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Anticipating GTA V: Everything You Need to Know
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Anticipating GTA V: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by: Admin on the January 4, 2012

At the beginning of November, Rockstar Games announced Grand Theft Auto V and set the gaming community into a frenzy. Outside of a trailer, the company said little about the game. Here’s a rundown of what we know so far, and what can be expected from the game.

First, the title is almost certainly set in Los Santos, which is located in the fictional state of San Andreas. Longtime fans of the series will recall that Los Santos was featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as well as Grand Theft Auto 2. The city is a fictionalized version of Los Angeles, and will provide an atmosphere that is in stark contrast to Grand Theft Auto 4′s Liberty City. Just from the trailer, there are shots of the Hollywood-parodying Vinewood sign, as well as people at the beach. The trailer makes it evident that the pedestrian AI has been revamped to provide a more realistic city than ever.

Another important detail is that the game will feature a lead character unlike any other that we’ve seen in the series. In the trailer, the protagonist discusses his desires to move out to Los Santos and just be a father. Through various shots in the trailer as well as the character’s own words, it’s hinted that the economic recession will play a role in the lead character’s presumed turn towards the criminal lifestyle.

Beyond that, very little concrete information is available. We’ll know soon enough what the plot of the game is, as Rockstar is certain to release more trailers as the game’s release date draws near. The trailer for the game shows off that it is easily one of the more beautiful Xbox 360 games to date. It’s safe to say that many game players are already upgrading their home theater systems in anticipation of the game, scoping out Dell TV deals and investing in new audio equipment. Grand Theft Auto V is likely going to be released in 2012, and it’s safe to say that the gaming world can’t wait.

  • GTAnswer

    I heard lots and lots of rumors about how large the GTA5 will be. But I found one that got me the most attention. It was on a video that he was predicting of how large will the map be on GTA5. And whats special about this video is that before he was gonna tell us how large the map will be he showed us proof all by a trail of GTA5. And after I watched that video, I realized that his prediction is greater than any others prediction. Picture GTA4 map in your mind. Now try to picture 5 to 7 maps of GTA4 mushed together. So the question is, how big is the GTA5 map going to be? Answer is…. It’s going to be ABOUT 7 times bigger than GTA4. It’s gonna be HUGE!!!! I promise you, that is the closest answer you’ll probably ever get.

  • Tony Hawthorne

    When in 2012 will it be released?

  • kane smith

    release date ?

  • Iyed Hamouda

    Thank you so much to give us this lovely game.

  • MikeCZ

    Guess, It´s gonna be more like the Sims. Family life, jobs and thinks like that. I am looking forward, this is gonna be best GTA ever! I hope

  • Kyle

    This game is going to be sick, but it better be for PS3 too, which I’m pretty sure it will.

  • Johnnymcb

    Im pretty much sure rockstar is not going to release this year, more likely it will be next year since

    A. ) rockstar release 1 huge game every year and this year is max payne 3

    B.) the game was announced last november, dont you think they need more than 7 months to create a massive open world game?

  • Chris

    Damn that product placement. its even in this article

  • Amar Zaib

    Dear GTA 5 i am a really very very big fan of GTA series which can’t be explained by my words my family too play All GTA series games and everyone in my family had finished it but we are now waiting for next GTA game and can’t wait mor soo plz plz plz tell me every thing whats going on????

  • josh

    i cant waiat tell this game comes out

  • labqi

    i can’t wait gta will coming to Indonesia,please hurry release at indonesia please :)

  • bob

    WOAW. it’s gonna be realesed march the 6th 2012!

  • AlexFromRomania

    HI im from Romania i played all gta series toyday i will star to paly gta4 in Romnia gta is one of the coolest game ever i can wait to se the next trailer and the main character o an the reles date.i love gta series

  • PutAQuarterIn

    I’ve heard speculation of it being PS3 exclusive. I sure hope not…xbox owner’s money is as good as anyone else’s.

  • andy

    Release date is March 18th.

  • nima

    i hope in this version of gta i see more shop open and more job ready with more chopper and combining all method in vice sity and liberty city that we can buy any thing and do any thing
    willing god

  • Peen

    March 18th 2012 Release date


    There is a lot of speculation about maps size, cars etc i heard there may be animals/pets, i hope i comes out this year with loads of new and exciting features to make it the best GTA EVER!!!!!!

  • Matthew Blower

    Announcing a game and starting development on a game do not ever coincide. This game has probably been on the drawing board for the last 3 years, and development has probably been going on for over a year already.

  • Dippy_doppy

    No. The release date has been pushed to autumn. 

  • Coco

    Hehe b good

  • wertygo22

    Nobody knows egsakli when gta5 is going to be releast how big the map is going to be or what you’ll be able to do proberbly not even rockstar but we all hope its going bigger and better than ever thought possible !!!!

  • Joshua_gdd


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PQF6GDGBWKJO7SVOVNNWIFNBSU Matt Rowland

    have u got a link to the video. ty

  • http://www.facebook.com/leesangdo 이상도

    don’t be fool ppls GTA 5 doesn’t have release date and its not march 18th dont expect that it’s the same thing with Diablo 3.

  • Brandon_hartman

    i wonder if san fierro and las venturas are going to be there. they say its going to be 4 times bigger than liberty city so i imagine they would also put those other cities in too right?

  • Bmacintryre

    did you hear that there would be a qaud on gta v and a jet ski

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TCC7LTJ7XU4VMEOT6XJLILPYPQ Patrick Turner

    Going on from Matt. Blower, they have also had 4 years to make it. Sure, The Lost and Damn, The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Chinatown Wars came out, but come on. 2 of those are short DLC’s.

  • Howardandy

    I should review this on my site http://rateandrank.wordpress.com , i review games and rank them, i’ll try to scrape up as much info as i can, feel free to visit

  • Mississippi_h

    I will certainly buy it with my futur xbox 360 :D , Can’t wait !

  • Cray

    fuck it just make a game a put every city in it. Make it a world

  • Hollowayjordan25

    this is gonna be the best rockstar game made ever u rock sam houser

  • Geordieboy

    they’ve been working on gta 5 for 2 years

  • Devin_neill

    but they were working on gta 5 way before max payne 3 so it will be 2012

  • Kim

    when the fuck is this shit coming out!!!

  • thiagovenancio

    hi my people and my pova my name is thiago more I am not American I love americamore than Brazil so I’m esperendo for max payne 3 and gta 5 the two is already on my listI want to send a hug to rockstar games belelos the work they have done i i i believe inrockstar games in her a kiss and a hug for you i tenhão a good sale with max payne 3!

  • Ismael Mendes

    the video shows some numbers … when passing a truck and then appears a character playing a card on sale .. there on the sidewalk shows four numbers in 2405, maybe this is the day of the release of the game

  • GTAFan

    GTAV is gonna be the best Grand Theft Auto ever. The trailer looks cool and they have spent a long time on the game, i hope the maps are good as well.

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