…. you are a god though. seriously. you are above everyone.

  • Jack

    Look at the V and look at the writing where it says ”Five” it is obviously San Andreas type of writing so it will be in SA

  • M16K II SoLiDeR

    is in london ?

  • MrRoberto471

    Hope is in Europe or Something with Countryside, Plane, and Much much MORE !
    and you can across the Country or somethings like that.

  • danny b

    shut the fuck up you cunts. you are all so sad. you are analyising the font you fucking losers. “oh my cousin works for rockstar, he said that its going to be” shut the fuck up. your cousin didnt tell you shit you little wanker. and i know its been pointed out but the v doesnt stand for vegas or vice city it stands for 5. get a fucking life. i honestly hope that rockstar come out and say ” got ya” and announce that they will never release a gta game again. then mabye you bunch of over keen wankers can sort your lives out.

  • Atto

    Let it be in Stockholm, London or somewhere in Europe!!! :D :D:D

  • ptersues

    Am i the only person here who played gta London

  • Jayce_Ferrayes

    mhmm… San Andreas was the best out of all of the GTA’s i reckon. It would be pretty awesome if this one was based in San An but an Asian theme would be pretty cool too, though i highly doubt it. Can’t wait to see the trailer.

  • Yordin

    in the Nederlands :P

  • Yordin

    why Vegas because of the ”v” ??

    V stand for five part 5 of the series noob.

  • O lawd

    Almost less than a day left!!!!!!!!!

  • sasd

    game will set in DC this time

  • Leo

    I hope they bring back San Andreas spirit and the offline Co-op mode that had in it!

  • Dan Houser

    We’re returning with all the characters from GTA IV since it was so FUCKING AWESOME!!!! and we’re just putting them on a new adventure.

  • Dan Houser

    And its gonna be on Long Island in NY. Sorry for the spoiler.

  • AWSM

    I… Can’t…. Wait!!!

  • Danny

    It’s San Andreas!! You can tell by the font of the number V ! Awesome! ;)

  • tommy

    i recon they should do it in washington cose they have never done a gta in washington and it would be very interesting to see how that would turn out :)

  • Goddamage

    The “webbing” pattern inside the “V”, the “five” font, and the green color… represents money. That much is a fact.

    So, in that context, I suppose a Vegas (Venturas) locale could be appropriate, because of the “V” and the obvious money symbolism. And of course, if they gave Las Venturas an epic, detailed make-over like they did to Liberty City for GTA IV, it could be totally killer… and maybe even stand on it’s own, without Los Santos and San Fierro.

    I guess all this could be true for Vice City too, although the money symbolism wouldn’t quite have the same significance, there. But it’s GTA, so it’s gonna be about money, one way or another, so whatever.

    Or… the “V” could just be the roman numeral 5, like “IV” was a 4. When GTA IV came out, nobody assumed that meant it was gonna be about intravenous drug use or take place at an IV League school.

  • felix

    Obviously, i think its gonna be in san andreas because the first pictures we can see appeared to be set in washinton D.C. , but like san andreas… remember.. Carl johnson was living in D.C.

  • hitten

    FUUUCK , come on ! cant wait 22h more

  • shaun

    i knw who the guy u r going to play

  • blaze

    i hope it’s all 3 cities ,liberty,vice,and andreas.That would be hella kool.

  • Montagem

    Oslo, Norway… Please! ^^

  • David

    last day yeeeeey :D

  • Bennylava

    I think it’s gonna be V for Velociraptor, it’s like a GTA, but insted of riding cars it’s dinosaur, and of course, velociraptors are the fastest of them. It’s gonna be insane !

  • vitor

    I know I will not but would like to be in a city of Brazil

  • zach

    Im 100% wanting this to be just like or extremely similar to GTA SA. The five roman numeral hopefully, like everyone is speculating, means it will be in L.A. or Vegas. Also the green five not only represents money but also the Grove St gang from San Andreas. I also think there could be a slight chance of GTA V taking place in Washington D.C. A green 5 representing money would also make sense for a setting there in the new game. Where ever it takes place im sure it will blow away GTA IV. I cant wait for tomorrows reveal trailer!

  • Gta5viewer

    It’s probably going to be in hollywoord i’ve heard, and you don’t have to be scared that it’s going to be in old style because rockstar already released red dead redemption. so people, just wait and u’ll see. ;)

  • vlada

    21hr 30min too much for waiting :) Cmoooon

  • Tim

    its gonna be based in los angeles thats what rockstar announced and its going to have 2wice as good graphics

  • the Abortionist

    fuck that it should be San Andreas 2

  • kyle

    wow its released just after i come back from school :O good thing i finish early on wednesdays :D

  • GTA!!!!

    I hope its in London!!!

  • lOVREC


  • skunkkiezarm172

    i hope that it is in Los Santos, San An’dreas-(Los Angeles, California)….and i sure hope there’s alotta space on the map,but alot bigger than Gta San An’dreas.The graphics are gonna be so fuckin amazing!!
    i’m like so stoked about it!! IT BETTER NOT BE DISAPOINTING,,”RockstarGames”.

  • carven

    @ jakendaville : what the hell is your problem dude ?! it’s good to speculate about in which city it’s going to be , but who cares ? you know Rockstar…. it’s gonna be one bad ass game , no matter which city …. even if it would be Ypres , the city where I live xD so stop moaning about it ,

    just wait for another 19 hours …

    ( sorry for my english ( i’m a dutch guy ))

  • dave

    Guys, MAYBE that V is actualy party of a W? Washington D.C. you heard it from me first, saw a leaked trailer.

  • jeroen nl

    did r* ever failed ? Did r* failed entertaining us … I dont think so . I dont give a shit were gta5 will be if its a good game then im pleased . If you still can hang out of your car and shoot some black people . Then you wont here me nagging :p !

  • Filth

    why is everyone saying its going to be in a US fictional city. I thought rockstar announced that it would be in another country.

  • fudo


  • fudo


  • mo

    i love GTA 5 i m a big fan and also a big fan of rock star north
    but i have heard that the new edition will be in los angel-es

  • kees

    i;m nervous

  • Karsten

    Please let it be a remake of San Andreas =)

  • Shrgakus

    i hope they make the map alot bigger then in IV and add tons of more features, like side missions and petty crimes you can commit.
    i also hope its either in a city based of off Chicago or based off of Las Vegas.

    although i would thing it would be in a town like vegas, because the V looks very cash like vegas style

  • marsian

    Maybe it will be on Mars

  • RyanWillow

    A new san andreas would be cool, but all gta’s are great


    V for vice and 5 probably i think London is weak (btw im live in London) but i think that it is going to be washington d.c because a saw a link to a picture

  • Dave H

    I would like to see the game move out of amaerica and in a new county which they have not used before How avbout some were in aisia or New zeland or canada.

    India would make a diffrent game

  • Josh

    They should make it take place in my house cause its so darn big C: trollface.jpeg

  • baby raper

    stop being a bunch of whiney douches

  • paul

    The v could stand for vice as well as 5.

  • party

    plz. let it not be the realistic crap like GTA4.
    awsome grapichs is 1 thing but plzz. keep it surrealistic.
    that is the reason why san adreas was so popular.
    you had the story wich was great. but also ALL those others things you can do while roaming around.

    i realy hope that they learned and saw that GTA4 was not a true GTA game. it missed the fun part of the game to much.
    people want to play games so they can do things they can’t do in real life. if a want to roam around realistic then i go out my front door. i don’t need GTA for that.

    and for fact i know lots of people agree whit mee. (whatever the GTA4 fans say)

    untill GTA is back into surrealisme, i guess we have to stick whit saints row. (can’t wait for that game to be released ^^)

  • gay todd

    please keep it in america only it wouldn’t be the same anywhere else, fuck london especially

  • Guilherme

    It’s already 11/02/2011 and nothing happen.

  • berksboi


  • Wimly doon

    Hio, I really hate to say this but it might be vice city.
    As you can see, v=vice city and the cash symbol reps. Greed and fortune like vice city. As you may recall vice city took a genre of a scar face drug dealer icon, I really personally want San Andreas. And re-creating my major childhood gamin memory would be great but hay, maybe they have something better to pack more of a punch.

  • BHB

    You know what would be crazy is if in this GTA the main person is a woman and you play as her threw the whole game that would be a twist!!

  • rocks rocks rocks

    Letting all of you guys know, its in “los santos” LA area. Character is bi-racial, that is all

  • jeroen

    omg…fail now it is 6:40 in the morning ( i live in the netherlands) so i thought i could watch trailer I have to wait 10 more hours !!!!!! ……if i come back from school i can watch the trailer

  • Rashid













    i think its gonna be in LA

  • Joshua

    I Hope It Takes Place In Liberty City Again But In 2015 Because The Freedom Tower Might Be There At Ground Zero. It Might Take Place In San Andress Too. But The Best Trailer Will Be Out Nov 2nd

  • Man

    I have the feeling That it will be something with New Orleans.

  • Roland

    Los Angeles
    Please :)

  • Hassan

    The V stands for 5 in latin

  • Hassan

    Its gonna be in los angeles

  • Killer_Klient


    Looks like it will be in San Andreas - Pretty epic!

  • Bobski

    I hope it has more flying opportunities in it.

    Personally I’d love to fly things like:

    Antinov 225
    Jet packs or flying platforms.
    Hang glider / Glider
    Parachuting / Fighting mid air for chutes.
    Personal jet wing (alla Yeves Rossi)


  • rronaln mcdonald

    why want it show the video

  • GEE

    there has already been a GTA London lol Playstation 1…. call yourself a fan

  • Leooo

    Youhouohouohouhouhouohuohouhouhouho In 6 hours !!!

  • Luis Lopez

    Hello as any fan of gta I have my opinion I would dream that his going to San Andreas because this card and a great dessert with a beautiful house with gang finally everything was in San Andreas it would be cool

  • GTA Gamer

    I hope it would be in a new place.
    And with a trustable history. with more gangs, and a unbeatable system.
    Should more things to do when ur finished with all the missions and the missions should be different. and not that boring as in GTA 4

    Should be more underground. should be with more friends, that u can call and control to do jobs. like a mafia. and i really hope that there is gonna be sellable drugs in game. GTA 4 was shit compared to GTA san andreas. so i hope its going to be more gangster :D

  • Dextc

    COME ON ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t whait no more!!!!

  • Your Dad

    This Trailer is so sick, i loved it, if it still comes up with an estimated time remaining, that means GTA is hacking your computer

  • Treasend

    GTA S.A had a city bassed on vagas dumn shits and from all it leaked shit with that model chick it could be a chick if so that may bring ishuss and R* love to fuck with the media

    i think its got to be a big map ,have lotsa gangs, flying and it will have corrupted politics that you have a hand in like saints row 3 has you running business and that makes GTA step it up and fuck shit up

  • autechrejambo

    If it’s Washington DC, then I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when you try and storm the White House :p

  • Jaijo

    Ahh, I reckon it’s going to be set in Boston, because of the kerning on the font.

    No actually, I reckon it will be set in Green Bay because of the Pantone reference of the green being used on the V.

    Maybe it’s set in Canada, because that’s clearly a scarf wrapped around the V, and it’s cold in Canada so you need a scarf.

    Some people are moronic with their speculations!

    Personally, would love it to be London, but have no preference really as the game will be sh!t hot whatever the setting. I guess we’ll all find out in less than 6 hours!

  • RPG Russia

    I hope this will be in russia :)

  • Notarize

    London would be a great addition to GTA5. as it was used in the second GTA. Jakedaville knows nothing. =]

  • Majo

    3831 days?? wtf?

  • Bastien

    I hope it’s gonna take place in Paris ahah

  • rallla

    In san.. you meet the other caracters from L C S, and the other games, just play the missions again^^ so i think all the main car will meet again in gta 5 and make a huge mattha fakking gang^^

  • Majormjr

    It will be in Vegas!

  • Vato

    Hope this will be LA :D gang capital, oh my can’t wait /cry

  • lOVREC

    rEMAKE san andreas



  • topgeareasy

    the game should be like

    atmosphere from vice city
    game play and physics from SA
    GFX and gunplay from GTA 4 (no GTA 4 physics I hate them especialy driving cars + cars have no seatbelts)

    city: vice city or a new city

    Timeline: between vice city and SA

  • Rodrigo

    It’s gonna be in Brazil

  • Oge

    I may have to wank over this trailer! :) I hope they have flying cars again!!!

  • free999enigma

    The Country is Romania:))

  • dani

    way all peopels like gta san andreas fack you i think gta v is beeter

  • Jc73Mustang

    Personally I have no clue as of the location of the new GTA. I really do hope that they revist San Andreas although. Just imagine the state in a new perspective, maybe with a minor facelift! Well I geuss we will find out soon egnough! Its only hours away! lol Im actually in School keeping pace over a school laptop! I cant get on the official website however so hopefully it will be available elsewhere.

  • Sarath Kumar

    Its a rumour that GTA 5 will release falling winter.


    I want this to be in England and play as hooligan go to football matches and stuff It would be a dream come true!!

  • Slimjim!

    pretty shure it will be in new orleans

  • dad

    THis game sucks !!! Play RPG morons :)

  • Erkan

    it has to be vice city , it has always been like this, first liberty city, than vice city , than at last san andreas, and obv V stands for vice city or should we say vegas or it may be miami

  • levi billen

    the game will realese for march sow in 6 monds

  • levi billen

    the game is since 2007 in production so it is the best game ever of gta

  • Loltroll

    2 more hours…

  • Johny Rookik

    Just get it! GTA 5!!

    It will be great, I played GTA since my 4!
    saint row!!! ( Sims 3 + car driving, shooting and bad graphics = saint row ) is a replacement to dry your eyes while you are waiting for the best.

    most of us are looking out for GTA and are waiting thinking about it every day and would like to sleep and wake up ( when is the release date of GTA 5 ) ?? till that moment……
    and please, when I turn on the trailer around 17:00, I don’t want to see palm trees and bad chicks on the beach ( VICE CITY ).


  • Julian

    I cant wait! :)

  • max

    Just let there be proper planes again!!

  • Pranto

    OMG 1 hour left

  • Shut Up y’all

    Allright, listen, 1 hour 51 minutes left
    -dad you suck. stfu and gtfo :)
    -london sucks.
    -FUCKER, stfu and go to real football match and start fightin for real. then we will have somethin to watch on TV.

    anyways, im just joking ; ) most of ideas u guys posted here are allright.
    but, it’s 1 hour..50 minutes left. let’s shut up and wait : )

  • Matthieu

    The new grand theft auto will be in Paris and Nice (France).

  • joao p

    hi people just to say that V is the $ 5 note at the beginning of last century

  • Trolololol

    this will be a great game,

  • Geert

    I need to work @ 5 so I will be late lol..
    and i hope it will be san andreas 2 or something, best gta so far!

  • cypserco

    1 hour left yyyayayay

  • Marko Edwardo

    To celebrate this momentous occasion, i decided to replay all go GTA 4 and Gay Tony. Finished it a little under an hour ago. Things I would like to see would be PLANES of course. I mean come on, you tease us with the Dodo in GTA 3 and then a seaplane in Vice. We got the planes we wanted in SA but then you take them away. YOU BASTARDS!
    Also i’d like the return of the Rhino, the real one not some little thing with a bottle rocket launcher on wheels. I want to smash and destroy. Just saying…

    They better have parachutes too. Sooo much fun. Wouldn’t it be great if buildings were destructable? Ok maybe that’s too much but what’s up with the wooden telephone poles stoping every vehicle? Come on, i wan that shit to come down and electricity to be sparking all over the place. Maybe even used as a weapon. Oh i can see it now, in a shootout with some cops and you RPG a pole. All the cops get zapped and die. Happily ever after.

    I would really like the idea of flying from city to city. Although that could get old. What about seasons. Will GTA ever implement that? Here in Wisconsin we love driving in the snow. There’s a shit ton of Roundabouts here in Oshkosh and I love going round them in my Subie. Hilarious though watching people who aren’t good at winter driving. TO THE DITCH WITH YOU

    Alright i’ll stop my ranting, i was beginning to feel like Alex Jones for a second there. Yikes!

  • thomas

    haha when te timer reaches zero i goes back to 99 days 99 hours and 99 sec

  • Torro

    V font = same font on dollar bills
    Pattern in V = same pattern on generic currency
    U.S Federal Mint = washington

    GTA san andreas = L.A
    GTA IV = new york.
    GTA vice city = Florida

    GTA V = pretty fookin obvious really.
    anyone stating otherwise, either already knows, or needs to think again

  • sryy

    I think it’s in Belgrade in Serbia!!!

  • brad

    Come to me GTA, COME TO ME!

  • Lyel Terrelonge

    Niko is returning to San Andreas - Remember you heard it here first :)

  • Rudolf

    Ojala pongan aviones , un mapa con diferentes paisajes , como el san andreas , que mezcla desiertos , con bosques , con ciudades .. etc …. que hayan mas tipos de peleas , como en el san andreas , muay thai , boxeo , karate ,, etc …. que hayan animales , vamos que sea mas real en totalidad… ;P

  • N

    ITS Going to be set in Australia because G.T.A = Grand Theft Australia its in the name Boys!

  • tonie

    it wil be in amsterdam fuck yeahhh

  • SEB

    GTA V in New York or Washington in the 60′/70′s…Wonderful !! OOOOOH YEAAAAH !!!!

  • Sleegherione

    I just want a new map. Nothing which looks like already existing GTAs. That’s just too boring. Is it so difficult to make a new map i why am i the only one complaining about it?

  • GOD

    could potentially be in the UK the font for FIVE is very close to the one on the five pound note. and it could be linked to bank robberies in the UK which happened in the 70-80-90s

  • c0nhak3

    I really dont know where GTA5 is gonna set place, but i would love if it was on Old West.

  • Sephoir

    Only 15 mins left, I hope it’s gonna be in a modern setting and not in cowboy times or some shit like that

  • Subtitles

    can you post the subtitles of the video please?

  • Tyrese

    DAMN FUCKIN AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KaRiku


  • Andrew


  • Knerd

    Was hoping for a remake of Vice City, and in the 80′s, but i guess this’ll have to do :o )

  • GT500

    Meh, not what I expected… I’m sorry but this looks too relevant to all other GTA’s.. I was hoping for something completely new, such as for example London or such.

  • GT500

    And not just the London which was from the GTA 1 generation

  • lOVREC


  • kingpin123

    PLEASE dont make it too realistic i meant it would be nice if u could do everything gta:sa like putting on weight, working out, flying planes etc….:)

  • kingpin123

    if it was “the old west” it would just be like red dead redemption. buy that if u like them sort of games….just sayin

  • TP

    Vice City was in the 80′s already.

    Glad to see GTA being taken to a new place, Vinewood, which is basically Los Angeles

  • Bruno

    San Andreas ?? Again ????

  • DB

    This is awsome.. San Andreas !! hell yeeeea. finally!

  • Niels

    By the looks of this trailer I’m not satisfied.
    C’mon…I see old car models used in GTA4, like the policecars. Which looks bad.
    Not sure what to think of it.

  • kutaynurel

    hmm san andreas? its amazing game :)

  • Jebus

    its so oviously london, cos london has beaches, palm trees and vinyards….
    who ever started saying that must be an idiot

  • samon

    oh god a cac blive exstra game man GB 100

  • KINF


  • Wil~

    San andreas 2! :]

  • CJ


    But I do see weapon attachments, after the plane flys over with a chem. compound over the farm,

    I think attachments will be good, because you can change your weapons depending on the mission.

    AK-47 w/ silencer and PSO-1 scope for example.

  • sam

    morons, there was clearly a scene in a part of the trailer where it says vinewood, which is satire for what? i’ll give you a hint, it starts with an H.

  • Dimbazzo

    It’s obviously Los Angeles, California!!!!! London??? What are you people talking about????

  • fack

    yes man AK-47

  • blaaaa

    54 seconds in the video gives away the games location. The writing on the wall reads Los Santos….

  • Rizz

    It looks like there won’t be as much money about as in previous installments with beggars and For Sale signs about. I’ll take it from the trailer, it’ll be harder to build money up.
    It’s definitely all 3 cities including the countryside and mountains, it’s all in the trailer.

  • jmals


  • jmals


  • hady

    dame its nice

  • Vinewood

    it’s in san andreas you all missing the last scene… VINEWOOD!!!! V I N E W O O D!!! VINEWOOD….

  • fghfjgdshgjgfd

    the game is in los santos at the end its shows the vinewood sign thing i know for sure there on the same game so… san andreas with better grahpics and well just better everything

  • isaiah

    i hope you get to do everything like san andreas again!

  • nikto

    idi nahuy, PIDARBLYAT’! moderator! just do door for me, beatch, nigga!
    suck my little sister’s eggs!

  • nikto

    GTA V? it is fuckin bullshit!
    mortal kombat for true man!
    With Love, Sub Zero=*

  • Astray

    think it is a area look alike San anders, plus you see a sign look alike Hollywood

  • Johhnyboy

    Notice in the trailer that the kerb near the house getting sold says 2405, and on the mail truck that drives past it also has 2405 written on of it. Hinting at a 24/05/12 release ?

  • Lucas

    says los santos on the cop car even

  • aldo


  • hamtetutu

    Right. So it showed “Vinewood” sign which means in los santos, mount chilliad which is likely to include the desert in las venturas and the golden gate bridge where the guy rides on a wet ski which confirms san fierro. In conlusion, it will take part at least in San andreas. May also include Liberty City. Trolls gtfo.

  • Eire

    They have to make a Belfast one it would be perfect. you would have to decide to either be a lonewolf or join an existing group like the IRA, it would be good for a GTA game as its mainly about crime. Also if ur a lonewolf since the police force isnt big in that area u would have to avoid these groups and shit like that it would be sick plus there is 4 area in belfast north south west and east.

  • Carlos

    They should Add all the things that were in San Andreas…. and even more!!!!! Different kind of airplanes, submarines, big boats, and scooters, skates, and all that stuff. And don’t forget to make a really really big city!!!!!

  • HiGhLiFe76Th

    Los Angeles he’ll yahh….San Andreas is back!!!!!!

  • reece

    its easy LA

  • iulian

    game is beautiuful

  • nin8220

    Yes, yes, yes!! It looks like Rockstar has heard the true fans demand! San Andreas here we come!! Please let the release be very, very soon!! This is gonna be FUCKING AWESOME!!! ;-)

  • rizz

    It’s obviously going to reflect todays economy with beggars & For Sale signs everywhere. That may indicate that there won’t be much money about. Hopefully it’ll be harder to build finances than in previous installments.
    It’s also a full make-over for San Andreas. All the city names appear in that trailer in some form or other, license plate, exterminator van, sign on motorway, taxi. The countryside & mountains were also part of that old map and you can clearly see them in the trailer as well.

  • gashes1070

    this games gonna blow camel dick

  • bob

    I hope that Las Venturas and San Fierro are in the game

  • sam

    for thge people saying ‘what time is it set it, i hope its not olden days’ LOOK AT THE CARS AND JET IN THE TRAILER, U JUST SAW IT. CLEARLY ITS NOT GONNA BE SET IN OLDEN DAYS ITS GONNA BE AS MODERN AS RIGHT NOW.

  • HOG

    Its officially announced that it is set in Los Santos alone. Not featuring the other 2 areas. This being said it’s also mentioned that it’s the biggest GTA project yet, so I’m confident the level will be huge, diverse, immersive and interesting what with all the shots of the countryside and mountains. Plus the main reason GTA4 lacked planes was 1.) ‘cus it wasn’t realistic enough and 2.) ‘cus they felt the map wasn’t large enough to justify it. So clearly were looking at something possibly the size of San Andreas, maybe a little smaller, but definitely larger than Liberty City. Excited!

  • maxiz

    hope you can learn how to fight like marshal arts.

  • derp

    its gunna be great…..sooo shhh gooooooooooo homeeeeee

  • makdaddy

    If i wasnt straight or male i think i’d have housers babies… but it appears i’ve lost all my creative juices in my pants after watching that teaser, good work squires!!

  • eurynome stolas

    If you guys watch the trailer it takes place in hollywood. It looks so real i might want to do some stuff thats in the game in real life. jk

  • eurynome stolas

    I will say one thing whoever it is that adds a destruction mod in their game being gta or saints row will win.
    meaning that you can blow buildings apart and other objects, also have like a construction crew that repairs them after awhile just so if a player blows a building apart thats for an objective it will come back with time…

  • rallla

    it’s so obvious they are all meating in san andreas.. nikko cj .. every body^^ making a huge gang !!^^

  • Fernando

    The new game, GTA V , is estimated to be released in September 2012 and will have new graphics, cars, weapons improved and a better map. And one of the revelations is that he will be in that location? SAN ANDREAS! Again, suddenly they’re out of ideas and improved map of San Andreas to GTA V. And the new game will talk about the story of an african descent (blacks, without offending the race) against a white friend or rival. What was not in the case of GTA III (San Andreas) that his enemy was a black cop and his friend also Son of a ***** of a police. So let’s see how the game when they launch it in stores! Even more: D



  • chance


  • martin

    Certainly Los Santos as one city….0:46 -> it says Buggstars and then Los Santos :)

  • martin

    AND at 1:05 you can see Los Santos on the door of the police car :O

  • Flash Monkey

    This game is going to be amazing. Long live GTA. YES!

  • Timo

    0:56 look at the bus: Los Santos !

  • D-Wood

    VINEWOOD - San Andreas. Did no one else see the sign?!

  • APO

    Its only in los santos
    search google
    its convirmed by rockstar games
    soo no las venturas and san fierro
    only (another) los santos , with the hills and stuff…

  • APO

    go to ign.com and look at the gta V rewind theater
    its a short 12minutes movie
    they tell you that is IS TOMMY VERCETTI !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TOMMY VERCETTII!!!!!!!!!!
    just go and look trust me

  • Juan Fuentes

    Man i hope is like san andreas cause san andreas was the best customizing cars, flying jets, damn even swim underwater now that GTA was the best.Lets just hope its even better than GTA 4 and San Andreas

  • RobYabut

    Its san andreas I saw the VINEWOOD sign again wtf

  • YallSomeDumbAssNiggaz

    For those of you who said the V stood for “Vegas” or “Vice City”, Y’all are some dumb ass niggas. V is the number 5 in Roman Numerals. All of the GTA sequels except for 2, San Andreas, Vice City, and the Stories have Roman Numerals to represent what part they are. GTA III = 3, GTA IV = 4 and GTA V = 5. DUMB FUCKS! COUPLE OF ASS PLUGGERS. YALL ARE SO FUCKING STUPID, YOU DON’T EVEN DESERVE TO PLAY GTA 5, BECAUSE YALL STUPID FUCKS WOULD PROBABLY TRY TO DO THE THINGS THAT ARE IN THE GAME IN REAL LIFE.

  • Luis Aguilar (FAcebook me)

    Its gonna be San andreas Durr Vine wood!!!!

  • nate

    i’m pretty sure that its san andreas…. vinewood was a city in san andreas and this is LA. I don’t get why people are saying its like DC and shit.

  • MukhlishIndonesia

    Another great game from Rockstar :D

    But I suggest Rockstar should improve the graphic a little bit

  • roman

    it says vinewood so obviosly its in san andreas

  • kevin

    best game ever

  • iugo7t

    actually it´s san andreas 2

  • somepeoplearestupid

    cant you tell it San Andreas it obvious vinewood the way it looks with the mountain to and the crop planes and just some of the buildings are the same as in San Andreas stupid assholes saying vegas and vice city you haven’t played San Andreas obviously

  • Mario

    Actually its GA IV whit mountains and countryside! SAN ANDREAS has got 3 large cities they’ve should remake map like this !

  • bob

    ok so you lot are dumb as hell did you not actually watch the trailer if you did you clearly cant read as it had huge sign saying vinewood morons so of course its going to be San Andreas!!!

  • Joshphillyboy

    Come on people do your research! The game is going to be in los angels! Look at the beach and the boardwalk and so on! Also look at some of the names of the stores. Go on google maps and go to l.a and type in ace liqours and see what comes up! Gonna be a great game!

  • sebastien

    there has to 1minute5 cj San Andreas ;) I think it black with the same white top has finally veiled ct ramp just to tell you that if it is in gta 5 there will be cj =) it would be cool

  • Thecake

    Hey it’s the bedst game ever… :)

  • Christer

    It`s Time for Gothenburg to have a GTA

  • Alex

    whats wrong with london bitch

  • Steve

    cant believe such a great game was created and made in scotland. yet they dont like making them in uk

  • Glenn

    Lowriders please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    gta is fantastick

  • some change

    i hope that u put some garage to tune the cars just like the old edition .. specially the sound

  • Sp12er

    Do we gonna see CJ again? Sometime Rockstar meet the prime character…..

  • pauwin

    Gta 5 = SAN ANDREAS !!! Look at 1:10 . . . You have V.I.N.E.W.O.O.D ( VINEWOOD is a city from GTA SAN ANDREAS ) . The FIVE ( V ) is Green like the Groove from GTA SAN ANDREAS !!! Look a 0:20 you have the Mountain from GTA SAN ANDREAS !!! Look at 0:30 you have the house next to the V.I.N.E.W.O.O.D !!! Look at 0:55 you have the Liquor Shop in front of THE GROOVE STREET !!! Look at 1:01 you have the TOWER from GTA SAN ANDREAS !!!

  • ayoooo

    men well this have the gangs back cuz men if it does this game is going 2 be awesome !!!! and if it dose i hope they put some new gangs in it o0o0 btw they need 2 put back the hood gangs war in this 1 OMG talking about a game of the yrs well this is my top thing that GTA GAME WELL NEED

    #1 new/old gangs and hood wars

    #2 drug sell and use of drug

    #3 multiplayer and if u can make your Owen gang in multiplayer men that talkin 4 it self

    #4 clubs,bars,car shops, ect..

    #5 and a long ass story mod like a 40-45 and if it can be 50 hours !!! men wow that just will be that shit !!

  • Alex

    Yes this is San Andreas, old cars, gangsters, niger in a white t-shirt and Vinewood. It’s obvious.

  • william1564


  • Joe

    its in LA

  • Dave

    I’ve heard that GTA 6 is going to be set on the moon

  • nin8220

    Check out the GTA V facebook page! All the info you need to know about the new game has been leaked via Noble Press. ;-) The game sounds so FUCKING AWESOME it´s gonna be a long, long, long-ass wait til the official release date… But something so fucking fantastic to look forward to in 2012. ;-)
    Thank you so much ROCKSTAR!! Hope the killing of animals will be allowed without to much controversy by PETA and others. It´s just a GAME!!!

  • nin8220

    Here is a little teaser from the leaked info:

    1: The game world is absolutely massive and will push both xbox and PS3 to the very limit in terms of what it has accomplished. Yes, the main city is simply Los Santos however is it AT LEAST 4 times bigger than Liberty City in GTA 4 and that is just Los Santos. The surrounding country side, beaches, etc are massive. For instance, we saw the main character ( an African/American, early 30′s) travel by car from the center of Los Santos into the wildnerness and it took over 15 minutes. The views were incredible from farmhouses with cattle, huge wind farms, an oil refinery which appeared to be living and breathing with nearly 100 NPCs working on machinery, operating vehicles, lifting and loaded, etc, unlike the gas works in GTA 4 which seemed to only house a few NPC at a time. The forests are more beautiful than those in RDR and featured people camping, young NPC drinking and dancing around campfires, people riding dirt bikes and jumping over logs, streams, etc. The water effects, forna, plants, trees all looked beautiful.

    Hope you enjoy people… ;-)

  • YourMomma


  • SHOB

    I love the stories of the characters of gta I hope the game have a lot choices that can be made in the story line, in the beach I think I see a dog cool but don’t add kids because that’s just sad if you shoot at them :) and by the tone of his voice I think american/italian who involved in serious mob shit and I hope he’s not a gangster like gta san andreas but if he’s fighting the groove st that will be epic on the missions ,add cooler phones more clothes, realistic web online that you can chat to friends/blind dates and have a social network so the player can knew the recent updates of his friends/enemy , add amunations, interactive to pedestrians , broken glass when their been shot or hit, advanced fighting,parachute,planes,more places to cover,date girlfriend, camera(optional),add more mini games: already know you have golf,bowling,pool now add some basketball and batting cage. you should make the shooting more difficult .Add optional characters like gta liberty cities:lluis lopez&johnny klebitz but this time change their races,languange,background story (I’m sugesting black that used to lived in london just saying) and released a new game called gta episodes from san andreas :) AND FOR LAST: DECIDE HIS OWN STORY if your friend died so your gonna live with it :) ) I AM A HUGE FAN OF R* Work ;) KEEP ROCKIN

  • SHOB

    The main character should get missions from the old CJ,and can create characters mod :)

  • MiStErSjAaKs

    Its in San Andreas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the end its Says Vinewood!!!!!!!!

  • pavlik

    This is Tommy Vercetti’s voice.He has moved in Los Santos.

  • Simon

    Finally ! I have been waiting on this game !!!

  • raventh

    i am soo exited abt this game

  • Bitchplease:*

    The “V” is a Roman Numeral for “Five” , just like GTA IV was.


    It looks like CA..

  • HiGhLiFe76Th

    Man I’m goin to reserve this game when it comes out….PuRRo VaRRiO LoS AztEcAs!!!!FuCk Los VaGos….jk jk …But hopefully they have the old gangs back….

  • treasend

    aww its a white guy talking a want to be the son of CJ or something

  • Blackhurst

    it should so be in london!!

  • Brad

    Dude the V is a five? just like gta IV? Not vegas or vice city, just five thats why it says on it! to not cofuse idiots like you

  • Jesper pedersen

    The location is Los Santos/ Los Angeles.. Like i was in San Andreas. Whether the to other cities (San fierro and Las Venturas) are there to, i don’t know, but i hope it will be.
    If you don’t believe me, then stop the trailer, when the police car is driven behind the player.. On the side it say Police department of Los Santos.

  • Hans

    When is this game for sale in the store?

  • APO

    the V is for Vercetti from Vice city,
    you play as an older version of tommy
    just seach the internet
    and its only los santos, with the hills not san fierro and las venturas
    how many times im gonna tell you

  • Chris

    Umm… to all the idiots who are saying otherwise. It’s the same place as San Andreas was set. Los Santos/San Fierro/Las Venturas.
    Did you not notice the “Vinewood” sign? That’s Los Santos.
    Did you not see the mountains? That’s the South of the San Fierro island.
    And the deserts? Please say you saw the deserts? That’s West of Las Venturas people! COME ON!


    man post tarile 2 or missons for gta V (5)

  • Rody

    Its going to b in vages or hallewood 1 of these I promis u all :)

  • God

    For all the dummies getting mad at people that were saying they thought it was in London or Washing DC or some shit, that was BEFORE the trailer on NOV. 2. Y’all come on here and act like you are God when they were just speculating anyways.

  • shibbyking

    yous are all retards its in san andreas if you payed attention you would of seen the vinewood sign which in on gta san andreas on the hill in los santos so that is LA. and if you can remember it also had san feairo which is san francisco and it also had las vegas so stop being retards and pay attention to detail.

  • iDavieeeG Xx

    i think that the game will be realesed on the 24th of may because the house that gets put up for sale has the door number on the curb and it says 2405 … if you go to the video part 0.55 and pause it youl see what i mean :)

  • Watko

    Firstly to whom said “Weak Ass London”… I’d like you to say that to an Englishman’s face and get away with it. Secondly, The very first GTA was based in London … So scccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrew you! Thirdly, to whom said and up-to-date San Andreas would be shit?.. It’s been awarded the best GTA game out. So bringing it all back but with incredibly better graphics would be amazingly awesome. Just think about all the stuff you could do on there… Fly Helicopters, Fly Aeroplanes, Fly Jet packs, Boats, Cars, Motorbikes, Tow from either a HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle), Tractor or Tow Truck, Jet skis, Push Bikes, Swim and Continuously fight for territory. The only doubt I have is that I would take up A LOT of installation memory. All that aside… I would like to see a re-generated San Andreas.

  • Blingin!

    The Futo’s back :D

  • cammy

    I hope the map is huge like san andreas and includes a rural landscape as well as urban. Thats one of the great things about san andreas; how you could go out and always see new things. And it made a more interesting storyline. I also loved grabbing a 4×4 and doing some extreme offroading. As well as driving campervans of the top of that big mountain. The big mountain itself was pretty awsome. Also customising cars was cool. I hope they bring back planes and artics as well. These are all things I missed in GTA4. What I didnt miss was no hideously unbeleivable missions like stealing a jetpack from area 51. I could go on all day.

  • josh

    Pretty sweet! The first mission Is actually going to be pretty kickass, a rich guy saves you from the cops and you… ahh well I can’t explain it all on here.

  • d3r3k

    I really hope the graphics are better than that video…GTA4 was ‘okay’ for graphics..but with games like BF3 and MW3 out with way better graphics, this game has much less going on that could be visually stimulating if nothing else.

    I like the features like: working out to build strength, having to practice fighting, eating to stay healthy, owning realestate and buying things where money is actually USED (not like GTA4 where money is useless)…etc etc.

    I hope rockstar does it right…now if they would only bring Red Dead Redemption to PC id be happy lol

  • d3r3k

    Oh btw…and to settle all of your debates about where a GTA should take place…why not a HUGE world instead of a city where you complete one city, and you can fly to different cities around the world and do missions all over. Or a GTA MMO like WoW but with GTA instead haha..

  • GTA V

    Its in los santos, vinewood

  • kareem haggag

    guys i think it is san andres because of vinewood sign right ??

  • boomb

    why u dont put all cities in the game .. nd we can travel from to another by the airport just like the real life .. i hope gta vi will cover these cities with new famous place like Dubai .. it will be amazing .. now just focus on the gta v



  • Vingo

    The trailer looks good but I really hope that it doesn’t break down on annoying bugs. GTA4 was disappointing being stuck in the last mission. The climb button was also the change view button. After 10 times playing long lasting scripted action over and over I gave up. Free roaming was annoying because of the pager.

    Hint for people who like shooters, RPG and realism: If you haven’t seen it yet, get Arma2 Free. It’s a realistic war sim and it’s free. You’ll have a vast and realistic countryside with villages and cities. You can make your own scenarios with a bit of scripting. See trailer, links and tutorials here: gemnets.blogspot.com/2011/08/arma2-war-simulator-crash-course-useful.html

  • i say

    GTA V = V for Vinewood !

  • Graham

    Are all of you’s retards? Its clearly shows u on the video that it is in ‘Vinewood’. That was in San Andreas. Now why the fuk would u put it in London? if ‘Vinewood’ was in the trailer it is probably going to be in San Andreas. Why the fuck do all of you’s fuked up amercans also argue over pointless shit, and most of it isn’t even true. Rant over!

  • Graham

    O, and another thing. GTAIV was one of the best games ever. the graphics were amazing, the scenary, the characters, the missions and the plot. So if Rockstar, (the creaters are from Aberdeen, in Scotland, for the idiots that never knew that) make the game on the same boundry’s of GTAIV, this shall be good.

  • Lamiae Kabbaj

    So much Cute !! i love the NEW game (*.*) ♥ ♥ 100 / 100 ♥ ♥ (*.*)

  • Cypher

    Dude it is San Andreas did you guys not see the sign at the end that said Vinewood, that is from SA. Oh damn i am so excited

  • mc hammer

    So much Cute !! i love the NEW game (*.*) ♥ ♥ 100 / 100 ♥ ♥ (*.*)

  • mc hammer

    O, and another thing. GTAIV was one of the best games ever. the graphics were amazing, the scenary, the characters, the missions and the plot. So if Rockstar, (the creaters are from Aberdeen, in Scotland, for the idiots that never knew that) make the game on the same boundry’s of GTAIV, this shall be good.

  • eagles 4 life

    i love the eagels there the best in the nfl hahah its going to be based in asheville

  • not*A*retard

    Is it me being stupid or is the massive hollywood hills sign at the end changed to “Vinewood” a bit of a give away its LA??

  • obby

    I really hope they throw in a zombie expansion like they did for red dead but with a multiplayer free roam in zombie town…..

  • ronan1awdd33333

    is it out on xbox 360?

  • dave mac

    london is the best city in the world we once ruled all the lands and gave them back as we are so nice england is the best we have the best army in the world and we r unbeaten in everthing thats why everyone talks ENGLISH

  • monkeypeaches

    They’re doing what they did with GTAIV; it’s set in Los Santos, but it’s almost an exact replica of Los Angeles geographically. That’s what they did with New York being Liberty City in IV.

  • Nukekekk

    Its in San Andreas some parts of the trailer were in Los Santos and Vinewoods ie.. the VINEWOOD sign

  • stu-bo

    some people dumb u can tell it san andreas and for the ones that said its based vegas u fucks must be even dumber san andreas was already based on vegas plus L.A and san francisco

  • Mario

    London?? hahahaha what a crap city, but hey you get to chat up Poles and Bulgarians and with a bit of luck fuck the queen!

  • Mario

    Recommended requirement: 64GB free space; 12GB RAM, 4GB Dual Video; Intel I9 3.6Ghz lol

  • ILoveLondon

    @Nukekekk Im astonished that people dont get that it’s set in Los Santos / Los Angelese after seeing the triler! It’s clear where it’s set.


    Did any of you recognize the sign in the trailer “VINEWOOD”? That my friend belonged( if my memory serves me right) in San Andreas! Now its a hunch but i certainly dont recall seeing “VINEWOOD” in any of the GTAs before other than San Andreas. VINEWOOD according to Rockstar Game devlopers was made in the likeness of HOLLYWOOD. just like Las VENTURAS was made to be like Las VEGAS. So blow the dust off of your San Andreas copy and play it abit and you’ll definitely see the big VINEWOOD sign near “Mad Dogg’s Crib” up in the hills.


    And if thats not good enough for ya pause the trailer at several points to see the less obvious stuff such as the wind mills,the oil pumps,the police car shape and brake lights (quite similar to the cop cars in GTA SA), the big building that the voice said he bought looks very similar to the big houses in the hills in VINEWOOD near Mad Doggs Crib, also the huge pine trees surrounding the hikers just like the pine trees in the countryside in SA where you helped TRUTH (the hippy character) burn his weed fields before the FEDs arrived, the white van that looks like a Land Rover across the street from the red convertible sports car that the guy is in is actually a HUNTLEY (that 4×4 van is found ONLY in SA), the ability to fly aircrafts. if youre still not convinced then pucker up untill the release in then you’d bite your lip with excitement for the GTA game that i told u months B4 was gonna be San Andreas!! XD

  • Sajco

    Ive been thinking when u look at the trailer there is a guy in the red car maybe that is sweet johnson. cjs brother ?

  • Okees

    Rotterdam, netherlands!!!

  • None of your busines

    Its in San andreas but just added different cars and better graphqies

  • poulsen

    it will be the best game of the year but it will be better if it was a new city

  • scotty

    it woul b a lot better if u could create the carecter to look like your self and things like that and more real life cars

    thay shoud do a gta round the world u can travel and do missions all over the world it would seam more realistic

  • jiggz

    its based of california like san andreas was u idiots
    nd da old west cowboy shit awready been done its called red dead revolver

  • J

    It’s Gonna Be fun. This Game Will Be The Bomb

  • Bram

    If this is a real trailer, it would be in San Andreas.
    Why? Because of the Vinewood Sign.

  • christian

    people r dumb its in san andreas! look at the trailer it says vinewood in plain site which means san andreas! R tards!

  • austin

    I hope u can drive a plane in this one

  • austin

    and they should make a gta 6 with the twin towers in it

  • Akdopemoney

    Hahaha so why you speak English you fuckwit in fact dont speak it we ruled the world did your nation nope did we stop the selling of slaves yes did we start the industrial revolutions yes did we create the first destroyer yes the first battleship (steel) yes dumb arse

  • open world games gamer

    you cant create a character i know that a guy from youtube gived me the info from his video but if u want an open world game with creat a carectar  option u may wanna try saints row the third i guess most of u didnt know this game when they know it they well lose gta from their mind  gta v vs saints row the third = saints row the third :D peace 

  • ajfsafdf

    No one likes london.

  • Djcomben

    san andreas was the best and now they r making a second one this id gunna b the best so far 4 me

  • World1896

    this game rocks!

  • 14011997

    i hope that is cheat ind ther and strip club :)

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