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GTA 5 Trailer Remade in Liberty City
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GTA 5 Trailer Remade in Liberty City

Posted by: GTA5 on the November 23, 2011

GTA 5 Trailer has been remade in Grand Theft Auto IV world (Liberty City) in this video to give you a little comparison between Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto IV universes and graphics. What do you think about it? Did you like GTA IV? Are you looking forward to play GTA V?

  • yoni

    hay… i love yours vidio!

  • Calleb

    is there a way to download this

    i would really appericate it!

  • DreMacinGames

    very niceeeeee love this i cant wait

  • Opgt55

    There’s a different one

  • has moved into town

    very well done badass video

  • arghh?

    GTA IV????

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad this trailer’s fake. I’d be EXTREMELY disappointed if Rockstar decided to set GTA V in Liberty City… Anyway, shitty video.

  • teh boss

    pure EPICNESS I wonder how much time they put into this

  • Mike

    It’s the same graphics…do something different rockstar.

  • Andi

    Yes I really liked GTA 4 and I still like playing.
    I think it is not really old yet.

    Also intersting Trailer mix:
    Sound of Gta 5 and Video of Gta 4.

    I hope GTA 5 will be similar to GTA 4 and also released for Computer!
    I would really apreciate that.

  • Slavik

    ahah Super)) lol

  • Gary

    can you tell me when grand theft auto five is out thank you ?

  • AnonymousHacker1100

    This video isn’t real.

  • jimmy

    went does the game come out

  • kenty

    Where/how can i get the beta game?

  • Revelynxxl

    very good gta5 video, thanks!

  • Evan001

    U juste all have to know how to learn…… GTA 5 Trailer Remade in Liberty City (GTA 4)…..

  • L.jones

    GTA games are always good so not really worried about the game but,gta 4 felt quite small due to most areas of the game being dull with nothing to do and not even graphically pleasing,theres just no need to go to some of the areas in gta4.hopfully gta5 city will feel more alive and have more attention to gameplay ie more jumps random side missions,and i miss things like random pedestrians trying to steel your car and begging for money. please dont have girlfriends or friends in this one,there annoying enough in real life.

  • Crazyace888

    cars look very simular to gta 4 but cant w8 till its out :P

  • Akakhoward

    i cant see video

  • Deakin Utz

    gta5 is most likely to be set in gtasa’s map

  • Adfadfasfasdf

    the realese date hasn’t been anounced yet ,so stop asking

  • Emin

    It’s one of the greatest




    go to Scoland for job for game testers

  • Jadon

    it will be so good i want to buy ~~~~~

  • Seppo Leswer Bout


  • Seppo Leswer Bout

    Best game

  • Allu23

    I love gta

  • Www Piravi_perumal


  • http://www.facebook.com/Vaisakh9809277286 Vaisakh Here

    this is GTA IV !

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  • User Avatar34134 { your retarded, gta4 has been out since 08 } – Mar 25, 10:58 PM
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