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GTA V vs Call of Duty Modern Warfare III
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GTA V vs Call of Duty Modern Warfare III

Posted by: Admin on the November 25, 2011

War games spread on the videogames market

We notice in the past few years the expansion of war games. Is that a fact that our societies are going sick? Meaning that people need to let their violence go away in some place?

War games an answer for violence needs?

No, say the behavior specialists, violence has always been part of human being feelings. It has been shown that, in all the different stage of history, violence has been a part of human life, whatever it was gladiators or knights fight.

These war games are all over the video games market and generate great incomes. We can notice the recent success of Call Of Duty with the last opus Modern Warfare 3, which attempts the billions of dollars in sales.

Moreover, the last Japanese trends completely confirm this supremacy in sales.

The repercussions of war games?

The question of conscience is always approached with war games. Are they affecting our own behaviors or not? A French doctor says “Les jeux de guerre n ont pas plus de r percutions sur le comportement que les autres jeux”. That means, violence have at least less effect than the main fact of playing. But we her need to make the precision: The war games using first or third person like GTA V, acts more on your behavior than simple reflection games.

In spite of these facts, war games have a worldwide success which is not without creating envious firm. People say that GTA V will beat Call Of Duty sales. Is the real war actually in business?

  • asar

    i love this game its better than the call of duty modern warfare3 when will it realse

  • henri

    GTA 5 is the best

  • Patrick

    GTA is better than every other game in the WORLD.

  • davidp93

    now this is the official trailer from rockstar games.. (y) for not posting another fake trailer

  • Tornado

    GTA 5 is the best more than all video games !!!!!!!

  • liam

    i think that call of duty modern warfare 3 and grand theft auto 5 will be like at a tie but for more of a run around and do whatever the hell you want game with a brilliant campaign and astonishing multi player i would 100% pick grand theft auto 5 but for a shooter game with special ops, survival mode and a decent campaign i would pick call of duty. and in case your wondering yes i am and was addicted call of duty and i have only recently got into grand theft auto 4 but i am loving it and would pick it over call of duty any day if your playing with friends but if your going solo i would pick call of duty.

  • ragevirus

    To all whom have commented on this so far, you are retarded, these 2 games arent even comparible, GTA5 singleplayer = story driven freeroam, COD MW3 singleplayer = mission/level driven. GTA5 multiplayer = (assuming it is the same as gta4 multiplayer) a fun shooter with a nice physics engine, COD MW3 multiplayer = competition shooter driven by unlocking equipment. So as afforementioned, all whom have commented on this so far are retarded/dont know shit about videogames, let me reiterate DONT KNOW SHIT. To make some examples of comparible games here, COD MW3 vs BF3. And GTA5 is quite a tough one because there arent many games like the GTA series, the only one of which i can think of would be Saints Row, so I suppose a sensible comparison would be GTA5 vs SR3. But asking “GTA5 vs MW3″ I guess is just a fun way to pick out retards. and now to further my mocking of those whom have already commented, I present an impersonation “HUUURRRR DUUUURRR, I are liek GTA5 better bcuz I are like to drive the car and… ummm… mount the pavement whilst listening to classical music HUUUURRR”. thank you for your time ?

  • Mookie

    GTA - V is so beautiful. I can t wait :D

  • uuhuumm

    Can t wait! Release date? :D

  • 3meric


  • grigore

    gta 5 scarica

  • OneOfAKind

    These 2 games are gonna be my main playrole in 2012

  • gta fan

    grand theft auto is much better than call of duty modern wafare 3
    gta is a lot more so you can still drive a car and can not in codmd3.
    I already have the reservation and get it today
    I hope you buy him
    Greetings from gta fan


    I LOVE YOU CALL OF DUTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • digi

    @ragevirus LMAO at your impersonation … HURRR DURRR… lol

  • Lochinator

    IM A HUGE GTA FAN and i preorderd it cos its so AWSOME!!!!!! hop this gta will be a good 1 :D

  • Gta5

    I prefer GTA V, it will be the best video game ever! Better than GTA San Andreas and Vice City!

  • Blaine Frazier95

    i think gta5 is better but you cant compare two games that a tottaly diff

  • open world

    seriously gta 5 vs mw3? u must be kidding me gta ftw no doubt about it but if there was prototype vs gta prototype for the win :D

  • BF3GTA5

    mw3 trailer intense fight real: 8 vs u8 just shoot nade flash snipe

  • henk

    i want gta 5 i also like gta 4 hopefull its a lot better !!

  • Dorvensdorcelus

    that game is rock

  • Wyatt

    i hop in gta5 they bring back the planes

  • Thebignene

    i love call of duty and gta this are my favirite game`s

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=687130313 Lorraine Erickson

    once your finished with mw3 it s useless who cares about special ops or mutiplayer who wants to play it agian.

  • whellow

    mw3 full on hackers crap game.

    had free weekend on steam but only saw cheats
    has been like this since mw2

    gta IV is much better imo since you can kick ppl
    i hope this will be on gta V to

  • Pedro Lopes

    gta is better than call of duty modern warfere 3 we can do lots of things that we can t in codmw3.

  • Travis_oglesbee

    gta is better mw3 eats dick if u want to play a good real like shooter play arma 2 or bf3 cus mw3 is the same as the other ones and it jest suck ass same shit over and over agen no car or anything jest a big pill of shit

  • Djbrako169

    well u spelled like wrong lol so yeah and also i no it retarded to comment on this cus the r not a like at all lol ps mw3 suck any way there not even close to a real game it like if i took a shit on a cd a put it in my game system it suck ass play arma 2

  • The Ace01

    Call of duty has just let it self down it releases new games to cover up the failiures of the past games like no patches of TONS of glitches, connection failiures and more, thats why i turned to Battlefield 3 because it actually fixes the games already made and has more to it than Call of Duty. BATTLEFIELD 3 ALL THE MAN, ALL THE WAY!

  • TheAce01

    i have to agree completely with you MW3 Sucks ass, thats why i turned to BF3 for action gameplay

  • Aaronfhff

    Modern Warfare 3 was terrible.

  • Rob Stoneman

    Gta5 they better do something that has never been do before and have amazing graphics. Maybe the player can give various orders to gang members to get the dirty work done?!

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