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GTA 5 = GTA San Andreas 2?
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GTA 5 = GTA San Andreas 2?

Posted by: GTA5 on the November 8, 2011

Since the release of the first GTA 5 trailer, it is impossible to ignore all the similarities between Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA San Andreas, besides the game takes place in California. At least, we can say that there is a big gap between this two generations of graphics and we are really impatient to get this wonderful GTA 5!

  • Belkaro92

    GTA 5 ! Awesome !!!

  • sarah monojol

    The new GTA V trailer has a lot of hidden messages in it.

  • Praveen

    Hello.. my dear rockstar team.. I want to say.. all like gta sa.. becse Stamina , muscle , bike, girls, mission different, So please add some more differnet in this big place, and HYDRA, HELICOPTER, Ships, bike, more more, Newly do it.. and Add missions like BLACK PROJECT.. Much Harder missions.. Am and Friends. are GTA MADS, Still playing GTA sa. With the Hydra. i have finished GTA sa. more than 50times. but Still am Flying witb Flight.. So please more much different.. advanced,, please. Yours. real GTA GAMING MADS

  • Mr West

    Rockstar have said that it will focus on the Los Santos area in GTA 5. Los Santos is the bit in San Andreas that resembled real life Los Angeles. It had Vinewood (Hollywood) and the surrounding city and suburbs. Apparently GTA 5 will be just this area, not the whole San Andreas landscape that included many locations, including a Las Vegas style location, San Francisco and a Nevada style desert, complete with its’ very own Area 51, which we all know doesn’t really exist in real life… Well, if your a government official (was it 69 in the game?).

    Anyway, we’re just gonna have L.A. Which makes sense, as they already have the data they used to create LA Noire (LA Noire is set in a post WW2 version of LA). This should hopefully mean that they’re already knee deep in development of the city, and will have more trailers and teasers for us very soon! It will also be closely based on L.A. itself, like GTA 4 did with Liberty City (New York), and unlike previous GTA’s that just made up locations that were loosely based on real citys and states.

    Also, they said that the game will also focus on areas surrounding the city, like the hills/mountains, forrests, and everything else that surrounds L.A. (I don’t know, I’ve never been), which suggests that the map will be much, much larger than that used in LA Noire. This is great news as GTA 4 was big islands, covered in buildings, surrounded by the sea.

    Let’s hope there’s lots of missions in the woods, the mountains, on the beach, and other areas we’re not used to!

    GTA 4 had Ricky Gervais stand up on TV and in the theatre, 3 playable characters, with 3 separate story lines… San Andreas had Area 51, Bicycles, Jet packs, Planes and Fighter Jets… what will GTA 5 offer us? A yeti? More real life famous people? Bicycles? More strippers? A trip to Outer Space with Sir Richard Bransons’ Virgin Galactic? Cats and Dogs? Superman? Dinosaurs? A quick trip to London? Or another famous city? Aliens? Killer Zombies specifically for Holloween? Santa at Christmas? What if you actually end up in prison? And do a bunch of missions there? A loyalty discount for using the same prostitute 3 times?

    All I know is that it’ll definitely be better than GTA 4, as it will probably utilise closer to a full BluRay disc than GTA 4 did (GTA 4 only utilised a crummy DVD, as that is all an xbox 360 can handle). LA Noire utilised two DVD’s on the 360, and one bluray disc on the PS3. Why are we still using DVD’s? The PS2 and the original xbox ran on them! It’s nearly 2012! Come on people! I’m not a PS3 fanboy, I’ll happily play either… but microsoft are really holding games developers back at the moment!

    Anyway, rant over

    It will be AWESOME!

    Mr Adrian West, from Northwich, Englandshir

  • KingDiamond805

    Hope the game is great just like San Andreas

  • enio

    when is it out in the UK

  • declan barrett

    im fat lol i cant help it

  • Manoel Neto

    This gta v will be the best game of rockstar.

  • Manoel Neto

    This gta v will be the best game of rockstar to ps3 and xbox 360, as the gta s. was the best game to ps2…….

  • tino

    gta 5 is fucking aweysome

  • dyf

    dose anyone know when the game comes out?


    doo u have dah bmx bike in gta v?

  • Graham

    This video is a great way to shut people up. It will porbs be in San Andreas now. The peroson/s who made this clip, well played

  • SimonDenmark

    when come it out?
    i can’t not wait :D

  • James Lee

    this vidoes look wonderful i think GTA V wil set be san andreas i cant wait till cum out :) i hope a coach, bus, a school bus also please add a hurricanes too

  • Bilal

    It’s really true gta 5, but it looks like a cartoon graphic is not realistic
    it’s beautifull , but I would have liked to see the city of chicago.

  • JAMES1983

    hey everyones, i ilke this new GTA V n i think set in Los Sonta n i can see some new vehicles here also bike in too i hope them have odds jobs like ambulance, fire truck, police cars, swat van n hot dogs van, ice cream van, tow truck n coach or bus maybe be limo??

    i like new vehicles


  • Craig

    I dont care where its set, i just want countryside to roam around in.

  • Tarey Smith

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…to fuckn good to be true…

  • rhmel

    Sense when playstation ever drop 2 GTA for the same platform???? And to be honest its not comeing out intill next year fall sometime wich is 2112,if u think its comeing n jun ur crazy do ur resarch guys.

  • edx

    now i want a ps3 only for this gameeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jack bohan

    i carnt wait 2 comes out :)

  • Higgsy

    The difference in graphics between San Andreas and GTA 5 is unbelievable, cant wait for multiplayer with the Hydra!!

  • dtf

    it will be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    That Game will be fucking awesome!

  • gta ftw

    is there going to be gang violence like on gta sa ??? please do that lol gta sa best game ever

  • plk4

    to be fair gta san andreas was the fifth game in the series (excluding gameboy exclusives and addons gta london etc) so why so suprised for the second one to be called gta 5! Anyway the game looks badass and I hope they will san fierro as it was my favourite part of the original.

  • ephaseone

    All the latest release date info and the leaked maps on: https://www.facebook.com/officialgrandtheftautov

  • obby

    zombie expansion plzzzzzzzz

  • ronan1awdd33333

    hi emm is it comin out on xbox360??Xx

  • ChaosWarrior

    Hopefully this one they will develop also considering the PC version as much as they do w/ the consoles. I won’t buy some game mostly developed for consoles with some tweaks to work on PC or even worst, a game developed entirely for console then ported for PC. This kind of thing never worked and pissed of all PC gamers!
    With all the know how developed fixing GTA 4 and EFLC to work on PC(I Still see problems) they should just make GTA V from scratch to work w/ PC as well as consoles.
    Besides the PC platform is a very flexible tool to make all kinds of awesomeness in HDR and other graphic resources.
    You just need and efficient programming method and of ccourse give better options in customising the video graphic resources for different hardware (mid-range, high-end, etc).

  • DaNippie

    It’d be so cool if you got some missions involving CJ. I’ve always wanted them to mix two Grand theft autos. Anyone else think this would be cool?

  • Timaman

    GTA 5 is San Andreas 2… Check out this youtube video, I’ve compiled a few screens from the trailer that prove it (Watch fullscreen to see clearest)

  • jaskoSlovenia

    what about animals?????? it would be awesome to go to mountains and meet a bear or have a dog in your house…… and dont forget to add swimming underwater….
    Make something like gta sa cuz it was best in series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pieru

    There is a BMX Bicicle in official trailer at 0.55 by the house that is being sold

  • bennnyyyyy

    looks to good to be true so excited for this game!

  • gta

    I would like to be on sale gta 5 for ps2

  • Guyguy

    Can GTA 5 come out now?

  • Matthew Jordan

    Whats the point of saying Grand theft auto: IV was a disappointment? What we all want and need in all of Gta games is

    Custom cars&Bikes
    Meet up with other players in past Gta games (Niko,Cj Etc)
    We like Gta as it is, WE NEED GOOD GRAPHICS!
    We have all wanted to meet up with players in past gta games? YES?!?! We want to see Niko walking down the street and it comes into a cutsence!
    We want in a car we want to indercate, Turnlights on our selfs, And what ‘I’ want it to be able to have a 1st person view in car & On street! And if your going to make a fire make sure it burns the HOLE bulding-car ETC make sure it burns down so its realistic. And make it respawn after u have started a mission or gone a mile away… And Lets pick on multiplayer. Muliplayer in gta:IV was good, But UNREALISTIC! Make sure there glitch’s but make sure there NOT easy to find!

    Thanks, Matthew. 26 Years. Grand theft auto player since Grand Theft Auto: 3

  • guest

    GTA V (five) will come out world wide on the 24th of may in 2012.

    that’s official.

  • Joey

    I just hope low riders gangs and police to kill

  • GEOR

    This video made in Russia (C)!

  • Andi

    Really good ! Intersting video! thx

  • Philly973

    i hope its like san andreas where the cops will pursue others to

  • Karlo Krizek

    gta sa :)

  • Kokuuzzketenn

    hmmm gta sa is winnnnnn weeee…..Gta FIVE is bad game

  • Fsekh_na

    more realistic hookers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jack adam

    i had gta san andgreas but gta v 5 is batter

  • oumkar


  • sprakit

    in my opinion gta:sa was the best gta which rockstar has ever made in the whole gta franchise the realism which it had was off the wall im not talking about graphics but changing ur hairstyles customizing gym eating those made gta:sa worth playing after the main story gta4 was ok but lacked those attributes graphics cant make up for great gameplay although gta4 cameout with its own unique realism i hope they could merge alll they have worked on into an awesome game in gta5 and if the add a great sountrack like in vice city hey i think i would exile myself to my controller and gaming console

  • Abdurochm

    i wanna to try it!!

  • Tim

    The GTA Series is doing perfectly, although what if there was a mod that…

    Added a star if you were to run a red light in front of a cop.

    Added a adrenaline functionality, where under near death experiences the character goes into a mode of survival where things go at least 85% of regular gamespeed, where you are able to see shockwaves from explosions and gun flares, and sounds slow down.

    Added a feature where you can hold 2 large weapons on your back, 2 smaller weapons in your pockets, a handgun in your pants, and a weapon in each hand, plus a purchasable bandolier to hold spare bullets or even grenades and flashbangs.

    Added a feature where you can interact with a black market of underground materials, such as military grade weapons and certain substances (drugs (already in the game itself))

    Added a feature where you can have extreme fight cutscenes, almost like Saints Row 3

    Added a feature where an explosion blows body parts off of the people in the way, and sent blood and gore everywhere

    Added a feature where the characters anger added the sense of blinded rage, where his ballistic attacks with knifes are much more intense

    Added a feature where auto aim can be turned on and off in the options menu and other features such as bloom and reflections can be modified to run smoothly on most graphics cards (even the dreaded Intel)

    Added a feature where large impacts can destroy buildings (that can be rebuilt over time) and have a banking/bounty feature added as well.

    Added First Person and Third Person trigger, where you can push a button on the keyboard to change between both of the views.

    Added extreme realism to the characters and people (similar to La Noire)

    Added a decal feature added to cars and motorcycles

    Added a feature where basically what can be picked up and doesn’t break easily can be used as a weapon (plank wood, lead pipes, etc…)

    Added a feature where health decreases when injured, plus if seriously injured, can render mobility, especially if injuries to the spinal cord is apparent (carwrecks, weapons, falling, etc…) (if paralyzed then the ambulance gets you)

    Added a feature where the main character panics under extreme conditions, whether bomb defusing, or dealing with a large military force when 6 stars are triggered)

    although that would require some master coding to do that…

  • Guest

     show that evidence :) its not official coz the numbers 24/5/2012 is seen often in the trailer read first…

  • Umidrazm15

    When will this game sold in shops

  • Matt dusan

    gta5 will have brand new features: flying planes,possibly having animals,the setting takes place in san andreas wich in the gta5 era is almost all of southern california.Cant wait till it comes out!

  • Tupacneverdie

    the first thing i’ma do is go to the johnsons house

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