Grand Theft Auto V cheats

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Grand Theft Auto V GTA V: Full Game Walkthrough
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GTA V: Full Game Walkthrough

Rockstar Games have produced one of the most extraordinary gaming universes ever with GTA V and it is taking the world by storm. Critics are calling it the “game to change the gaming world forever”; “a fascinating world” that produces “layer upon layer of intrigue and excitement”. However, whether you are a newcomer, a happy […]

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Grand Theft Auto V High Expectations in 2011
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High Expectations in 2011

All the high expectations about GTA 5 for 2011 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It would be in Miami, Los Angeles, London or Paris, like Vice City 2 or San Andreas 2.

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Grand Theft Auto V Hidden Clues and References
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Hidden Clues and References

I have found some hidden clues and references about the new GTA 5 in the previous games of the GTA series. So I reunited all these informations on this video.