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GTA 5 Official Trailer #2
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GTA 5 Official Trailer #2

Posted by: GTA5 on the November 14, 2012

This is the second trailer of Grand Theft Auto V! The most wanted video game ever! Is it real? Yes it is! Grand Theft Auto V is Coming Spring 2013, to get the game right now, just click here!

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GTA 5 Official Trailer #2
4.64 / 5 based on 12 reviewers and 247 votes.
  • Anthony Christopher

    the best! THE BEST!!

  • Nikola Ilic

    Fuck yes. This game will be good.

  • bluf93

    This is going to be LEGEN….wait for it…..DARY!!! It will be the best video game ever made. Rockstar is the best! Can’t wait for it, i wanna play it right now!!!!

  • dazze

    cant wait. baseball bat primed and ready to blow!

  • ChicagoMadeMe

    Finally, animals are in the game!! I LIVE for this franchise. I think they are baiting us with who is the lead character.. i bet the black guy is the lead character.

  • ChicagoMadeMe

    They are tricking us..i bet the black guy is the lead character.

  • Christian Smith

    who else saw the dogs?! this game is going to be the best yet!

  • LuisLopez

    This is very very good game!!

  • r.smith

    yap this game is deffantly a intertainning game for sure but it is not for kids 17 of age and its a kick ass game i grow up watching and playing GTA games for a round 10 years of my time the only thing make gta fun to play is that you are a rock star north game fan period point blank final?

  • Loco Gatillo

    Grand Theft Auto Games are always based in Gun Free Zone cities. I wonder how the gameplay will be if the story is based where open and concealed carry is permitted.

  • jimmy baker

    yo when does this game come out

  • geovany