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GTA 5 | Is GTA 5 Online Dead
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GTA 5 | Is GTA 5 Online Dead

Posted by: GTA5 on the November 17, 2013

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GTA 5 | Is GTA 5 Online Dead
3.91 / 5 based on 7 reviewers and 22 votes.
  • PsychoChick966

    Well, I guess I’m not a typical player, because I play a lot of games, and yet don’t play most of them every single day, so I’m not even finished the single-player yet. I’m tryin’ to nurse it, because i don’t want it to end. I hear lots of people “beat” the game (as if that’s the idea), but they haven’t even done half of the things you can do in that game! I plan on doing EVERYTHING. I looked at multiplayer, but I don’t feel ready for it yet. I haven’t even gotten to experience everything in the main game yet. I have a friend though, who goes on multiplayer pretty regularly, and often does it alone, and he has a great time. I guess it’s all about what you dig in your gaming experience. I think with anything new, it’s gonna be crazy for a little while, then some people who just want to “beat the game”, see no other value in it (which is really a damned shame for them) and trade it in…these types of people usually buy every new game as soon as it comes out too, so they’re always onto something else. Some people will come back to it, especially after they maybe feel more confident, find crews, or wait for more things to be added to the game. I don’t think the fat lady’s sung on this game yet dude.

  • Joey munsey

    I think that the online hasn’t even started I think a lot of people are just waiting for heists to come out next week and hopefully they will come out with more map area to explore eventually and if you think about it people still play gta4 after all these years and the only diffrence is is that 5 is more realistic and bigger and missions just and in to the fun and what is going to keep this game alive is when map editer is released there are many role playing opportunitys which I enjoy a lot my point it more than half of the online stuff is not yet out so I think gta is still in its younger stage and has plenty of things that are soon to come to make this game legend

  • Parker Curtis Cromer

    I enjoy the game, but i have to agree it is dead. Usually when i join an online server for xbox360 there are either a max of like 5 people in there, or it is just a “Chaos” lobby where everyone is just killing everyone… All i usually do is duplicate cars and i just cruise around in my cars. But i have a feeling it will get better when the heists come out because my friend and I play battlefield 4 usually but are thinking about going back to GTA 5 when the heists come out.

  • Joey

    You said everything I was thinking… Garage is full, Have all the weapons, Don’t really want to be in a crew so yea it’s dead for me. Single player was more fun, they took too much of the fun stuff out of online imo. An everything they are promising to add won’t matter.

  • Darrin

    Yes and no. I find that after 30 minutes of playing, the number of players drops. Maybe that just mean I have relaunch it or something idk.

  • Scott

    I agree with a lot you have to say here. I don’t believe it is dead, but the heat has cooled from the game. They have run into many problems trying to get the online fully running and that it has taken far longer then they first intended. Had the heist been up and running faster I don’t think so many people would have jumped ship so soon. But due to all the player information loss they held it back. For me the game has at the least six to eight months of play left, I normally wait about a year to get the next gen system that’s when you start seeing the true next gen games start rolling out plus the few titles that caught your eye and have to catch up on. And of course any major bugs have been worked out. Personally I feel the game is amazing on all most every level.

  • Markus Swift

    I think it has died a bit. I couldn’t get online in the first week or so and haven’t tried since, tried to finish the campaign because I play games for stories / campaigns in all fairness but it’s mega tedious and other games have been released since taking away the interest