GTA 5 Gameplay

The Grand Theft Auto V is the latest installment in the GTA series. The GTA V gameplay is going to be even better than its predecessors, with new moves and different storylines compared to the previous versions. Your character development, and the number of things you can do within the game, will be a lot more than in previous additions.

GTA 5 Gameplay


Here are some top GTA 5 gameplay additions

New Multiplayer additions: The GTA V gameplay will now have even more multi player capabilities. Not only can you play the game with your friends, or other people online, but you can also from “crews”. These crews are not just teams based on Grand Theft Auto V, but will also encompass other games. One of the games that the crew will combine GTA V with is Max Payne. So characters from Grand Theft Auto V and Max Payne can interchange in the online mode.

New Town: This GTA 5 gameplay will be based on the make belief town of Los Santos, which is a recreation of Los Angeles. The premise is that the main character came here to retire and to start a family, yet ends up getting in as much trouble as always.

So if you are a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, then GTA 5 is going to be another must have game for you. There will be improved graphics, even more exciting characters, and a great storyline that will have you playing for days and weeks.

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